Daily Reading #34D

Robert Gore has the answer, debate with facts and logic the foundations of the frauds, of which the CIA is a leading element :

The Deadliest Operation, by Robert Gore

I linked to this yesterday, but it is worth repeating. Our leaders are genocidal war criminals, evil fucks :


Our military is a fraudulent enterprise :



Our police forces are fraudulent enterprises :


You know that the US is encouraging this provocation-producing action by Proroshenko :


Our political system is fraud against voters :

Democrats Winning Key Leadership Jobs Have Taken Millions From Pharma

Legacy media is fraud against people who listen, watch or read them :


Climate science is largely a fraudulent enterprise. Valentina Zharkova’s lecture kills the Global Warming story, much less the AGW story, yet the propaganda never notes any of the research that has contradicted and/or invalidated their models. Models are not science. At best, they are a possible explanation of data produced by scientific research. Climate science has turned that relationship on its head, ignores scientific data that doesn’t fit with the models. It is ideology carefully selecting evidence to support ‘global warming’, whatever that means this year, entirely fraud masquerading as science :


Energy policies, world wide, are fraudulent. This is a minor example among the dozens I have linked in the last few months :


Trump wins another battle, or at least forces the Chinese to begin some positive action and also talk :


The US is in the same decline the USSR was in in the 1970s when it stopped publishing mortality statistics. Again, inequality produced by centralization of power erodes the social order which diminishes the population’s health. Prediction — the CDC will soon produce bogus statistics on death rates, as they already do for vaccines’ “side effects” :


Stock buybacks cause companies to fail, GE and GM are the current outstanding examples, but all of the auto companies are affected, they have  been shorting R&D for 30 years, allowing the Japanese to win the market by producing superior vehicles. First sedans, now SUVs and trucks.  :



In contrast, Amazon invests very heavily in technology and facilities, has not made significant profits in its entire existence :


Local activists are the key to protecting our futures :



Google has long-standing ties to NSA. The project for China allows the Chinese government to censor information seen by citizens and to monitor their  searches. Do you suppose Google has done the same for NSA-CIA? Ditto Bezos, FB, … :



DNA testing has interesting social effects.  The comments to this are very good :


This is beautiful. Great advertising because it is so memorable. Payless has a brilliant marketing VP :


3-D scanning may help analyze the cut-marks on bones, but the proposal to use machine learning to assist is stupid, machine learning takes many, many valid samples before it can judge a sample of unknown validity. The ‘bones in a small box’ won’t provide that for the old bones.  So 3-D beginning with freshly cut bones and extending back through older samples to successively validate ever-older samples must be the approach. Given that chimps can learn so much, given examples, and already use tools and teach their young to do so, it is very plausible that a slightly larger brain would produce crude tools shortly after the split between chimps and humans 7M years ago :


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