Daily Reading #34F

OK, we have our honest Federal Judge. Now we need an honest prosecutor and an honest investigator :


The Skripal case is as bogus as Sandy Hook, lies to achieve political effect :


It seems to me that all of these publications are attempts to transport legacy media economics and structure to the web. Digital has exposed every publication to competition from every other digital publication, so all legacy media and large online publications are losing to the lower-cost structure HuffPo-like publications who use amateur content for which they pay nothing to little, to link aggregators like Youtube and ZeroHedge who share ad revenue with content creators, and to individual bloggers like George Webb who lead open source research teams and depend on individual contributions.

That trend means that legacy media is doomed, that the structure will continue to devolve to individual content creators competing in their niche markets for global attention.

I do not believe I have seen that analysis anywhere, why is it not obvious? :


The philosophical and moral basis for debt repudiation is being created, I have read several versions of this lately :


Simple person that I am, as pleased as I am to see some focus on the correct way to ensure the most sustainably productive farmland for the least investment, which turns out to be the most profitable, I can see the focus on CO2 and the threat of warming will surely screw things up. This global warming bandwagon won’t die until the last government teat dries up and the last true believer $billionaire freezes to death.

We need to eliminate most agencies of government. Especially the FBI and CIA, federal power is too easily abused, we can’t allow Federal police or intelligence agencies. Local militias can share information, the internet makes that easy.

The measure of a politician’s sincerity should be how many decades of law he thinks should be repealed, no exceptions. Imho, the wisest man would be the one who said “clear back to before the Articles of Confederation, it all went wrong from there, people’s freedom was eroded steadily. We moderns need a rethink” :


More new phenomena for science to investigate, fire tornadoes :


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