Daily Reading #34B

There is about $1.5T in Federal Reserve notes in circulation. There are perhaps $5T dollars in financial instruments which will come home as foreigners unload their dollars. Those will be added to the $125T in net assets owned within the US. The dollar will lose some value, but it doesn’t seem like losing reserve status will produce hyperinflation by itself. Money changers will get rich and there will be new problems in exporting products for everyone, but …

Seriously, Gold as a universal currency would easily avoid all of these problems.  Why does a country need its own currency? Alternatively, abolish the Fed and the dollar will become more valuable to everyone as no new $s can be created, nobody’s bank accounts change, things go on being paid in dollars, etc. Abolishing the Fed would be good for everyone. Except the owners of the Fed, of course :


I have been visiting relatives, having discussions with and about the younger generation wrt their political opinions. Colleges clearly have the effect of inducing a bad case of hubris.  They uniformly think that their college degree and their information flows qualify them for opinions on anything, that they are morally superior to the rest of us, and that we are not just wrong, but relatively evil. As the morally superior group, they are justified in jamming their ideas down our throats.

From my pov, they don’t know much about anything, and it is impossible to discuss anything with them because of their moral superiority, they do not, can not, listen. Their sources of information support their delusions. My information source convince me that their sources are  under the control of the Deep Black Swamp, e.g. the DNC and legacy media. Not the first time that a political elite has used SJWs to attain political ends. “Useful idiots” was Stalin’s phrase.

Trump’s wall is a very necessary thing, as sympathetic as I am to the immigrants. I am that because I married one and know how much the groups my wife belongs to have contributed to our culture and economy in the 30 years they have been coming to the US. They could do that because they were all well educated people, many with engineering or science backgrounds. Many have started businesses, few work for government.

That fact controls their voting. Most are classical liberals, very few voted for Hillary in the last election.

We certainly need to change the basis of any future immigration, from family and country filters to usefulness filters. Importing people who immediately go on welfare and reliably vote for one party is national suicide.

Thinking about this, I have decided that the extent of my ‘white privilege’ is that it removes any excuses for my failures.  I have been a consultant most of my career, so have had lots of interviews. I am terrible at interviews, thinking about the jobs I have failed to win because I just hadn’t thought about some bit of technology for a while and am not good at selling myself or even explaining things without some preparation is painful. Often it all comes back on the drive back home from the interview.

If I had an excuse, e.g. being part of any ethnic group other than 1/4 Amish that nobody can detect through my whiteness, I could easily attribute some of my failures to prejudice. I can’t, it is all my failures and the stupidity of interviewers. That is my advantage in life relative to racial and ethnic groups, nothing more.

All of the blacks who I have known in my jobs have been fully acculturated, on the phone you can’t tell anything about their backgrounds.  They do just as well as anybody. So do competent women, the only women I see complaining are clearly less competent.

The difference between legacy media and nearly any important topic is huge, here is the example of the situation in the Ukraine and Russia’s stance in the world :


The Guardian is clearly influenced by the Deep Black Swamp. They had good reason to know their story tying Assange to the Trump campaign and Russia collusion to influence the election was not correct, published it anyway. It is all part of smearing Assange to make conviction for espionage seem reasonable. Our government is filled with scum :


Tendrils of the Deep Black Swamp continue to be revealed. Clearly, the DBS needs enemies for domestic opinion control and takes down governments for political power and profits whenever possible :



I haven’t had time to keep up with George Webb.  Still amazing progress, astonishing detail he and his researchers are uncovering. Very good synthesis of so much information.

The 2nd part of this speculates that Henry Kissinger is behind Wikileaks, a necessary balance to the Deep Black State/CIA :

This is an interesting new view, that a financial cycle leads the business-economic cycle. The 2nd link is backup to that view, I think :



China is learning about the importance of honest markets.  We are likely to soon be relearning our lessons from 1929 :


Cash-free business discriminate against the poor. True, but more laws is the wrong direction :


Ebola is just one of the epidemic diseases waiting to become pandemics :


So much history, the battle of Sargari :

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