Daily Reading #347

George Webb has evidence that the US has already seized Julian Assange and is arraigning him this coming week. His understanding of the Deep Black Swamp’s operations are continuing to evolve, great research. Our CIA are evil fucks, every one of them. The entire gd government is complicit in this anti-Constitutional, anti-human, totalitarian act. This is a rendering for political reasons, there is no legal case against Julian Assange for any of his acts.

George Webb is this generation’s Zola :

Matt Taibbi is the 4th major journalist I have seen recently support Julian Assange :


OK, more attention on Assange, serious journalist 5 and 6 :


This is very important research, as it shows you a future dominated by the effects of a little ice age.

Valentina Zharkova discussing her dynamo model of solar physics and its effect on Total Solar Irradiation on the earth, with the resulting temperature changes. Beautiful science, Nobel Prize work, solid observation producing math that predicts the sun’s output with great precision. Many of the different cycles in climate have been explained. A new Maunder Minimum will begin in 2020, so a very cold period is happening, not the IPCC’s temperature increase.  IPCC worst-case is a Total Solar Irradiance increase of 1.5W / square meter, while Zharkova’s solar dynamo + the effects of planetary orbits predicts a loss of 8W / square meter.

Bad times are coming, loss of crops, many secondary effects on the economy and society. The interactions of all of that with our current government failures and the rise of connectedness via the internet and social media will be extremely interesting for all of us:




In that context, add fear :


Interesting comments, good article. So much of the skulduggery is right out in the open,


I don’t know what the decline in rates of sex with another person means, but given how far our average age of adulthood and marriage is from historical norms, we should be concerned. Another data point, a carefully selected cherry,  confirming my understanding that modern life does not provide enough of the experiences and pleasures of life in a hunter-gatherer band of 100,000 years ago. That environment defined us biologically and psychologically, defined the requirements for a modern environment if we are to be fully human.

Yes, yes, yes, so many things we could say objecting to that.  But you explain to me what happened to all of the countries of the world who have massed people in large cities. The bigger the population, the less connected to other people we are, the less well anything works, and the lower the birth rate. Hard to keep your GDP numbers up given all that, much less improve your civilization :


Examples of things not working, just about anything having to do with the medical industry. Unless you mean by working ‘make a profit’ :


More detail to the tree of life :



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