Daily Reading #36F


Saker’s view is that the US Empire is in retreat.  This is a short-term view, whereas Zeihan’s view is long-term. Also very flawed, assuming that air craft carriers were really power instead of expensive targets.

Yes, I think that is the proper synthesis. We can be optimistic about the US in the long-term, and I always have been. We have solid citizens, this is a very productive and civilized country.  OTOH, getting past the horrible effects of our oligarchy and empire is not going to be fun :


The US has long done drugs for arms deals. This is the case of Pepsi Cola, at one time the 6th largest navy in the world.  Amazing story, the history of the world is enabled by drugs, a universal need in all societies, always a huge money maker, always suppressed by authorities and therefore, … And that works from drugs so mild as a Pepsi.

Theme and variations folks, that is us. In my humblest opinion, we individuals need a new meta level, known by less scientific minds as the next level of consciousness. No kidding, how the fuck can it be considered sane to spend so much on armaments. How can it not be clear that a military is a danger to the country that builds it? We are one inbred species made up of individuals so very intelligent, very good senses so good at seeing differences, not quite yet wise enough to acknowledge that power games are counter-productive, even when the great powers aren’t screwing their citizens. And that we are all citizens of one world, none better than others, however poor.

However you want to say it, however you conceptualize it, this organization of society we have historied ourselves into is not even close to optimal in any dimension of goodness for humanity as a whole, for the rapid development of our civilization. I am amazed at, but can’t be proud of the fact that our country spends so much on its military and uses it so stupidly :

The evidence of radiation causing cancer continues to grow, despite little research budget and coverups of the results of the little that is done :


The neural basis for the Flynn Effect. This looks at one aspect of the environment, back and forth conversation, and finds conversation changes brain structure. Flynn Effect guarantees that when they look at the sizes of the information flows in the child’s environment and the sophistication of the concepts and depth of explanations, they will find changes in brain structures.

The Flynn Effect is why there cannot be a culturally-independent IQ test :


George Webb’s research team, fusion of so many information sources, analysis and commentary is leading to the conclusion that the CIA has infiltrated many police departments in the US and funds snipers to produce political effect.  We don’t know how many of the massacres since 9/11 were real, but very likely the ones that were were funded by the CIA.

Lovely that George got into this because Andy McCabe targeted him when George was protesting the 85th fusion center.

Fusion centers are the first target for patriots, SWAT team members are the probable bad guys now and in the future.  But we already knew that :

Another element of the CIA’s takeover of the US :

Two studies reaching opposite conclusions. I don’t have the knowledge to judge further. However, sex and sexual selection evolved specifically to allow animals to mix their immune system genes, because the greatest cause of death in all populations of animals is disease and parasites. Single-cell organisms and viruses evolve many times faster than multi-cellular animals. Thus, populations need to change their defenses continuously. Mixing immune system genes is how they do that. Hard to believe they didn’t understand this. :



Dan Kovalik’s books document the US efforts to control the leaders of nations of the world :


Serious racial and religious bigotry is not a significant factor in most of the nations of the world, unless, as with Svoboda in Ukraine and the various Muslim extremists in the ME, the US has intentionally supported an extremist group :


US foreign policy is isolating the US, not the sanctioned countries :


CounterPunch publishes Stasis Quo articles.  This ignores the fact that ISIS was created, funded, trained, equipped and supported by Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia. It also assumes that Trump can’t do anything for intelligent reasons, and that his generals, which the article criticizes for not winning wars, are better judges than Trump of the situation and appropriate moves.

Project Syndicate’s article is more neutral :



I have always considered myself a liberal, despite political opponents abusing the term :


Financial power works, look at the spins from the court, reuters, Monsanto :


‘Ultra-hyper-mutated cancers’. All cancers have far more mutations than are explicable in normal biology. Strange I don’t see that discussed :


Medicine is a cartel, with predictable effects :


The life of servants :

Dumb theories of the past should make us suspicious of the theories of today :

Cultural evolution means that monogamous marriages are no longer the only model :


This is good, Ron Unz’s estimate of why Silicon Valley execs agreed to purge dissenting voices from their platforms :


Ways of life we have forgotten. My parent’s stories of their lives, stories I heard from my grandparents are modern versions of that set of close relationships in a small town or on a farm. My life growing up on farms and in small towns had much more family than my son’s life :


Gender and power and outcomes :

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