Daily Reading #35B

I just came back from the memorial service for my neighbor Robert. Ordinary people, a mix dressed in business suits through football fan casual, toddler to grandparents. Family, long-time friends and all the neighbors in his building, all of whom had known Robert more than 10 years. The family included people from as white as I am through very dark Indian-Spanish. His neighbors are white and black families.

I hear a lot of gossip about people, it is interesting how many connections people have, how they all have a reputation of some kind with each other. My neighbors didn’t any of them think any of the others were perfect human beings, but they took care of each other. Robert did a lot for people, he was helpful in practical ways, he did things for people.  And they all helped him, looked out for him.

Testimony at the memorial service said Robert was a good father for another man’s children. His  god-children thought he was great, talked about how much time he had spent with them, teaching them to fish, play ball, took them to picnics and ball games.

People talked for a good while after the service. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my species.

Our leadership sucks, however.

I find myself attending to people who produce new points of view that I can use to understand things, to estimate proportions in modern life. The History Guy is great in doing that. Nuggets from this are that income from fines for avoiding the tax on mined gold was greater than from the tax. Also, an example of what I just wrote about how certainty of futures can be changed in a moment.

I learned this listening over my kid’s shoulder as he made breakfast and I made lunch, we listened while getting each other’s way. The biggest earth quake in 10,000 years! Could Napoleon have happened had not Portugal been destroyed?

Bettany Hughes is good at perspective also, I had not understood how important Alexandria was, nor how Christianity did so much to destroy that part of civilization and its intellectual achievements.

Told the kid I would find the link about the event 12,800 years ago. Randal Carlson is another example of outsiders catching on first, The Younger Dryas Impact is real, and is important context in thinking about species hedging. My fellow man is not the hugest risk to our species, except indirectly by wasting our wealth on war instead of space defense from comets.

In Galactic History, I predict, a species’ enlightenment, the hurdle needed to last long enough to join Galactic Civilization, will be dated from when they realize that. Galactic archeology will record the many misses by civilizations which perished, the achievement of the technology but misplaced focus in species hedging, the cometary cycle returned before the focus could be changed  :

George Webb is another person who explains with points of view. If he were not able to say “I told you so” so often and so far in advance of the rest of the media first speaking of the facts, one would think him insane. Instead, I think this is the explanation that best handles the total breadth of evidence, acts of many players across the last couple of years. They need a fall guy, Flynn is that guy unless he implicates the President. Our Deep Black State needs to crush Trump and any family that might challenge them in the future.

We are caught in a fight between factions at court. Civilization is at risk, quite literally. Way past time for us citizens to do something about the crazies in DC who have taken over this country. We need big pressure on Trump and the Republicans, this is the absolutely last chance. Nut cutting time, as they say down on the farm.

Consider the curve of the proportion of people who interpret their vote as “betray my vote for you, I kill you” in elections from now to the future. What percentage do you estimate are in that group by party for the next few elections. Factor into your estimates the financial calamit now upon us, failure of the pension funds, impoverishment of the world’s middle classes and retirees in a few short years,: sharp rises in death rates in every country, the return of epidemic diseases and governance breaks down, as well as the 2nd order interactions among those effects.

What proportion of voters need to join that group to overthrow the Deep Black Swamp, world-wide?

Not extreme, as compared to what will happen if this little problem with the most amazing government corruption in the history of the world is not straighted out under law, we will have to do it the hard way.

Compared to any of the many hard ways citizens and oligarchs have waged civil war, merely pledging to kill the person you vote for if they betray your vote will be seen as mild warning. I predict family trees will be eradicated, so great will be the hatred of our last generation of oppressors. I mean, the ones we already have are pretty awful, but merely the most awful in a progression of ever-more terrible leaders.

Ever-more compromised leaders, in George Webb’s investigations. Yes, I think that is a big part of the explanation of why our system has stopped working. Scale, need to know, division of labor, hidden flows of people, goods and money, mixed with human weakness… have produced an operating class of compromised people. Oligarchs are insulated from operations by layers of companies and law firms and bank accounts.

Random selection from the voting age population could not produce a worse group of Presidents and representatives, showing that there is a representative democracy that would produce better outcomes for the country than the version we unfortunately adopted. We need to reconsider our Constitution, this version has failed to restrain the government enough, thus failure has been inevitable :

This is pretty amazing. Wow! Maybe the Israeli-Neocons are losing power in the Trump admin? :


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