Daily Reading #340

Definitely end-of-an-era behaviors :


Sad world when nobody thinks that the wars we are waging are important enough to think about :


I have read 100s of articles about the structural problems in the economy, predictions of failure.  I don’t read that many as I know the financial system will fail because it has not been designed to be fail-safe. It is a complex, evolving system, so you can’t predict when, although it certainly looks closer to a market collapse than a market recovery or even gentle slow-down. I think the market high is behind us :



More social change. I am not as optimistic about self-driving cars by 2025, but someday that technology will indeed change things. Here is a hypothesis :


Climate scientists continue to mis-predict and favor their biases :


George Webb continues with his overviews, here discussing the Chain of Command, the failures of which make voting irrelevant :

This is complete confirmation of George Webb’s story of the war on Libya. OTOH, I think his understanding of the petrodollar is not correct :

If the debts can’t be paid back, what next? Printing more currency a) stops producing growth, b) destroys the economy :


A leading candidate for explaining the Fermi Paradox :


A 12-man FBI squad to entrap Kiriakou on behalf of Brennan. That is Deep Black Swamp :


USDA certainly has changed their views from when I was on the farm :


I try to avoid knowing any of the Brexit details, but somehow fell into this one :


This is certainly true. Surprising to see something so rational about economic policy from the NYTimes :

Camille Paglia is a solid feminist, there aren’t many :


A good business model when he only gets $1000/bug. What did they expect? He could have sold it for much more than that on the black market :


Good, another revived species :


Monarchs continue to decline. Very bad, Monsanto is a shit company :


Plasma collection is a big business :


Hollywood’s centralization was a death sentence, no industry survives that. The bad thing about the Hollywood film business imploding is that they will spread through the economy. We don’t deserve that :

I like knowing how to do a lot of things.  I raised rabbits, never used the skins :

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