Daily Reading #33B

One of the big advantages of living in a working-class neighborhood full of Section 8 families and households with multiple workers is my neighbors. I have been having interesting discussions with them. Today one of my black neighbors, tall bent over old man with slow speech in a deep Alabama accent and a lot of medical problems stated that he thought humans have always been viewed as farm animals by the ruling classes, and it is only the internet that is making it obvious to so many people and allowing them to share understandings. People’s opinions are much more sophisticated than reporters generally find.

This next article is the kind of thinking and writing that are brought out in hard times. It is coherent in its arguments, has substantially-true elements in the chain of reasoning,completely stupid understanding of evolution in culture and biology, and comes to the conclusion that race defines human limits, that whites are a superior culture, inherently, genetically, superior.

He doesn’t define ‘superior’ except constant references to European culture’s high points, his view of civilization’s best. OK, give him all that.  Some one race had to get to the industrial revolution first. The resources were everywhere, it turns out, so once the technical and social innovations had been invented, the industrial revolution spread. Different technological and cultural innovations, a change in climate, and presto! Mongols rule all the known world, barring western Europe, parts of India and parts of China, soon to fall also.  Africans had their own iron age, but too-tribal politics, perhaps, along with termites and tsetse flies that killed all the possible draft animals, so lower rates of exchange of goods, peoples and thoughts, so lower rates of improvement, and cultures that seemingly came and went with a single important resource.

But the peoples who invented much of it were Mediterranean and Middle Eastern people. Yes, it all came together in England, first, but the pieces originated everywhere. The fact that the Europeans have since lead all other cultures in pillaging the other lands and enslaving people when they are not genociding them with intentional disease, bombing them with poison gas or firestorms or atomic radiation-shockwave-firestorm blast,  as well as our huge leads in numbers of dead in single battles and total in single wars, are all ignored.

Those are all true facts, unadorned, you all should recognize them all. They are a part of our culture also. So, while very proud of my nation’s high points, how well we have done overall, I cannot be proud of every element of our past, only that we have overcome most of them most of the time. In the worst of times, there are nevertheless many good deeds done. And I was proud that maybe we were getting better. For a while.

I can state the advantages of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies. First hybrid vigor is a real thing, and most importantly in mixing the genes for immune function. The disease vs host race means offspring should be different from parents, thus all multi-cellular species tend to breed outside their local group when possible, and many have elaborate courting behaviors that display genetic health.

In a system with modern medicine, having people of mixed genetics is optimal, all will not fall ill to the same disease at the same time.

Mixing cultures is as important as mixing genes. Cultural innovation happens more frequently in multi-ethnic groups. ‘Conservative’ doesn’t mean no change, it means being careful to adopt changes locally that fit with the local situation. Of course, all change has risk, but stasis in your culture has more risk, the world around us changes continuously.

The article is a political version of the Human Biodiversity study group. I have read a good deal of their literature. It is lousy science. Genuine science is very far from connecting genes to culture. There has been more progress with the genetics of intelligence, but even there there are only a few genes whose function is known, the rest are the result of genome-wide association studies. There is no solution to the implications of the Flynn Effect wrt measuring IQ across cultures, and thus race-IQ studies await a physiological correlate of intelligence. Reaction time is the best they have currently, far from convincing.

In light of humanity’s very checkered history in ethnic relations, we better not let these people get out of control. Challenge them on their biology, their understanding of their own culture.

Don’t let them use patriotism in their argument. Every one of us is a patriot, every patriot must see room for improvement.

Race is certainly not the reason Culture A is at a high point, going down, and Cultures B-Z begin jocking for leadership and advantage on different vectors. Of course, that is the way things work, individual through family through institution in layers of classes and social stigmas and divided loves and loyalties. Those are all being thoroughly human..

That race is the cause of the current heights of civilization is a simple answer for a very complex set of questions. All of the archeology and history are not yet known, so we don’t even know all of the questions. Some of the older written languages are not deciphered.

Whatever the answer, it won’t be simple because the world is not :


Pam Bondi or Alexander Acosta for AG are very bad ideas. This article sees things as Jewish conspiracy, stupid so ignore that, but has some good facts on Epstein’s background and Acosta’s role in letting Epstein off lightly in the 40 young girls case. It covers the evidence that Trump is compromised also by Epstein’s operation and Pam Bondi’s being involved in child trafficking :


I think things are strange. What should have been a simple process of tracking down criminals and cleaning out Federal bureaucracies by abolishing them is taking a very long time. Trump is not what he promised, tho we can’t decide what the problem is. ‘Corralled by insiders’ is one view, much pushed by former insiders, we have indeed seen Trump pushed back from promises by pressures of some kind. ‘Compromised’ in any one of several ways, including rape of young girls, is another. ‘Just Another Baron’,  one of my thoughts, and is the view that SLL thinks applies with higher and higher probability, “Making airtight cases on solid evidence, no use of illegal wiretaps, etc’ is another. Evidence unfolds daily, the story continues, a civilizational cliff-hanger.

This is important history happening around us. Be damn sure you are on the right side here, and that is not the side of Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein et al. These are absolutely not normal times, when events of this magnitude have happened to you, your nation’s foundations are under attack. We are far gone in this process, people are not entirely awoken :



A majority of voters eventually catches on :



This is blatant propaganda, it makes all these guys into good people, doing the right thing. How could the CIA’s own people, lead by Cofer Black, both fund Osama Bin Laden and pursue him as a mortal enemy?  Total BS, they made him out to be the big bad enemy early as a way of enhancing his reputation and his safety, then used him as the scapegoat for 9/11. Bet he was really surprised.

These people are sincere, just like Binney, Kirikou in one of the recent links with Jason Goodman, CIA and NSA’s internal security, the Special Access Programs, keep the illegal separate from the mostly-legal, and the mostly-legal believing they are true patriots.

But our best and brightest and most patriotic can’t see through 9/11, so somethings are seriously wrong with their institutions :

Israeli hegemony may finally be ending? :


Monumental hypocrisy. Very true. But this is BS also. It begins with the premise that today’s understandings of race are the ones that should be applied to past people and events. Dumb. Instead of allowing us to be proud of our progress in improving civilization, it empowers Social Justice Warriors to attack us in the here and now, claiming we are versions of the past racists, sexists, … History as morality does not improve the present, seems to me :


Tech workers have a lot of power. Maybe we are finally going to use it. Scientists on the atomic bomb programs never did, but they didn’t have the internet, so we can hope :


Barriers to battery-powered cars are the infrastructure :


‘Approval voting’ gains some traction. A good experiment for the rest of us to learn from. We need more experiments :


Friends in California say that the entire Bay Area is filled with smoke from the Paradise fire. Weather maps say the same must be true for LA from the Ventura County fires :



Rock art flourished everywhere about 40K years ago :


I didn’t know Llamas behaved so much like dogs :


A too long and discursive comment I made on ZH :

We certainly do not have a moron for President. Everyone is equally ignorant, you know? Don’t mistake the two. You can’t know what Donald Trump knows, you don’t even know how he learned them. And you can’t know what executive skills he has, except that his various properties have been in the news a lot, some very successful for many years. Adjust that by your estimate of how many of his suites were sold to people who made the investment as one of the Deep Black Swamp’s green cards for sale income streams.

So Donald Trump has some real strong points, he gives good theatre. Love him or hate him, he is the P.T. Barnum of the new age. He specializes in image, with some business sense and a willingness to take risk. He was a good friend of Richard Nixon as well as the old-guard mafia lawyer, Roy Cohn, I believe?

So he has the sons of mafia leaders as legal team and social contacts to handle the dimmer sides of the business, links into publishing and show biz all over the place, the gaming industry, wrestling, beauty contests. A lot of people on Wall Street, politicians, celebrities of all kinds want to be friends with Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is a friendly guy. Not bad for a NY builder’s son, rich as he started out.

Give him his due, Trump leveraged himself into the Presidency. It took a lot of talent to do that.

All through his campaign, he took what seemed like wild risks, and won most of the rounds with the rest of the media. As he was fighting with the supercilious bastards and female bastards we mere peons loved to hate.

As president, hysteria over the wild threats. We have seen what seemed like wild risks evaporate into the wind and produce a genuine movement toward peace in the Koreas. Maybe scaring the shit out of everyone was a good way to get the ball rolling? We must have known exactly what the NKs had, the nation’s insiders had sold the technologies and plans to them, so there was no threat if the leadership wished to live. Being desperate enough to kill all your potential rivals makes you understand about threats? And inclined to cement your power via peaceful means, peace is now in your interest. Both sides needed normalcy, and both sides should manage the process, the rest of the world butt out. Applies to the Koreas and also the Middle East. And it is happening the same way in both, somehow US diplomacy has failed to get itself included.

In both areas, US troops are being urged to depart by all sides. In Europe, the entire EU is looking to its own interests, country by country. NATO is being exposed as mostly show, the Northern operation to impress the world does not seem to have done so.

Maybe Trump does read the situation, have back channels, etc.

But, so easy to put a good story on events. Everyone does.

Is Trump a showman, or what? He sets a hell of a scene. The dueling stories continue into the era of the Clinton Crime Cabal trials and all of the associated CIA criminality that filtered into everything.

Watch Tracy Beanz’s take on Whittaker. There is hope, it seems. Every exposure raises short-term risk. There are a hell of a lot of people in government who have been read into one or more of these programs. Color of law or not, it was and is criminal activity, and people will hang for their crimes.

75,000 opioid deaths a year is genocide going on right now. The black community suffered with this for years and years, nothing significant was done, we just filled the prisons with black dudes who were recruited by CIA programs, e.g. the DEA’s informant programs. The informants were prisoners facing long sentences who were released as informants. They were made into street corner dealers, recruiting a group of kids to run the retail side, paying for their corner and the drugs. Big profits, big network, quickly. They grew proportional to the number of street corner dealers with sufficiently-long sentences.

Lots of murders, competing gangs, all encouraged by their handlers so as to distract from the drug trade itself. Or the even worse trade in children.

Now it is loose in the white community, maybe it will get some attention. Meanwhile, a hell of a lot of black women are crying for want of all those men in prison. Easy to see why they would be a bit prejudiced against whites, I almost convince myself.

This has been a very stupid system, it has ignored all of the evidence of the CIA’s drug trafficking over the years. Now a citizen’s choice is whether to submit to a mafia or not.

If Donald Trump does not win this battle and set it on a path to root out every tendril, anything goes.

Whatever happens, one very genuinely heroic person doing continuing investigative reporting in this modern age is George Webb. George is transparent as he goes after very sensitive subjects, exposes them all, one after another, using public sources and ‘meta-data’. He visits the locations of the crimes and the haunts of the criminals, principally in the DC area these days. He is exposing the people and organizations of the various schemes to steal from te public, to make money from drugs and influence and various agencies’ powers. Records are easier to get at in the modern world, and more things are important. We have a lot of people who do open source research now, the connections keep coming, there is no end of leads in this criminal conspiracy :

When your sled-building materials are hides, fish, animal bones and moss :

German Panzer commander racks up 168 tank kills before he is killed. Seems to me that after about 100 he should have become a teacher to leverage his expertise. But the Nazis thought he was unreliable, so that couldn’t happen :

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