Daily Reading #33C

Good discussion, Jimmy Dore is usually interesting :

The CIA is hopelessly mismanaged, so political that insiders warning of failure are punished. When your agency tasked with ferreting secrets can’t keep secrets, it is time to hang it up :


The CIA’s animus for Julian Assange is driving the inhumane treatment. Minor as compared to Yemen, but it certainly removes the fig-leaf from our actual policies wrt Freedom of the Press and Human Rights :


As I have been saying, it is not possible to manage an economy :


George Webb discusses the systemic attempts to subvert elections in the US, based in our Deep Black Swamp :

Driving my son to the motorcycle shop this AM, I heard NPR deny there was evidence for vote fraud in Florida. Piss-poor reporting :


A good conventional summary by Pat Buchanan. It ignores all of the crime at the heart of the establishment, presents the contest as entirely political :


Finally, an open source CPU looks viable :

I am impressed with AMD. They have done such a smooth job of integrating technologies as they move from generation to generation of processors. HyperTransport was a genuine advance in server-class chips and the very large number of transistors that now can be put on one chip means that switching fabrics make the best way of connecting hardware elements of a system. Versions of both have been in many products, this is a new level of performance and integration :


Youtube is an education :

Just to remind everyone how easy we have it :


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