Daily Reading #34C

This points out that a Federal Judge said that Trump can’t ban people from his twitter stream because it is a public platform, protected by the First Amendment.  This, in logic, must apply to the people that Twitter bans :

The Israelis are genuinely bad guys.  I had not known that out of 4K Israelis who worked in the Twin Towers, 4 died in the 9/11 false flag event. Al Franken testified he got a call from Ed Koch telling him not to go to work that day :

The largest and deadliest battle of the US Army was WWI, Meuse-Argonne Forest :

The criminals and war criminals leading the US’s activist foreign policy are protected by increasingly-obvious propaganda. Not a stable system, very dangerous for the world.  They need a war, the best propaganda of all :






Reistance to war is increasing, no thanks to any organized group. Our country no longer has pacifists, anti-war activists, free trade advocates, … All a measure of the depth and breadth of control of our system by political interests of the Deep Black State :


More laws protecting free speech will, inevitably and intentionally, reduce the freedom of speech :


Fred’s views on China are a reflection of how difficult it is to summarize complex systems. China is a centralized system, shown by the massive projects that Fred appreciates so much. Yes, impressive, but centralized systems must fail, they cannot evolve fast enough to keep up with the changing environment. It may take a while, but China’s own best efforts, e.g. the new silk road, will change the environment.  China’s middle class will be seriously hurt in the coming economic/financial failures, that will change the environment, etc :


Pelosi comes from a family that runs Baltimore harbour, thus profits from many illegal trades and traffickings. This makes it clear that the DNC is a large pay-to-play scheme, you buy your leadership positions by selling access to you and your colleagues. Understanding how much military and CIA money and technology have gone into the large internet companies, you can see how much leverage they and Pelosi have on each other :


Google’s employees thought that “don’t be evil” actually meant something in management’s minds, forgetting the origins of the company was CIA technology :


CHSmith’s recommendations are perfect, imho. They amount to simplifying the system so that it can be better understood, and thus allowing more people to pursue their self-interest effectively :


The FED has never understood the financial system’s defects in time to avoid periodic crashes, and won’t this time either. Complex systems keep evolving and are beyond human comprehension :


Another mechanism to funnel money into political power. This guy has to pay dearly for his position, I bet :


I don’t think US AI researchers have too little data for training AIs, that is what the Captcha programs have been doing. Also humans have been classifying all kinds of scientific images, including galaxies, X-rays, microscopic photos of tissues, … Google’s voice-to-text programs, Alexa and the other digital assistants have accumulated huge databases with every accent imaginable in more than a few languages.  The UN, news translation services, … have provided the same for text. Much of that is publicly available :

Contrary to our progressive’s religious beliefs, the US is one of the most accepting societies on the planet :

China’s Most Popular App Is Full of Hate

Science discovers many new phenomena every year, the rate is proportional to the number of eyes watching, I think. As it should be, given the infinite complexity of nature, if the rate drops off, it is an indication of problems on the human side of the search, not limits of nature :




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