Daily Reading #32F

I was just thinking about Kavanaugh, and my major question about that entire craziness is “Why did not the Democrats oppose Kavanaugh on Civil Liberties grounds, where he was most vulnerable”. After all, Kavanaugh has approved every government spying operation that came before him, and blocked many suits against the various spy agencies.

The answer, I just realized, is that Democrats no longer believe in Civil Liberties, and to argue Civil Liberties against Kavanaugh would make that clear. So they had to use a psyop like Christine Blasey Ford’s.

Paypal is part of the Silicon Valley group shutting down peer-to-peer links so we citizens cannot exchange thoughts and begin to protest.  All the current banning is a delaying action until the Deep Black Swamp has enough power to completely control the internet. Google’s work ‘for China’ on a system to prevent anti-government sentiments from being exchanged will end up being Google everywhere. I read somewhere that Gab was hosted on a Microsoft-related company, but the 2nd article doesn’t mention that :



This is building to a 1776-class event :



George Webb is a genius, the amount of information in his head about all the background, the facts and figures and addresses, … Really amazing, and we are all far ahead in our understanding of events unfolding around us as a result :

When I look at all this, I see foreign policy failure absolutely everywhere. The DOJ’s arena likewise, complete failure by the people in charge. The State Department is the CIA’s department, produces CIA policy.  The DOJ is apparently ditto.

And Trump has distanced himself from the DOJ’s policies, when they are finally acknowledge in legacy media, they won’t be able to blame them on Trump.

In foreign policy, Trump has other people responsible, front and center. Bolton and Pompeo’s minions in the State Department will take the rap for their failures. In dozens of cases, Trump is seen to be very reluctantly acceding to his bureaucracies urgent requests.

Just another reading of the tea leaves, light entertainment for the politically inclined. This next is more authoritative, which doesn’t make it any truer, imho, fwiw :


Russia is implementing Osama bin Laden’s plan to bankrupt America, using the playbook the US used against the USSR, spend them into oblivion countering and matching advanced weapons systems. Our MIC is corrupt. Theirs is young, efficient, vibrant. Ours is a very centralized, consolidated, anti-competitive system. Russia’s is the opposite.

Too bad for the US, we are losing badly :


A comment of mine :

Of course, more money to the EU in their arms deals with the Saudis, or more money through their black markets if that is prohibited.

Normal politics, when you have a Deep Black Swamp that prospers by breaking prohibitions of all kinds. Same as here in the US.

Prohibitions produce criminals. Criminals with large amounts of cash buy the police and the politicians. Then they pass currency laws, banking prohibitions, and the bankers are more corrupted than they have ever been, which is a lot.

We did this to ourselves. Every GD SJW reform movement has created more prohibitions, created more criminals with cash flows, and thus more corruption in their institutions of government and commerce.

It is happening again. Now the problem is that we need to prohibit some kinds of speech, and institutions that are not strictly balanced in all possible gender, ethnic, racial and class divisions. If they get their way, we will have completely lost our Freedom, already sadly diminished.

Reading comments is mind-expanding :



. This was an extraordinary land grab done while the governor was out of town. 

At the time, women in Salem were allowed to independently own and dispose of property (land). Most of the people hanged in the Salem Witch Trials were land owners. Many of the women were widows without a clear male heir to their land. Once accused of witchcraft, the state took ownership of all of your physical property.

For example, John Proctor was a successful businessman. He owned the local pub and also owned large tracts of land in Salem and Ipswitch. When he and his wife were in jail, his land was seized. The taps at his tavern were emptied and his cattle were sold cheaply or slaughtered. His children were left with no means of support.

Why would they steal the land? The new Governor had changed the voting rights law from only those who were members of the church could vote to only those who owned land were able to vote.

Another link :


Vegans vs meat eaters :

Math the world a better place :

Random stuff :

Guaranteed-to-be-happy pigs :


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