Daily Reading #339

This is why the entire Stasis Quo will attack via ‘the threat to Mueller’s probe’. They have to protect the Deep Black Swamp, which of course includes the Clinton Crime Cabal :

This makes little sense unless you understand that Epstein flies Dyncorps planes. He is a CIA-Mossad agent running compromise operations, he recruits the girls himself and makes $ from the operations, blackmail of one kind or another :

Things are strange again.  I thought Trump would use the out-going Congress to confirm a new AG, and allow that AG to handle Rosenstein, isolate him to controlling Mueller :

This is good. Alt-media is wiping out legacy media. Very good critiques of FOX, which I never watched until they started supporting Trump. FOX can’t discuss the real stuff either :

Mike Pence is a threat, not a backup. Choosing your absolutely worst replacement is an interesting bit of security, tho perhaps less sophisticated than the Oriental version, which was to set up one heir-apparent after another, each with enough natural opposition that can be assisted to eventually take them out :


Israeli prospects in the ME are greatly diminished, it seems to me, whether Trump meant this as his goal all along or not. That means the ME will be much more stable :


This is not the way to civil peace. We who don’t much like any of the parties, just leave us alone to organize our local affairs, don’t much approve of anything coming from DC, and only support Trump because there is still some chance he will be clever enough to begin to fight the Deep Black Swamp. Bad trends, most people will be in the middle. Unless the #WalkAway enlightenment spreads quickly, that could change things :


We will know how dirty the Democratic leadership is by whether they go after Trump for his tax returns. I don’t think any member of Congress can stand up to a serious investigation, they are all dirty in some way. Not different than the rest of us, none of us can evade breaking federal laws, that is an important element of controlling a society, make them all vulnerable :


Our Pentagon is still out of control :


The goal of the NSA-CIA-MIC is to control us all, in great detail :




This is propaganda, total BS. Mexico is certainly not the source of majority of the illegal drugs, that is our own military-CIA-FBI-DIA. OK, maybe they weren’t counting those from the CIA-etc, maybe those are all under color of law? Maybe nobody will ever be charged? :


George Webb today discusses the long and deep Saudi connections of John Brennen, which makes him a key in the 9/11 planning. No wonder he has been over the top wrt Trump, who understands 9/11 and did from the beginning.

In the future, a chief of staff for every position in government will be the person who keeps track, perhaps with staff, with all of the alt-media commentators following elements of the government and individual careers. That will be government :

This is both confirmation of George Webb and an indication that the best of the CIA and NSA don’t know all the latest stuff. George is way ahead of these guys. Also, good insight into Trump’s changes, how he is controlled by the IC.

They are very dismissive of ‘conspiracy theories’, will not discuss 9/11 straight. Wow, they do NOT WANT TO BELIEVE any evidence about 9/11. So the best and the brightest bought their own propaganda, can’t step through the Overton Window.

They are very wrong in that. Nobody who looks at the evidence with a discerning mind and understanding of physics and chemistry can believe the government’s story, buildings do not fall at free fall speed and cement dust normally does NOT have explosives residue in it, nor un-exploded grains of nano-thermite. They do believe it. And Jason Goodman is a lousy expert on the subject, tho his point wrt airplanes was a good one, it is a minor point compared to free-fall speed, Building 7 and explosive residues and nano-thermite.

So at least 2 deep-inside-the-system people, Shipp didn’t seem to me so dismissive, have no clue about CIA drug, etc. operations, were completely fooled by the charade of Osama Bin Laden, etc.

Really hard to get your mind around that unless you understand that we are equally ignorant, relative to the total amount to be known, and the fact that they are clearly the best and the brightest. That produces blind spots, experts are always terrible at knowing the limits of their judgment, even when their professions should keep them humble.

MDs and intelligence people have the highest failure rates of any of the reality-based professions, we would not tolerate their failure rates in our plumber, electrician, auto mechanic, … They would not either  :

5 true things about Mike Pence. Who suggested him to Trump? :


Alt-media was a big winner in the elections :

It has been a while since we had a policeman of this stature :


Interesting military and political history. Times were violent in the old days :

The huge effect of the internet is to teach. It is amazing how much of this I learned growing up on a farm :

Other stuff :


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