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This is alarming. Otoh, by this time we have seen Trump allow this kind of progress to the last second, then everything turns around .  Except that one time it didn’t, and we did send cruise missiles. We citizens can’t affect this at all, in itself evidence we need to end this government :


Thinking in the night about organizations of society, the major advantage that our current formulation of capitalism has over any form of socialism, including the version we are now living under, is that people have the strong incentive to improve everything in their lives in ‘free’ societies that is very missing in socialist systems. America’s current malaise, the declining middle class, the rising poverty everywhere, is the result of our socialist system over the last 100 years. We did that to ourselves, then added the corruption we now have, also a standard late in the lives of centralized systems.

Make no mistake, we live within a system at either the beginning of terminal decline or overcoming our diversity to achieve a stunning new level of civilization. This could easily go either way. We have within our midst a serious corruption that must be extirpated if we are to live as a continuing civilization.  The serious left has been more corrupted, because more corruptible, in this long process. They are now the face of the Deep Black Swamp, increasingly using raw propaganda to maintain their declining power.

Nevertheless, they are slowly losing :



I rarely side with Bezos, but this is different :



Jake Morphonios is good, a high level view of the geopolitics. Negative sum games with high explosives. We allow insane goverment :

People associated with exposing pedophiles end up dead a lot :

And if we get past this disease in our national system, tolerated by society, we can begin making the changes in our thinking and institutions necessary to persist as a truly free society constrained only by the bounds of the external world and people’s shared humanity.

I do not think that is unreasonably optimistic,  I think it is what we should expect of ourselves. If we do, we will get it. It requires building societies, quickly. Do you belong to mutual-help organizations? Have you prepared for hard times? Are you resilient, can you raise vegetables, rabbits, can corn, or do useful work for those who do? Skills, skills, …

Meanwhile, the evidence that Israel is bad for Jews and the rest of humanity accumulates :


Now the Pentagon acknowledges they will never win, assumes that ‘forever’ is not losing. My poor country :


George Webb continues to amaze :

The systematic mis-use of language is a characteristic of a centrally-planned society :


Interesting comment on an article critiquing the Constitution and Constitutional Conservatives :


We, the people, were supposed to protect and enforce the constitution, as was every officer and official elected or appointed to federal service.

We didn’t. We failed in our duty to do so and, therefore, to OURSELVES… We failed the constitution. As a piece of paper, it was good only for codifying an ideal. It is nonsense to accuse the parchment of failure to do anything.

The ideal, clearly expressed by many of the founders, was that such a formula was fit only for a moral (and homogeneous) people. Where and when were those, in all of history? Evil works its will best against honest men of good will, who cannot recognize it until the rot becomes a stench.

All man made political solutions and systems are doomed to fail as they proceed out of the limited intellect and flawed character of men. Human nature is the problem and it will ever be so.

Horiba has great ads, a Youtube channel, very fine PR, real information as well as image and sales. And you get the idea they don’t need to shade things, honest product, honest evaluations from customers :

Why would China be less successful than the US has been at this game of domination via loans? :



Daily Reading #2FD


“A well-schooled electorate, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books, shall not be infringed.’

Good context, that :


We citizens cannot affect this short of shooting. That fact means we have a dysfunctional, and therefore illegitimate, government.  It needs ended :



Turner has a lousy rep, but this looks legit :


Very specific predictions by the Russians of the coming false flag attacks in Idlib. Do I think this will halt the US’s coming attack? No, this administration is disconnected from any reality :


The complexity of the spying is amazing :


A good comment on this video :

Paul Schmick
1 day ago (edited)
I’m surprised CO is still among the living considering he is the one who discovered that the Clintons had more than $2 Billion in unaccounted funds that had flowed through their charitable foundation. They have committed the largest charity fraud in the history of the United States. I’d love to see the nation of Haiti charge them with financial crimes after the US obliterates them. The National Archives and the Library of Congress need to seize control of the Clinton Presidential Library. These people have monetized everything they’ve ever touched, from the Lincoln Bedroom to stealing White House property to looting the resources of Haiti. It is beyond comprehension why Trump is being hounded for doing absolutely nothing while these world class criminals run free living the high life on ill-gotten gains. Any money and property they’ve obtained since the establishment of Bill Clinton, Inc. in 1999 should be seized and anything Chelsea, who has been a full partner in the foundation since at least the early 2000’s, has received should be seized as well. Nothing that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did has been as detrimental to the sovereignty and well being of the United States as the Clintons and they were executed. Time is over for talking. Time has come for Bill and Hill to face the music for their 40 plus year long criminal conspiracy.

John Brennan is an ass-kissing nobody from the CIA ranks :


The attacks on Trump have been relentless and equivalently unfounded :


Modern schools are no place for children :


Stock market has big companies buying $1.35T worth of stocks this year and insiders are selling at a record pace at the same time :


Stoic philosophy is coming back, I predict :


Agroforestry supported large towns :



The evidence is accumulated for race being associated with IQ and the loss of intelligence in the last few generations.  That is not the same as ‘the evidence accumulates’, but I don’t have time for another such issue. This records that I read it, not that I think it is likely very true :


Excellent! Another attempt to get a 9/11 investigation off the ground :

Daily Reading #2FC

There is NO evidence that Assad has chemical weapons. There is NO argument that Assad has a motive to do so. There is a great deal of evidence that ‘the rebels’ do have chemical weapons, supplied by the USofA and allies. ‘The rebels’ have a great motive for doing so if it would be blamed on Assad. They have used false flag gas attacks at least 3 times previously. The Russians claim they have evidence of supply and preparations for a gas attack by the rebels in Idlib.

We have an extremely dishonest group of people in our government running our foreign policy, so I believe the Russians.

I read dozen or so articles on Phys.org. Interesting, nothing memorable.

Why does Trump leave the Israeli-Neocons in their positions? He promised us otherwise :



More propaganda pushing for war. The Iranians have a right to defend themselves, to develop industry, to support allies, same as we do.

I bet they support people we would rather they didn’t support. My country does also. We define some of those as terrorists, they do the same for ours. We sanction them, they do the same for us. Stupid game for both :


More on censorship. Come on, nobody is going to put up with this. Of course, I said that about their scanners showing naked passengerss in airports also. Way past time to pull the trigger on these people, this has become a very dangerous government in the world. These shitheads are flirting with nuclear war messing around in the ME. Insanity! Now I believe Trump is demented :


More wise commentary on the problem of centralization in our country :


Democracy has many flaws, laws have many backers, our system of justice isn’t just, the police are not your friend. In such a completely normal political circumstance, an evolutionary result of the founding father’s insights, accumulated experience, changing povs, a rich society’s adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances produced by profligacy and dishonesty and avarice and increasingly cut-throat, if your voice doesn’t get heard, meaning your people don’t make sufficient campaign contributions, you get screwed via the powers we the people allocated to government to protect us all. We have become robber-barons over peons, and we are increasingly in peonage.

Needs a catchy name. How about ‘The New Peonage’? Yeah, “the age of the New Peonage”, my small claim to affecting history. Duckducking it says it isn’t even a standard phrase yet, tho a black man apparently wrote a book by that name in the 1800s :



Chinese are still playing positive-sum while the US build military bases :


Daily Reading #2FB

I spent time programming while listening to people talk today, so not much reading and writing.

The best analysis of the recent NYT’s anonymous op ed purporting to be the traitor within the administration :

This makes clear where George Webb’s good leads have been coming from.

So I am right about Trump knowing all of this from the beginning, and that it is a marvelous script, building tension toward the election. The Clinton Crime Cabal will be prosecuted.

This is really amazing. Tracy Beanz should talk less :

This is a hot topic in DC, I bet :


Daily Reading #2FA

A thought while reading a ZH comment. When a person’s share of payments on the national debt are larger than the house payments they can’t afford, your country has fucked up big time.

When a person’s total tax burden is higher than those payments, ditto. There are not more fundamental measures of a person’s position within our system than how they actually, in fact, divide their income, how much is left over end of the month for a good time and savings. That time in America has largely gone away, inflation ate it.

Time for the form of government that produced this civilization-wide disaster to get seriously changed. After a few failed reforms, let’s see, how many is it now? My history books say we have been through one reform movement after another, I can name so many in my lifetime. Anyway, at some point soon, like maybe after this one fails also and the Deep Black Swamp is putting the finishing touches on the automated ubiquitous surveillance state, the average person is rational in deciding it is time to burn it all down and start again from the ashes.

This system is not working for long-term stable improvements in our planet’s civilization. This system is again empowering and enriching a few strong men. It is an improvement that they don’t need to kill so many people in their strifes, but the trend to slavery everywhere continues. We have institutionalized powers that are enslaving us! Really!

All of this has been covered up by the continued improvement in the quality of life for the great majority of the planet. The relative health, safety and ease people now live is astonishing in any historical context.

We can argue about the need to control rapacious capitalists, but on the whole, give me the capitalists, not the political equivalents. I can deal with people selling me things, they are only a danger to me via government’s involvement. Modern world, modern communications, modern transportation, most of the bad acts of the old industrialists would not be possible in an age of modern sensibilities and ethics and a militia able to respond to those events.

Think about the recent militia acts and extrapolate, this is an important topic in our future, as we get rid of our system’s over-burden.

Other indications our system is failing, and that Trump is merely the latest, worst President :


Lousy political understanding by this author commenting on black, brown and asian men joining the Proud Boys and other nationalist organizations. ‘Racist’ and ‘far right’ he calls them :


This is more propaganda from the Deep Black Swamp reinforcing Woodward’s recent book. Same themes, same insider’s pov :


The war in Syria goes on, and Trump doesn’t stop it.  It was a major campaign promise to stop the ME wars :


Witch hunts in historical context.  A fun and informative article :


Before the election, I remarked many times about the articles that, in one way or another, gave permission to Progressives not to vote for Clinton. Now, I am seeing articles justifying to Conservatives not supporting their current form of government :


The waste that is America’s MIC, every little element :


Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, dated Henry Kissinger and senior FBI management. This is a feminist? Oh, yes, Steinem is part of the story because she was involved with people who were working against blacks working for Civil Rights. She is credited with making feminism popular among blacks and thus destroying the black nuclear family. Feminism is a weak link in America’s thinking, but the forces that destroyed other ethnic group’s families took longer and Feminism was stronger among college-educated whites. It isn’t at all clear that the later stages of the loss of families had anything special to do with Feminism, so I think it is a stretch to blame Steinem :


Daily Reading #2FA


I found these on WRSA today. For that last couple of years, Styxhexenhammer666 has been an interesting commentator who I watch once in a while. Him showing up on WRSA means that new voices get known, which happens because people send links to each other, our own version of Google’s Pagerank algorithm :

The FB and etc bans are working, traffic is way down at major Conservative web sites :



All challenges are opportunities and vv :


If they can’t control superbugs, mere microbes, in intensive care units, how are they going to control Ebola or any of the nasty viruses?  :


GWAS studies are important in determining what genes do what and how, but the information and knowledge they convey is not obvious to non-professionals. That genetics and family affect individuals is obvious to everyone, and this study confirms that by showing educational attainment and life’s success are associated with their GWAS score. Well and good, we do select mates from obviously intelligent candidates, on average.

Nevertheless, it would be a supremely bad idea to breed for this GWAS score. Among other things, we have no long-term following of the measure, no historical context.

The kind of genes that make you outstanding in our educational system are not the only genes that have been selected in your brain, educational attainment had nothing to do with their propagation, and no gene has only one effect. It cannot be emphasized that an organism is not sum of their genes, the simplest organism is an entire system of genes interacting with and responding to their environment, and multi-cellular organisms are levels of systems above that.

In such a system, selecting for simple, local attributes is guaranteed to cause system-level problems. For example, when chicken breeders selected for the highest-producing egg layers, after a few generations the offspring pecked each other to death so often they were an economic loss :


More examples of political realignments.  They are inevitable as people’s perspectives change. The information stream passing through all of our minds is broader than ever in history, so of course our political and social and religious alignments will re-align in new and interesting ways.  Our culture is a complex evolving system, and politics are some of the dimensions it evolves within :


Yes, Amazon should be considered an extension of the CIA, and yes we should be concerned about their growing power :



Daily Reading #2F9


George Webb :

Our miliary and MIC and the systems supporting them are entirely corrupt :


The US has stopped payments to the UN fund that supports the Palestinians. Hard to know when Trump is being smart, but he keeps tearing the bandaid


The Atlantic certainly has a negative view of Assad :


Israel is learning about the Streisand Effect, I believe, a correllary of the Discordian tenant that attempts to impose order produce the disorder that undoes them :


Wildfires have nothing to do with climate change :


Dementia is a population crisis :


Biochemistry is pursuing many threads wrt cell’s aging, interesting the detail they can detect :


Bail is a relatively new thing which expanded from only the most serious crimes to nearly everything because Bail Bondsmen contribute to judges campaigns. The judge’s power needs reigned in, e.g. no bail unless it is a felony :


Cheap credit is a general subsidy.  Subsidies mean investments are not sound, our world is now full of them, thus we will have a major depression as a result of all the mal-investment :

Silicon Valley is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, but has the 19th largest economy in the world :


Why is this not simple fraud? The MD told the women he was using sperm from husbands or donors, but used his own. Their husbands should be very upset, seems to me, they were cheated :


Pitiful planning. I did a much better job, tho I don’t tell anyone what it is :



Competition for hemp growers and processors, tho the same machinery could probably handle both, or flax and jute and hemp :


Be thankful we do not have a long history :


John McCain and his funeral in context. The man was a shit in every way :



One of the things I found most amazing in the Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reactions research I linked to yesterday was the evidence for biological transmutation of elements.  There have long been verified transmutations happening in the CF/LENR work, and I had seen refs to the biological work, but thought the evidence was skimpy. The newest work looks solid, cites effects such as the effectiveness being increased by a magnetic field. Way new physics :