Daily Reading #33A

This is the way centralized systems die. Some power pushes elements of the total system in some direction that another power can’t life with, but it is too late to do anything about it. The CIA has been selling off American tech and bringing in foreign engineers to assist in that effort, thus depressed the wages of engineers and scientists. Of course they all became software engineers, EE design engineers, or partners at Goldman-Sachs. Of course the military is running out of US citizens to join the ranks, they have FUBARed the economy for the people who produced those babies, so they didn’t have babies. There are solid theoretical and practical reasons why you can’t manage an economy. There is no case of any entity that attempted to do that which has not crashed biggly with these same symptoms.

Add an opioid epidemic orchestrated by the same CIA, many, many Ponzi schemes unwinding, e.g. all the Pension funds, social security, medicare, and America’s decline is assured.

We will be a very different country after our rebirth. They will not be in power, and few will be wealthy, if still alive.

What did they expect to happen? :



I was right about Ds stealing elections :


Trends in Syria are for peace and against the US presence :


I just watched the Nexar commercial. Interesting tech, provides more than the usual online app, but it is still just more data collecting.  The interesting data is what my son suggested recently, publish the assholes’ license plates. Except, they will share it with insurance companies, likely the real customers for the data produced by this company :


The pervasiveness of state-sponsored killings :




This is even worse, it is largely Church-sponsored killings :


Good analysis of our stupid foreign policy establishment. The review of Walt’s book accepts Bosnia as an attempted genocide, ignoring the CIA’s role in fomenting all that :

The liberal impulse to define conflicts as moral crusades, rather than as clashes over interests or national security feeds an ugly annihilationist tendency in policymaking.

The Foreign-Policy Establishment Reeks of Desperation



Russia is more sensible, more realist :


Trump is trying to be a realist :


Not everyone sees that. This thinks it is an accident of Trump’s policies and reduced choices. I don’t. Trump knows not to fight with your lenders  :



George Webb continues the investigations. Whittaker is not a white hat, exactly what you would expect of Session’s Chief of Staff :

However, Tracy Beanz has much more positive information on Whittaker :

Inflation has been happening. The Fed will go on tightening :


The Deep Black State badly needs distractions, or Trump will hang them for 9/11 and their many other crimes against humanity.  Thus we can expect Antifa to start using bombs and their useful idiots in the DNC to keep up the pressure on Trump wrt RussiaGate :



Previous distractions have not been so successful, except in electing Republicans :


Kavanaugh is a solid First Amendment supporter, and writes good opinions :


Schneiderman belongs in a mental institution. This is not at all normal behavior :


Mohammad Bin Salman is a beacon for the progressives of the world :

The Man For Our Age, by Robert Gore

It isn’t the algorithms, it is the bureaucracies that use them :


New knowledge is never a waste, but big projects like this frequently are not cost-effective :



I thought that the mention of “school girls riding in automobiles at night” was the big reason for the alarm wrt marijuana.  Same as in the north, the image of marijuana making girls ‘easy’ was the subliminal message that appealed to the morality-minded :


Hardware encryption in SSDs is easily breakable :


This is what I have long predicted. NSA was very wrong to focus on hacking other systems rather than making US systems secure. Now you can’t both use computers and have your secrets safe :


Why a synthetic cannabinoid? Synthetic heroin can be 1000X as potent as normal, or not at all. Cannabinoid receptors vary throughout the body, etc. The synthetic drug they used is not at all similar in chemical makeup to cannabis.

This is a positive effect and thus publishable, but proves nothing about cannabis :



Random stuff :



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