Daily Reading #2BC

For those of you who don’t use hexadecimal in everyday life, today is the 700th “Daily Reading List”.

Programming is going very well, will be completed in a month or so, about 9K lines of code, tho much has been rewritten or ultimately discarded working through the necessary experiments. Last night middle of the night I puzzled out the algorithm for the next project. that will take  maybe 2 months, tho nobody can predict this well except by greatly over-estimating. And after that, I have a difficult project which I have already failed at twice, a program to automate writing a class of programs from examples.

The Tommy Robinson case has dropped entirely out of the news. The issue has not gone away, but now the standard headline is how the alt-right has made him a hero world-wide, being careful to say that he is the founder of the EDL. This is a hit-piece, painting Robinson and alt-right in the blackest possible shades, entirely removing the issue of free speech.

For what it is worth, I didn’t see racism in the broadcasts and writings I saw from Tommy Robinson, and I care about that.

Free Speech means precisely that people can express unpopular opinions without legal or other consequences emanating from government. It doesn’t protect you from the effects on fellow citizens. Tommy Robinson expressed unpopular opinions and the government put him in jail to shut him up. There is no clearer violation of Free Speech possible :


As in his EDL days, Robinson combined dog whistle tactics with the insistence that he was not a racist. More potently, perhaps, he borrowed the alt-right’s argument that he was merely defending free speech.

John Helmer is a fine journalist, specializing in Russian affairs. This is a good, long, summary of Russian positions in the upcoming negotiations :


When cynical and unscrupulous men are desperate, they become as predictable as if they were principled. The difference between such men is hard to tell.

This is beyond outrageous, the Deep Black Swamp in full display.  Anyone who believes that Imran Awan is not guilty of major crimes, including 14 years of espionage for the Deep State, is intentionally ignorant. Ably assisted by our legacy media, of course, the finest propaganda money can buy :


George Webb :

Yes, work to be independent. I am a great believer in raising your own food :


Diamonds are geologically very much more common than rubies, for example. The prices of diamonds are held up by Debeers cartel, which buys all diamonds and holds most off the market. Thus, I think the prices of natural diamonds will fall dramatically with this competition relative to the effect that synthetic rubies had on ruby prices, for example. The only thing that would prevent that is if the synthetics are so cheap that all synthetics are so large as to be obviously synthetic. Then maybe, snobbery would support the price. But I very much doubt that :



Daily Reading #2BB


In retrospect, when every nation is progressing through the same stages due to the World-Wide Greater Depression, Italy will be seen to have the harbinger it all, just the first European country with a large economy to have debt too large to deal with.  We should have paid more attention to Greece, and to Japan before that :


And all nations are doing so because they are subject to the same oligarchs, part of the globalists. Ignore abortion rights, etc. all that is merely the


The Democratic Party appears determined to re-elect Trump in a landslide and make the next election a disaster for Democrats. Why? It is so very obvious that the more AntiFa violence there is and the more insane politicians who want to abolish all border controls play to the Republican positions.


George Webb. Bo Gritz, Awan trial, FBI didn’t investigate any of this, obvious state support :

The NYTimes has interesting reporters, the FBI thinks so also :

Yesterday Brian Ross, Today Ali Watkins – New York Times Moves “Reporter #2” out of Washington DC…

Ditto ABC. One would expect many personnel changes across the networks and print media as a result of this episode in history. We can hope :

Hogwash – Brian Ross Didn’t Resign Over the Fake News Flynn Story, He Resigned Because He Was “Reporter 4” Within James Wolfe Indictment – Senate Intelligence Leak Investigation…

A very good explanation and summary of California’s problems :

I read stuff like this and ask what they are smoking. Yes, the trucking industry is way up, as are all the industries supplying truck components, but it isn’t clear why. First, consumer spending is down, falling. Auto sales are down, reposessions and defaults on credit cards are way up. 84% of S&P profits are earned by Google, Apple, Microsoft and ?Facebook?. The other companies in the S&P index, as well as 1000s of others, have borrowed $ to buy their stocks back, and thus doomed their companies. IBM, for example, has had declining revenues for 3 quarters running. So the only thing that is keeping stock prices up is cheap money. But the Fed is stopping cheap money, is clearly pursuing a tight money, higher interest policy. Major chain stores are closing 1000s of stores. Banks around the world are not in good financial shape, very large banks, eg. Deutchebank, are in the brink of bankruptsy, despite the “mark assets to fantasy” accounting rules created for them, meaning their bankruptsies come unexpectedly, as it is very difficult to judge their condition prior to that. States are going broke, pension funds are going broke. The majority of the jobs supposedly created are for bartenders, waiters and waitresses.

Add to this Shadowstats measures of CPI, employment rate and grow rate, which show us to be in a recession since 2001.

And at the same time, there is a labor shortage? And a push for more immigrants from the Chamber of Commerce?

There is something very wrong with this picture, and I would not be in the stock market any longer than it takes to call my broker :

U.S. Factory Activity Reflects Exceptionally Strong Economy, Demand and Production Output…

I remember this case, Gareth William’s death was obviously a professional hit, but we can’t know more than that.  Even if Russians did it, the could have been hired by MI6 :


Yes, I agree that permanent relationships are a requirement for maintaining society over generations. But the current divorce rate in all classes makes it clear that in the modern world, with modern people, marriage as an institution has flaws. It is not unreasonable to think that there are equally-satisfying forms of permanent unions that can raise children well. We don’t do those experiments enough :


Random walk is much more deterministic than it sounds, given time and trials. This kind of thing is inevitable, instead of spending on social preparedness for such problems we spend it on F-35s. Dumb, dumb, dumb :


Daily Reading #2BA

So many articles and broadcasts in legacy media begin with the premise “Trump is a racist”, or worse. So far as I know, there is zero evidence of Trump being a racist. He has filled his companies with women in executive positions, he isn’t a sexist. He isn’t even particularly authoritarian compared to the average businessman in America. The premises of leftish main stream thinking are false because their epistemology is flawed, have bad basic assumptions about people, they can’t possibly reason to sensible conclusions. And don’t.

In fact, Trump is pretty liberal on many issues, part of the reason Republicans in Congress don’t like him :



More solid evidence of our Deep Black Swamp at work :


Of course the Chamber of Commerce opposes tariffs, the major corporations make most of their profits overseas, aided by wonderful subsidies from the US government :


A powerful argument for Bernie Sanders as the next Democrate nominee for president. Of course, Bernie hasn’t been subject to much scrutiny, and already we know he received a payoff from Clinton to prevent suing her for at least $200M in theft of his donations through the DNC, thereby betraying his donors :


George Webb discusses Bo Gritz, Task Force Orange, Duane Claridge and their roles in this corruption :

More on the players in the FBI’s attempt to defenestrate Trump. FBI’s hiring standards must have fallen, or there aren’t any honest people coming out of law school these days :

Chris Hedges is far too leftist for me to agree with his global policy prescriptions, and his hatred of Trump is the standard leftist view, but many of his analyses and local policy prescriptions, generally “build community”, tho he has an old-fashioned view of local institutions, when were unions last local?, are pretty good :


Bloomberg lists the mass killings since 1949. It is ordered by # of dead. Looking at the dates, there are many fewer incidents before maybe 1980, and the most severe ones are recent, but other than that there isn’t much of a pattern. This is no doubt in aid of Bloomberg’s coming run at the Democratic nomination :


I should not bother with articles like this, mere partisan politics. But, it makes clear that if Trump wants to continue in the Presidency with his current power, he better kick off major prosecutions of the Deep Black Swamp, beginning with Hillary Clinton :


The evolution of a public intellectual. as Juan Cole called himself in an email exchange with me, to supporter of militarism and empire. This is an excellent comment from ZH today wrt Juan Cole’s political stances over the last few years :

reddieX to Billy the Poet Mon, 07/02/2018 – 11:56 Permalink

Juan Cole, honest intellectual:


“I am unabashedly cheering the liberation movement on and glad that the UNSC [United Nations Security Council]-authorized intervention has saved them from being crushed.” He asserts that without intervention, “Gaddafi would have reestablished himself, with the liberation movement squashed like a bug and the country put back under secret police rule.”


After coming to prominence as a critic of the George W. Bush administration and the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Cole has since made his peace with US imperialism and become one of its most reliable defenders. On his blog, Informed Comment, he has served as both cheerleader and apologist for US-led imperialist interventions, declaring in 2011, “To make ‘anti-iinal act that unleashed immense bloodshed throughout the country. Cole was among the most prominent of supposedly “left” academics who promoted the Obama White House’s fraudulent pretexts for launching the war for regime-change against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, claiming the US-led bombing campaign in conjunction with Al Qaeda-linked proxy forces on the ground was a crusade for “human rights.”


Discussing the refugee crisis, Cole revealed his attitude toward the international working class, declaring, “Nobody has figured out how to mechanize the picking up strawberries, and I never in my life will ever have a job picking strawberries… and so if the strawberries are going to get picked, it’s going to have to be somebody else… They are not taking our jobs when they do that; in fact, they are providing us strawberries.” In other words, refugees should be allowed into the country so as to provide a source of cheap, ultra-exploitable labor.


On August 11, we received the following emailed reply from Cole:

“Hi. I hope you will stop supporting the murderous Qaddafi regime and attacking people who want the people of Benghazi to be safe from him.



This is the kind of response one would expect from someone who is drunk. In Cole’s case, however, this would be an unduly charitable interpretation.

Yes, controlled immigration is necessary for civilization, otherwise it is just reverse colonization :


The evolution of crime :


Randal Carlson is a big-picture thinker with a big-picture knowledge set, very interesting presentation. Anthropogenic Global Warming is completely wrong, there is so much contrary evidence in the ice-core, fossil, archaeological and geological records. Solid reasoning based on facts and data :

Daily Reading #2B9

Jonathan Pie is often brilliant :

A more erudite version of that criticism of modern political and social aesthetics :

Bit by bit, Trump is unwinding the Neocon strategy and tactics. Eliminating sanctions on companies building Nordstream 2 is another advance :


Another brilliant Trump move. Read “Economic Hitman” to understand why this is removing control of other countries, long used by the Swamp as part of gaining world hegemony, and subsidies for US businesses:


A good overview of the entire Clinton mess :

Jake Morphonios’s take on the Clinton mess :

And the social aftermath of the SJW views :


George Webb :

We have too may people who emote rather than think :


Russians are a hybrid culture also. Later the eastern tribes added more :

Enjoying Trump Derangement Syndrome :


More on photobiomodulation. This covers products :


Daily Reading #2B8

I got busy programming and forgot to publish the last post.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is willing to lie, to mislead the public about reality. That is what I have learned about her. Standard politician mind with an ideology containing more builtin contradictions than most guiding her :


Thierry Meyssan has a very positive view of Trump :



So does ex-analyst in some agency Patrick Lang :


Also Paul Craig Roberts :


You could easily believe that Germany hoped for so many refugees, it did so much to create them! :


Michael Moore is a seriously deluded mind. My god, “democrats have won the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 Presidential elections”. I will give them George Bush, I haven’t read a serious legal discussion of that case. But Donald Trump won! Hillary Clinton stole votes in every primary where there are automated voting machines, the Stanford people have shown that quite definitively. Why would they not have done that in the general election? And still she lost.

I agree that Americans are ‘liberal’ in the ways he discusses. But they are still going to vote against the elites, against much more immigration. Meanwhile Donald Trump’s biggest problem will be economic, that is the only thing that can get him un-elected. The BS about the separated kids (they shouldn’t be, and didn’t Trump fix it?) is not a winning issue. Neither is Maxine Water’s ‘kick out the white people’ rhetoric nor the confrontations the D’s are fomenting.

Deep Black Swamp needs violence. Antifa hasn’t gone away, they are busy morphing into this generation’s Weather Underground. As for “President for Life”, Trump is a genius at fostering Trump Derangement Syndrome that give them issues like this. We are in danger from the Deep Black Swamp, not Donald Trump :

Daily Reading #2B7

Robert Gore, a link from WRSA, is excellent today. Yes, welfare states are failing. I keep hoping something will right the world, but reality is that recipients of government $ now have more power than all of the rest of us. It is barely conceivable that we could get our Deep Black Swamp under control even were it not a welfare state. The fact that DBS and welfare recipients are now allied, not a chance of the US recovering. I hate that conclusion, but, beginning from different premises, say our public educational, military or healthcare systems, I walk down chains of logic that bring me to the same place. Beginning from this system state, paths that lead peace and prosperity are very few. Historically, I don’t know of examples of staying on them, that turn out well.

I suppose that could be a sampling issue. For example, if you survey all of the countries in the world that went through the Great Depression, were there countries that improved their median standard of living and literacy?

If this country gets saved in some form or other, the Internet will be the key. The vast flows of information are a huge advantage, if and only if the people make good use of them. So far, it seems to me that they are doing pretty well, the political sophistication of people who talk to me is certainly higher than it was in my parents’ generation :

Outsourcing Morality, by Robert Gore

The trend to the left in the DNC. They did this to themselves with identity politics. Has any society recovered from that ideology without blood? :


George Webb is amazing every day. Day 623 of his investigation series on Youtube, Day 2 of his “SpyRingInCongess” Youtube channel and web site. George is a master explainer. What a mind to keep so much in memory and be able to produce such long structured talks and be so coherent as he does so. This is amazing history in the making :

Michael Moore understood the election better than anyone in the parties. I didn’t see this before the election, but saw Moore say things like this. I told my leftish friends that if they nominated Hillary, they elect Trump. A very fine rant, good grasp of humans :

Anti-Muslim hysteria :


Some migrants are more prone to crime than others :


They make an excellent argument for having no central bank at all. Without a central bank, nobody can inflate their money supply. Also an argument for gold as the balancing mechanism between economies, just like the old days :


Vietnam is afraid of Chinese domination :


The Skripal case makes people skeptical, there is no new information from the ‘investigators’ :

You can be critical of the US’s preparedness for a flu epidemic, but you have to say we did a good job in Africa at keeping potential pandemics small and local. Also, preparing flu vaccines is getting faster, and people have been working on more-universal vaccines for 30 years, so we will get there some day. Amazing progress, really, but of course never enough :


The job numbers are faked, AND the costs of everything are climbing far faster than wages. No, it is not a great economy :


Daily Reading #2B6

This is absolutely the most hopeful thing I have seen since Obama came on the scene.

George Webb is one of the great investigative reporters in our time. No kidding, this is most inspiring and the most hopeful thing I can remember this century. George has amazing stamina, I have watched his series since about day 30, went back and watched the first 50 before he deleted them. :

An excellent talk by Kevin Shipp summarizing the Mueller, McCabe, ?? long-term conspiracy :

Ron Unz has a good mind. Here he discusses the JFK assassination and brings back some widely-ignored data about the people who did it. A brave man :


Leprosy was a different disease in the 1300th century. I think they learn so much from these studies of ancient DNA, that it extends their knowledge of biochemistry so much, that we can anticipate graveyards everywhere being raided for DNA in the near future :


An amazing talent so very young. One of many alive at the same time. What Mozarts this generation is producing :

The UN is pushing politics in America. This is idiocy. I was right to ignore those articles a few days ago :