Daily Reading #34E

I have been traveling. I pick up hitchikers and talk to a lot of people, so have some good stories to tell you. Things from real life, as little interpretation between them and you as I can manage. (Probably terrible, everyone has filters, so check your six, of course.)

First guy I picked up was an upscale version of the typical nere-do-well. He was “on a spiritual quest”, had thoughts of becoming a writer. He had been in a number of cities up and down the west coast, most recently San Francisco.  He described life as an itinerant young man who could easily fend for himself.  He had no trouble getting jobs, short-order cook and such. He had left school at some young age and not done much since, but getting jobs is easy so long as you don’t take drugs.  He didn’t, except for cannabis.

It isn’t entirely clear to me that cannabis is good for everyone, tho I must say that everyone who likes it likes it a lot.  This young man got comfortable enough to ask if I approved of cannabis, then if he could roll a joint, and where could we stop to share it? Wow! After a while, my jaw was tight and I was alert and thinking interesting thoughts, he was head down, mumbling and not responding coherently to my questions, even in the few responses I managed. He recovered after an hour or so, I was buzzing for hours.

He told me a woman had picked him up, given him the bag of cannabis. Among his money-making talents, he is a beat-boxer, or does beat-box, however you say that. He did 30 seconds for me, said how easy it was to make $ in big tourist centers like SF. People appreciated him.

I critiqued him for not having a notebook recording all of his experiences in detail. Told him how lucky he ws that I picked him up, the man who invented the Pilluri. Described the reasoning that lead me to that great invention.  He found it beyond comprehension, so icky that it hurt to think about it. I think I scarred the young man’s soul.

Hard to know how to feel about that.

Everywhere along the trip, I saw races and ethnic groups mixing as equals and friends. Feather-Indians in the west, dot-Indians in major cities, blacks and Mexicans everywhere. The only case I thought could possibly be discrimination was the single black man in one of the nursing homes I visited to see older relatives.  He was all by himself at a table. When I asked about it, they told how they had tried to include him, but he was asocial, didn’t talk much to anyone, preferred to be alone.

Second interesting interaction was in a restaurant in Kansas. I sat at the counter, big guy with a full beard and a trucker’s hat, outdoor clothing comes in right after me and sits at the end of the counter, 2 seats to my right. He and the waitress know each other well, carry on a conversation as she can, it was a busy place full of truckers gossiping, I don’t think any of them knew each other, except this guy and the waitress.

In their conversation, the waitress said “I haven’t seen any of your posts lately, why not?” He says he has been so busy with work. After a bit, I asked about his posting. The very Kansas out-doorsman image runs some blogs on FaceBook. One on Volvo trucks, said it exchanged detailed info between operators of fleets and their chief mechanics on repairs, operations, and bragged that it included several of Volvo’s engineers. Another was on antique farm machinery, he mentioned tractors. Can’t remember the third.

He said he hated politics, then went on to agree with me on most of the opinions I expressed. Middle America is a solid place, good opinions and understandings. I saw not a single bit of any negative trends or bias against any group of people in that random individual I talked to in a restaurant in central Kansas.

Second guy I picked up was rather more down to earth than the first. He didn’t smoke dope, had finished a state college BS with a major in astronomy. He was hitchhiking to find work, though he didn’t tell me much about that. He had been working construction, was disappointed that his major didn’t qualify him for anything, I started telling him about software. He asked about Pascal.

He was with me about 2 hours, I fed him from the food bag, he appreciated that and the water, took some of my leftover trail mix, etc. with him, not as much as I encouraged.

He took notes on my ideas about jobs, OSs, languages, how to get into the business, get your first job, etc. I should write that up, but doing a good job would take work, I don’t have time to do it right wholesale, so do it wrong retail. He has my email, and will continue the conversation, I hope.

Meanwhile, I ask myself how someone can graduate with any math-technical major and not know how to program? Programming in some language, spreadsheets, good statistics and optimally the ability to program and interrogate a database are basic scientific literacy, it seems to me.

I went through a great deal of road salt, so when I got back home, I got the car washed and the interior well-cleaned. The car wash we normally used, entirely Mexican, had stopped doing that, so I went to a new place I found run by an Indian.  Automated, but the boss was out there immediately selling the place, helping me deal with their automation, reassuring me I would be very satisfied with the $28 dollar version that included interior cleaning, he would tell the proper people.  (Same cost as the Mexican place charges for no interior cleaning.) I couldn’t be sure, but at least some of his detailing employees were Mexican. It seemed like it was a good team, this was a friendlier, more personal interaction than the Mexican car wash. I asked him why the Mexican place up the street had stopped providing interior cleaning. He said it was because they couldn’t get help, they had moved into construction, cited the 4 major apartment complex of 4-700 units within a few blocks of his intersection, and wondered how they would ever be able to move, as traffic jams were already ridiculous.

Having done all that, he invited me to make use of the outdoor tables to wait.

There was a Mexican woman there with 2 kids, maybe 7 and 4. 7-year-old was on the iPad, girl beside was intent on the iPad, I didn’t check what. She spoke English well, but dressed as though she was directly from Mexico. I started a conversation with her by observing that her kids were well-behaved.  She said it was easy with the iPad, it kept them interested, and that if they weren’t well-behaved, she took it from them.

I told her that the tablet for kids had completely changed the possibilities for education, that I thought the public system was obsolete, don’t send your kids to school  She, no kidding, told me about the Finnish experience, why their system of school was the best in the world. She thought schools were beginning to give parents their choice of styles.

The Indian proprietor of the car wash chimed in with the example of the Indian state of Kerala, which has a version of that system and produces the highest level of literacy in India, attracting headquarters of major corporations. That is also a low-stress, fun-filled approach to public education. He attributed a large part of their good minds to learning 5 or 6 languages from a young age, detailing each of them with connections back to Sanscrit when possible. He is an educated man.

I told them to look for “hole in the wall experiment”, the Indian professor who was revolutionizing education with his research. They were very interested in that and unSchooling.

Finally, while I was gone, my neighbor Robert died. I have mentioned Robert et al several times recently. The story I get from the neighbor I most trust, but won’t identify because he is very opposed to speaking to any authority, is that Robert got sick, the neighbor was looking after him, saw it was serious and tried to get him to go to the hospital.  He was going to call 911, but  Robert said he would not go with them, don’t bother. From personal knowledge, Robert had several serious medical problems, was scared of needles, and the symptoms described seem to me consistent with his most prominent medical problem’s most common outcome, so all this is very plausible, likely true in my considered judgment.

When Robert didn’t respond the next day, someone calls the police, they kick the door down and find Robert dead, but clearly the place had been searched, probably after death. Robert’s pockets were turned out. All this after Robert had thrown out sleep-on-the-couch pill popper Matt, who threatened to kill him. Then  Matt called my neighbor to tell him not to let anyone into Robert’s apt. Didn’t give a reason for that, but he couldn’t have known about the police already having been there. Robert had a few things that were valuable, I don’t know whether those were located. So need to call the police myself, after I get a few more details from the neighbors. I think there will be some, as the mechanic on the corner who changed my oil today knew of Robert’s death. People are connected.

Further, my neighbors are black, Mexican, dot-Indians and whites, all looking out for each other. The people who looked after Robert didn’t hold  Robert in high regard as an individual, me neither, but we took care of Robert.

All that is as accurate a record of events as my fading memory allows, nothing is invented. I have great hope for America, the most unlikely people share many good fundamental values. I did not see any illiberal thoughts in any of the people I have talked to on this trip. No kidding, we have fine citizens, material for a new level of civilization. If and only if we can just subdue our own government without destroying the society as a minor side-effect.

Vaguely related to intelligence service analysis, an example of a meta-meme, proof of the Selfish Gene hypothesis. Funny, makes me laugh every time the thought runs through my head.

Pound the frame propaganda, personified.  I had not followed this part of the war on Truth that  our CIA has lead, part of the GHW Bush legacy. Galloway is indeed conflicted wrt the question “Do you approve of illegally breaking the sanctions, knowing your income derives in part from that illegal trade?”  Who could not be? On the one hand, doing so can relieve suffering among the Iraqis, or whatever population the CIA is raping of its life blood in any particular year, as well as your efforts to publicize the terrible effects of the very stupid political decisions that have enabled all of that destruction.  On the other hand, that the entire  oppressive apparatus of global government is structured exactly as necessary to produce that effect because breaking sanctions enrich the elites who passed the sanctions, and have cover from the legal consequences of investigations they suspiciously-rarely undergo despite books being written on some of them due to Congressional and private investigations.  Have you noticed that the total proportion of the world’s economy under US and/or UN sanctions increases yearly? Notice that the media has not so noticed?

BTW, my answer above is better than Galloway’s, who is otherwise very good in this. Definitely a good guy doing the right thing for the correct motives and using entirely honest speech to inform and persuade. For this, our Congress wanted to make him out to be dirty, presented NO evidence to the contrary. Entirely a smear job, a normal government function in the age of permanent warfare based entirely on lies for the benefit of our oligarchs.

Our civilization has been seized by the oligarchs, no one in legacy media notices :

Bush’s grave should reside beneath a dance floor. It will take a very large dance floor to properly honor him, the first of the operational CIA assets to become President :


Why not assassinate foreign leaders? They killed a US President, so from their very logical pov, foreign leaders should not be exempt if they interfere with the CIA’s quest for ultimate power. Of course the CIA’s leadership don’t state the goal so baldly, but that clearly must be their goal, based purely upon their behavior over a long period of time. Reading through thedubyareport shows that the CIA’s black operations have evolved, but as bad as Iran-Contra was, it is only one element of the CIA’s increasing scope of crimes and continues to scale in numbers of operators of ratlines *the major use of management of street delers in illegal drug trades. Many of the cases that we know about were disguised as counter-intelligence operations, or operations to develop indigenous opposition to the USSR, China, …

Those have evolved to being straight drugs-for-weapons deals, with the CIA reaping huge profits from the operation of the importing and major wholesaler of the heroin trade in the US and Europe.  As our funding laws increasingly specify “money must not be spent on” clauses as well as “must be spent upon this line item project and no other”, black money is needed for exploiting illegal trades and armed coups and compromise operations necessary to secure US hegemony in countries around he world, allies, opponents and enemies all like.

Trump is a major threat to Deep Black Swamp power.

That is a synthesis produced by George Webb and his band of researchers interacting with the other bands of open-source researchers, but it is completely consistent with the dozen or so books investigating the CIA, NSA, FBI etc I have read over the years. I certainly am not competent to comment on operational detail, but yes, the CIA is a very sophisticated bureaucracy, well trained in carrying out elements of a complex operation without thinking about the details, what might be happening big picture.  To do that would violate security. And thus, the modern CIA, NSA and special forces operations of the military are ideal for implementing private control of entire countries, increasingly including the USofA.  The phenomena discussed so lucidly by Smedly Butler has been perfected and the darkest fears of the people who wrote the US Constitution have come true.

Actually, given that TJ’s time didn’t appear to be aware of pedophilia, darker fears than they could have imagined have come to be. Again open source investigation leads the law enforcement establishment, a list which must include voat.co/pizzagate, which digs deeply into the connections between the many individuals in the story of sale of children for sex and worse. None of the prominent names have been investigated, so far as is known. Those people are the most vulnerable elements of the Deep Black Swamp. Rational people in their shoes should expect an untimely suicide or accidental death.

The major good thing we know about operations that include crime, they fall apart quickly after the first cracks in the facade have produced a prosecutor with the power and budget to pursue them.  That phase may take a while, the CIA has been implicated in smuggling heroin since the beginning of WWII, nearly 80 years ago. Even against entrenched bureaucrats covering their tracks and destroying documents (which I believe leaves paperwork tracks with signatures unless one individual steals and destroys them. I think that is a high-risk operation, thus the reason so many documents so very incriminating are found by FOIAs. From which reasoning I derive that this Cabal will begin to inform on each other to save their asses, all it takes is one honest and brave federal judge, one honest and brave prosecutor and ditto investigator, people so far outside the system they haven’t been important enough to notice, so they can’t bribe or coerce.

It certainly doesn’t seem to me:


Interesting views of Trump vs the Establishment :






Cannabinoids can change the structure of the brain when given in adolescence. In rats, at least. So when I see one of the structural studies with PET or ?? scans that confirms it in humans, it is time to pay attention.  But not until there are rigorous studies showing behavioral changes associated with both cannabis use and those structural changes is it worthwhile changing behavior.

My kid didn’t start using cannabis until 17+.  So far as I can see, he is a solid kid. He still takes the world hard because he is too empathetic for he downtrodden and too affected by the stupidities of the systems we live within, but will master these reactions with maturity:


More exceptions to patterns of mitochondrial DNA being inherited only from mothers :


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