Daily Reading #32D

So far over the top your head explodes.  These people are insane. If Trump  does not beat the Deep Black Swamp in every one of their criminal aspects, we will have a serious civil war.

There are ~160M people in the US aged 18-55. Assume half are male, 80M.  If 3% of those 80M become armed resistance, that is 2.4M people. The US military and reserves are approximately 1.5M people. Police are approximately 2/1000 population, another 6.6M. The 3% patriots would be much more unified and cohesive than the military and police and are much better integrated into local communities. The military would have the major advantage of mobility and ability to concentrate forces and the police would infiltrate groups of active resisters and their supports. So it will be a guerrilla war, one of assassinations. If the 3% follow John Ross’s script in “Unintended Consequences”, entirely individual initiative, the advantage of infiltration and ability to concentrate forces will be nullified. The government cannot win that war, not even in large cities. Rural areas and small towns would be hopeless for them.

If the Deep Black Swamp is genuinely insane, as their SJW Useful Idiots seem to be, they may go that route.  Equally unlikely is that their goal is enough political upset to justify the next step to total control of the government. Same effect, I think.  DBS propaganda is working poorly these days.

The alternative I can think of is that all of this political insanity is a cover for some other move that compromises more of the government in a way they can hide. For that, they need control of the alt-media. I think Internet and cell phone technology are changing so that is less and less possible.

However this turns out, the 2nd Amendment was an irreplacable factor in our win :


Milgram showed that dissent is not sufficient to prevent evil, you must disobey. That is very much harder for people :


Jordan Peterson deserves his fame, this is a brilliant interview :

Do you notice the similarity of behavior in powerful men? Similarities to NXIVM? Wonder what that means? :


China’s Muslims are being culturally destroyed by state power via forced ‘re-education’, there are as many as 1 million people in the camps :


This is fairly amazing. The US ‘accidentally’ bombed the Kurds who were fighting ISIS, and that allowed ISIS to take over a refugee camp.  So 700 hostages, mostly AID workers, and ISIS is killing 10 people a day until they get some of the leaders captured by the Kurds back.

Note the zero news coverage :

I spent some time listening to National Propaganda Radio hyperventilate wrt ‘the terrorist bomber’ Cesar Sayoc, a man who specializes in bombs that can’t possibly whimper, much less go ‘bang’. Delivered by the same post office that so often fails to cancel stamps. To make the story completely ridiculous, the incompetent leaves a fingerprint on a package, and probably DNA everywhere.

NPR sees many political dimensions in ‘the current hyper-partisan atmosphere’, which the legacy media has done so much to create and perpetuate.

Whether or not Sayoc is ‘genuine’, i.e. no links to the FBI, CIA, … or any of their informants, it is very clear that the legacy media responded with a single story ‘Trump calls for violence, and look what happens’. A psyop, propaganda, in effect, whatever the cause.

If it were not, it would be just another ‘dummy can’t build bombs’ story, which happen at a local level often, and would be treated the same way, i.e. factually, reporting information without all of the emotion and political analysis.

When you list the fake news stories and where they come from, it isn’t the alt-media doing it :



Just curious to know how Sayoc got the Secret Service to deliver his bombs for him. Mail addressed to current or former Presidents goes not to the address, but directly to the SS first, and they pass the mail on after its been checked over. So how exactly did this clown in Florida get “bombs” to the Clinton estate in NY and Obobo’s crib in DC without an assist from the Secret Service? The Sheeple will buy this BS, but any logical person already realizes this is as phony as the Kavanaugh gang-rape story.

Other comments were that so many stickers on the back window of the van would get him ticketed the first time a cop saw it, because it obscures vision to the rear; that it is impossible for packages to go through the mail without the stamps being canceled; and if a courier was used to deliver the packages, then Sayoc is a genius at organizing shipping, as all of the packages were delivered by different couriers who kept no records and didn’t notify the sender when the delivery was made.

The majority of the comments agree that the story is completely impossible. Deep Black Swamp psyops don’t have to be convincing when legacy media are DBS house organs. Their lack of respect for the average citizen’s ability to see into events is very clear.

Buchanan agrees :


The surveillance state continues to expand and hide itself :



Obama’s people are responsible for Yemen, now condemn it, but quietly:


California without tech IS the future of the US, if the socialists get power :



George shows the historical links of one ratline in the arms smuggling operation of the CIA. He also starts looking at Caesar Sayoc today, links to the Mafia and Disney, among others, and that is just a short time for the research. Every one of these psyops against Trump exposes the Deep Black Swamp further :

How to avoid pandemics. Isolate yourself and your community before the first case, wait for the problem to pass :



#WalkAway :

I read Hofstader’s “Godel, Escher and Bach” years ago. That produces a permanent change in how you think :


Interactive movies, so you see a different movie than anyone else, is interesting.  It will make a reviewr’s job difficult, seems to me, and how can you discuss a movie with friends if they saw a different movie? How can you have ‘movie references’, tags to iconic scenes or dialogue that we use to think and communicate? But, as I very rarely watch anything from Hollywood, no skin off my nose. Also, Hollywood will lose a ton of $, while some kid in a basement will find the ideal application, e.g. teaching :


Random Youtube stuff :

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