Daily Reading #264

Thinking more about John Bolton as National Security Advisor. First, it is not evidence that Trump is controlled opposition, as Trump is not a controllable person. Evidence for ‘uncontrollable’ is the number of lawyers who have resigned because he does not take their advice.

So Trump gathers around him people who are loyal to Trump. It doesn’t mean that none can argue, we know that because Trump has been successful in business and show business, there is no way to do that without knowing how to build a team. His “Your fired!” image surely must be mostly PR image. Trump is a strong-minded man, they are hard to handle, but often intelligent enough to have a good win rate. Trump does, so teams stick with him, when compatible.

His personality, at some point the arguing is done and they must do Trump’s bidding. That was apparently the reason that Tillerson is gone, he thought the Sec of State controlled foreign policy.

Bolton is Deep Black Swamp, of course, Israeli-Neocon wing. So far, Trump has not gotten a war started, tho Afghanistan continues, the US land-force invasion of Syria is becoming permanent and is a hot-point for Russia-US conflict, Yemen is a great sin against humanity.

And some moves are definitely in the other direction. Add that to the WRSA-supplied link above, and I still have confidence in Trump, and the fact that he is winning Biggly. Doesn’t mean I am going to stop watching him carefully and recording my thinking for future historians. And pounding on our elected officials about how very much we do not like war and military spending.

So if Trump is playing against a powerful enemy, the entrenched bureaucracy of the SES that has been infiltrated and controlled by the Deep Black Swamp of mafias scamming the American People ever since they killed JFK, then he is using the tactics of divide, buy off temporarily, attack an isolated part of the overall scheme, and then do another. String out the enemy formations and defeat them in a sequence. Intelligence-smuggling mafias first, and he is buying off the military-suppliers in the total Military-Intelligence-Industrial complex with more spending. And the core military want their services clean.

AIs will be those historians, probably. Think of the accumulated wisdom produced by so many human examples, so amply documented by social media in full context of society, friends linked to him or her, the vector of their opinions on every subject, of every problem, personal to international. Mere humans don’t have room in their head to encompass the data, much less do the required data mining. The AI sages will present their wisdom as probabilites given equivalent societies, and comparative measures of the dimensions of the societies. Then they guess, because they can’t do NP-complete combinatorial problems either.

Unless quantuum computing happens. So far, that technology is magic to me, I have not a clue about the physics behind it. I sort-of understand entanglements, but not how that relates to implementing a computation in arithmetic, much less an algorithm that processes data. And, btw, until someone can explain it to someone like me, I don’t think they have the kinks worked out of all that. Predict it will take a while longer than projected until I see the doubling time of qubits and the exact translation of those into the size of the problems that can be handled, measured in MIPS, or MFLOPS.

Are there philosophical implications for information theory? Quantuum computing hasn’t been integrated with the rest of human technology, it seems to me. Or I don’t know it, and sort of think I would because that kind of thing makes a big PR splash for the universities. I will have to ask the Generalissimo what they made out of all this. This stuff is beyond SciFi.

And the Deep Black Swamp’s push to war continues. They completely stopped needing evidence for any new propaganda campaign. The pretext is so flimsy, so filmy, that it takes active acquiescence to believe. “Russia Did It!”, racist, sexist, mysogenist, … my god it never stops and never has any evidence. Intelligent people don’t see the fact of no evidence, they only see the facade. Our media do very excellent propaganda, facade.

The DBS is still on the attack, but operating in the limelight of 1000s of people looking at all of the metadata their conspiracies and illegal operations produce is not a winning position :


George Webb’s crowd mind investigations are the most important thread in the nation’s future. Very, very impressive progress in unraveling the Deep Black Swamp :

This discussion with Nassim Taleb is excellent :

WRSA has excellent links of late, this is the best summary of the behind the scenes activity in the DOJ I have seen. Trump is winning bigly. This posits that Meuller’s investigation is keeping anti-Trump DOJ people occupied, hinted at intentionally. Mueller is NOT a good guy, not even sort-of-OK, so I doubt any good motive from Meuller. And, on the other hand, just to entertain a completely wild hypothesis, suppose Mueller had been turned, offered a deal for his less-than-total involvement in 9/11, and he is working for Trump.

There is a thought that could keep deep black swamp minions awake at night. Rolling up crime rings from the bottom is labor-intensive, and a well-designed organization is relatively safe in the upper eschelons. The money launderers at Citi sleep well.

But rolling down an organization having coerced cooperation from the top levels, now there is a social win. Do you suppose that the many ratlines have been completely exposed? Could the increasing size of the mass arrests of pedophiles, for example, be practice for last-minute delivery of orders to pick up individuals?

Don’t call it conspiracy theory. It is SciFi :


George Webb recommended American Intelligence Media several times recently. AIMedia is another crowd mind, this is their analysis of the inner layer of the onion that is Senior Executive Service :

Rand Paul on the Omnibus Spending BIll :


“Will the trans-atlantic relationship survive Trump?” I hope not :


Tom Luongo is another interesting alt-media writer. Here he discusses further breakdowns of deepstate control, the public’s loss of confidence in social media companies is a symptom :


The US’s pedestrian and bicyclist death rate is much higher than other first-world countries :


Yes, our society is badly formed, and is failing to raise the kind of adults needed to run a high-tech civilization :


I was annoyed by a long string of trollbot army comments, one particularly defeatest post prompted this :

Have you ever considered the possibility of a positive-sum ecosystem? It isn’t true, btw, that wealth cannot increase indefinitely, or at least not for many doublings before we reach the natural limits of physics. Wherever those ultimately are, we are a long way from controlling all of the technologies that can continue to improve wealth, and to do so sustainably.

Better water management and range management and earth could productively house more billions of people and support them in poor-farmer lifestyles, but with network access at broadband rates. Poor farmer lifestyles with electronics will be a very different thing, cell phones are transforming rural business everywhere. And societies, people have much more information flow through their lives than ever before, everywhere. Genius in every field will arise from those multitudes, and those will push the civilization.

Whatever that future, right now we raise enough food for everyone on earth, easily. We distribute that wealth very poorly, by stupid thinking. And, we have allowed criminals into the vitals of our government. Just a hypothesis, but maybe the poor distribution of wealth has something to do with the criminals’ skim?

That is a very different understanding than the deeply pessimistic view you are pushing. Ever heard of ‘win-win’?

I don’t expect utopia from even the best outcome. But it surely won’t be hard to do better than the current fubared government, and I think that true of every country in the world.

There are none of them devolving power fast enough to keep up with the need for people to solve problems bottom-up, and not wait for government. Any excess power is inhibiting evolution.

Long-run, you win by evolving in clever directions. And every step makes for further evolution. Humanity has set itself up to evolve solutions faster than it accumulates problems, whether it likes the idea or not. Embracing that concept is the way forward.

That is the way to have a revolution.

After I wrote that, I read this on ZH. Ehrlich is not wrong about fundamental limits to growth, but those limits are far, far in the future because humans are both very inventive and the major part of their own environment. OK, we are failing at many things, but we are also getting much of the environment cleaned up and learning to use the land more profitably, meaning fewer inputs for more return. The cleanup happens as a result of the community’s wealth. Population growth falls with wealth, etc. It doesn’t even take that much wealth, mostly the food and medicine to raise children without many deaths.



Daily Reading #263

The push to war continues. God I hope that Trump handles this well :




I don’t think Bolton will be selected. Trump does this a lot, allowing names to be discussed for positions, picking someone else :


Wrote that in the AM, in the PM I find this. Donald Trump is fighting the Deep Black Swamp? John Bolton is DBS, Israeli-Neocon division :


Even headlines aren’t honest. “Admits there is a deep state”. He didn’t admit it, he asserted it :


Anyone who expects the FBI to be honest, to pursue justice, is ignorant. Mueller got where he is by this kind of crap, in addition to sponsoring the 1993 WTC bombing and at least covering up the OKC bombing, 9/11 bombing, all false flags. We need to abolish the FBI, the CIA and all the intelligence agencies except the DIA. It cannot EVER set foot inside the US of A nor EVER look at a single individual anywhere in the world without a warrant. We MUST apply our Bill of Rights to everyone on planet earth, that removes the exceptions that make for US exceptionalism :


Discordianism is the only empirically-validated religion, again here. Attempts to impose order always produce the opposition that will destroy the order imposed. Order can evolve, it cannot be imposed :


We allowed our government to escape the Constitution. That has produced enormous evil in the world :


This is the House Intelligence Committee releasing their report. After it is redacted by the Deep Black Swamp, of course, so it may lose some of its impact in the process :


Not doom porn, the working of financial systems with huge debts, which unfunded pension liabilities are, guarantees huge financial problems in the near future :


New World Order pursuing global government is a real thing, fully integrated with the Deep Black Swamp of world-wide mafias :


Businesses must have bank accounts. It is the businesses this is aimed at :


Officers above the level of major can’t say these things until they retire, and not then if they are part of the MIC :


The entire solar system is an ‘open system’, one with unconstrained gravitational inputs, as this article explains. Also from radiation, e.g. the result of novas and supernovas, postulated to be the reason for some mass extinctions. Climate models don’t handle such events, they don’t even handle the sun’s variability very well :


Daily Reading #262

George Webb recommended this discussion between Jason Goodman, Jerome Corsi and Charles Ortel. Very excellent high-level analysis and discussion of all the hidden links between the Deep Black Swamp players. A one sentence summary would be “Deep Black Swamp is losing, Trump is in command, Google and FB will be broken into small pieces” :


Robert Gore’s Straight Line Logic is always excellent, analysis of the drivers of the future. In this case, debt and wasted government spending. I always read it from Western Rifle :

Trump’s New World Order, by Robert Gore

Thierry Meyssan has the inside story on the Novichok neurotoxin and Tillerson’s siding with the CIA, the bad guys in the ME responsible for the uses of poison gasses as excuses to attack Assad :


A reformist DA is possible. Very excellent thinking :


Another reminder of the evil that the US of A has done and is doing in the ME :





CHSmith understands evolution and the need for local variation. I like his CLIME model of money and community. My own version was even less centralized :



Yes, I unfortunately had my 1993 rear-ended at a traffic light, bent the frame so a total loss. I hate the nanny car which replaces it :


The push to war continues. More power to politicians helps that along :




George Webb’s investigation continues, more and more detail fitting into the big picture of long-term plans by the CIA and DOD to control the civilian government for run and profit :


The trade war :




The alternative to a system of private banking with private accounts is uncontrolled government power. People should not do business with anyone they can’t trust, same as evaluating sources of information. we have enough person-to-person communications to implement that, easily. We don’t need the government and its rules :

The peculiarities of the US financial system make it ideal for money laundering

More rehash of Facebook and the election. I had read this before, forgot, but giving people reasons not to vote in swing states is a clever strategem. OTOH, my wife’s co-workers all all solid liberal-to-progressives in a very pro-Hillary part of the country. None voted for Hillary as they were appalled by her record of war and how the DNC stole the primary from Bernie :



Jordan Peterson on Crazy Women :

Stem cells are beginning to be used in medicine :


More examples of medical people under-valuing the risks of diagnostic procdures and treatments. CAT scans deliver 10X as much radiation as an Xray :


More war talk wrt NKorea :


Daily Reading #261

This is an excellent review of Mueller’s very major violations of Department of Justice rules in his pursuit of Trump :


The financial crash will produce a World Wide Greater Depression. The US is no better or worse than the other nations of the world, all will hit the same wall within months of the first. The first is closer every month. Just to remind everyone, the Japanese central bank is buying 75% of Japanese Treasury bonds, and the US is not far behind. Debt dominates all, this is all inevitable, and carefully ignored by everyone :


Thinking more about Trump’s “True intentions” and the possible trajectories of events. Trump has long-term goals, he has focused on building his brand for his entire life, is obviously driven. The fact that the Deep Black Swamp wants him out is the best recommendation, Brennan’s opposition is not faked. So either there are other divisions within the “Intelligence Community”, or Trump has ulterior motives, or Trump made mistakes in thinking things through when he selected Pompeo and Haspel. Ditto wrt Wray and the FBI. And why no IGs, the people to really clean out the bureaucracies, if carefully selected?

I have read that if an executive gets 40% of his decisions correct, he is a genius. And realize that Trump is surrounded with people who have different goals. Again, I conclude that we don’t have any alternative except to keep pressure on Trump to end the wars and drain the swamp.

The push to war continues :




It is good to see newspapers actually doing investigative journalism :


They go after Cambridge Analytica, immediately new info surfaces about how Obama’s people did the same thing :


George Webb’s investigation continues looking into the Blackberry 20 and the SES infiltration of the IG’s offices :


Is the WTO an NWO institution? I haven’t studied that, so have no opinion, but it would account for Trump’s animus :


This version of capitalism, whatever you call it, is not functional. It is the reason for the coming wave of bankruptcies :


The real reason to oppose central banks is the ‘central’. Centralization of power and decisions defeats evolution, the most powerful mechanism for exploring better futures. Gold is a decentralized system of exchange, we should return to that. Not a gold standard, Gold. On that base, a new financial system can be built. This one has failed :


Legal liability is huge for AI companies, something not much discussed, it seems to me :


AI research has its own reproducibility crisis, which just has to add to the legal liability problem :

The Machine Learning Reproducibility Crisis

I absolutely guarantee (in the absence of personal knowledge version of ‘guarantee’), that NSA calculates scores for political dimensions via its wiretapping of EVERYTHING and the flow through its computers in Utah. That is, after all, the intent of NSA’s anti-Constitutional spying on US citizens, and also an inevitable result of any design for handling those data flows :


Childbirth rate is an indication that the country has never recovered from the 2007 recession :


Google maps/earth is an interesting new tool in many ways :


New scientific tools routinely overturn all existing theory :


Having given considerable thought to exactly this kind of operation, this is fraud. A year’s worth of food is just the beginning of prepping, you need to be able to raise your own and preserve it, plus all the tools and technology to do that. Non-trivial to make that work with a bunch of city folks :


Daily Reading #260

As though Nuremberg never happened. The article is very wrong about the reason for the torture. They needed false confessions to bolster the 9/11 story, which was very weak and being widely doubted at the time :


The most obvious propaganda technique being used is “Pound the Frame”. The latest big frame is “The Russians Influenced The Elections”, here displayed very well :


I had 30 hives of bees when I was in high school. This is a great invention :


Jake Morphonios is a solid mind.  I may have to be more cynical wrt Donald Trump. Too bad, but I have been having more and more doubts since the election.

Otoh, while I can agree that the Rothschilds are a major force in the world, I don’t believe anyone controls everything, nor that anyone can foresee events. If someone had the $, supporting both sides is an excellent strategy, but so often a completely unexpected group wins. I have not studied the Rothschilds, so do not have an opinion, however attractive Jake makes that explanation for the world’s history appear. Other people of equally solid minds still believe Trump is playing a deep game against the Deep Black Swamp :

The best thing Russia could do is put a large number of their SAM installations into Iran. I believe they have already sold them the S-300s, which I believe can be upgraded to the S-400s. Russia could also make mutual defense treaties with Iran, and encourage China to do so also.

Again, we citizens have no control of our governments.

More from George Webb’s Crowd Mind investigation :

Ubiquitous surveillance does NOT work FOR our Deep Black Swamp, as they thought it would :

Facebook and Google and … are surveillance tools masquerading as social media, of course :


The push to war continues and continues and continues :



Luongo shares my view that Trump is playing a deep game. Reading tea leaves, we are :


An excellent side-effect of the political turmoil in DC is top positions are not being filled :


The very bad effect of abolishing the draft is that we have so few political leaders who have experienced war. They don’t grasp the fact that sniper training has gone far beyond WWII, nor how many people in the US have been trained as snipers, nor that the great majority of them do not favor the Deep Black Swamp nor their oligarchic wing. Too bad for them :


This has some good thoughts based on facts. OTOH, who can doubt China is closer to a normal government than it has been, that Communists will fail to maintain their control? Dictator-for-life is not stable, and is the end-game for the Chinese Communists, not a rejuvenation of their system. Consolidation of decision-making moves any system away from stability :


An interesting history of corporate rights :


This is an excellent account of the conditions which lead to the American rebellion/revolution and separation from Britain. Messy detail not contained in most history books. I have only read this last part, will try to get to the rest :


Academia “is not cut off from the world, but is constantly contaminating the world.” Very fun :


Look at one of the incentives for a corporate exec to go into government. Add in the fact that many go back to GS or join a law firm as rain maker or … and you can see that gov jobs are very desirable :


The US is obviously stupid in the ME. So why do we continue doubling down? There is a motive here I do not grasp :


This is good reporting, insight into the Ghouta ‘rebels’ and their MI6, Qatari, … patrons :


Capitalism is a self-organizing system :


No comment is necessary. Jordan Peterson vs some flake, essence of Jordan Peterson :

Daily Reading #25F

Yes, we are in the 1984 class of dystopian future, where information overload enables the propaganda to work. That is entirely because the legacy media are compliant in pushing the views of the elites :


Populism can use the media, same as anyone else :


Lead in gasoline is much more dangerous than previously suspected, accounting for 18% of  deaths in the US. Note the same sequence with mercury, first in amalgams and then in vaccines. They are still defending mercury in the vaccines despite one of the scientists on the CDC study that initially exonerated it confessing that they had to eliminate blacks in order to eliminate the significant ‘neural excitability’ effect. That was likely due to higher exposure to lead in the inner-city black population, with mercury adding to that :


Senior Executive Service is the corruption spread throughout the government.  I saw this in Webb’s series, but this bears repeating :

George Webb, who first brought up the SES aspect of the Deep Black Swamp’s control of the government, continues the investigation :

The US can only see the world in terms of military coercion, extremely negative-sum, especially for the people of the US of A, who have to pay for it. China and Russia have elegantly escaped that view, are playing positive-sum. Positive-sum beats negative-sum, because you can lose negative-sum games, remember? :


The push to war continues :






A standard result of war and the military’s selection of officers in the face of personnel shortages :


Free speech is in disfavor in the first world :



WaPo cannot deal with anything without the propaganda overlay. “No evidence vote totals were changed” is BS, they certainly were wherever electronic balloting was used, and the Stanford studies prove it. And are carefully ignored. This is more ‘Russia hacked the election’ nonsense, tho indeed, paper ballets are a part of an auditable system of voting :


As a measure of journalism’s accuracy, science reporting is excellent because it is uniformly terrible :


Good Discordian analysis. Organizing order produces the counter to that order :


John Robb is not entirely grounded, imho. This from WRSA. Two sides can play this game, and Delta Airlines, et all surely lose passengers as a result of dissing the NRA :


Decent encryption means no government entity can access your data, absent the key. That is the way it should be. Legally, we can deal with that because there is so much more meta-data available, that the context for the need for secrecy can’t be hidden. So decryption can be entirely voluntary, with the FACT of refusing to provide data a measure of guilt in the total context. Easy, but the laws need to change to support that :


Japan has a crime wave of elderly women who want to go to prison, the best of bad choices :


Seems to me to conflate 2 issues, public vs private ownership of land and free access to waterways. Private cleanups of old mines and etc are a failure of public land ownership, not a reason to fence off rivers. In England hikers have free access to any land. They make that work OK :


License plate readers and facial recognition everywhere. Totalitarian government! :


If we want to defeat ISIS, we should stop paying them. Nobody in any part of government can deal openly with the reality :


If NATO’s Turkish base is moved to Jordan, however will the CIA get its heroin processed? :


The interesting part of this is the Deal between Warren Buffet and Goldman-Sachs. Why? :


Given that CO2 levels have varied greatly in the ice core records of a few 100s of 1000s years, during which the Great Barrier Reef and other such ecosystems have persisted, there must be something missing in these analyses :


Human ancestry is deep and complex :



History keeps changing :


Daily Reading #25E

The push to war continues without significant interruptions by Trump’s election.  Three times in a row, we voted for the Peace Candidate, and again we have gotten a war leader :


George Webb. This first one is an excellent example of government enabling criminal behavior. It is a crime to produce unsafe devices, 4K a year burned because of the lack



Mixes of people due to long-ago migrations :


Professor Peterson has a very fine mind and is a cultural force for good thinking :


The Intercept is not a legitimate journalist group, imho.  This isn’t journalism, it is partisan op-ed :


National review is not very critical, accepts ‘Russian hackers’ as being behind Guccifer 2.0.  It doesn’t show all the CIA connections of the players, e.g. Carter Page, who was used by the FBI as the reason to wiretap anyone he dealt with. Other than a few other such ‘minor points’ that cover up the CIA-reality, this is mostly OK, MSM’s best effort so far :


You have to keep reminding yourself, Ds are no different than Rs, the last election was just one where the Deep Black Swamp preferred the D. Until Obama,  they had preferred the Rs :


From Naked Capitalism :


And from a London-based reader:

And one thing which is unbelievably anechoic. I’m actually in Salisbury today (part of a regular variant on my commute when I have to head west, the station is a large rail hub) and it’s less then 10 miles from where I live. So I know the area like the back of my hand. No-one, and I mean no-one has ever asked in the MSM just what the guy was doing living here. It’s about as unlikely a spot for anyone to end up living here as it’s possible to get. You get a few retirees, but very little influx from out the area.

But Salisbury is the epicentre for the U.K. military operations. There are at least half a dozen key installations of strategic importance (the Porton Down chemical weapons “research” facility https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porton_Down, the army command HQ was there until 2010 when it moved to nearby Andover https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-land-forces-hq-fully-operational, the Salisbury plain training base http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-16653733, the Amesbury research operation https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MoD_Boscombe_Down, the large Warminster Garrison http://www.warminster-garrison.co.uk/Warminster-Garrison/Warminster-Garrison-Information-20012015.htm — and that’s just off the top of my head, there’s a lot more you drive past which are military facilities but not on the same scale as these.

He had no reason to live in the city and it is an unbelievable coincidence that it is so close to so many of the U.K. military high command’s sites. He was almost certainly here for a reason, and if I had to work in the area of helping the U.K. military/industrial complex, Salisbury is exactly where I’d live. No-one has mentioned in the press coverage how he supported himself, what he did in England since the spy swap and why he was swapped in the first place.

The whole thing absolutely stinks.



More on private equity capital, a disaster visited on American capitalism, as cronyed up as it was :


Why does it take $14M and 950 tons of material to build a pedestrian bridge? :


From NC :

Infrastructure: “Contractors Behind Collapsed FIU Bridge Are Major Miami Political Players” [Miami News]. “To Miami-Dade County insiders, it was no shock when Munilla Construction Management (MCM) beat out three other competitors to win a $14.2 million bid to build a high-tech pedestrian bridge at Florida International University. That’s because Munilla is not only one of the biggest contractors in South Florida but also one of the most politically connected thanks to years of shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaigns…. But questions are bound to be raised about Munilla’s deep ties to local politicians, including U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez — especially because the firm has never been shy about turning its political generosity into favorable decision-making…. And Diaz-Balart, who is chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development, was instrumental in building support for the bridge’s creation. Last weekend, FIU praised the congressman, along with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for making the project a reality.” So it’s bipartisan!


I have had this book on my shelf for years, Robert Graves’ translation but never have gotten around to reading it :


The particle physics community is a great example of why professions should not be allowed to allocate their own R&D funds. Fusion physics is another.  $Bs spent to little effect, always the next bigger collider or the next version of the Tokamak will be the breakthrough. Meanwhile fractions of that money would have produced many more significant discoveries and perfections of new physics, e.g. Cold Fusion.

And if you don’t understand that, you haven’t looked at the evidence :



Power is accumulated for a reason, and people always have uses for it :