Daily Reading #328

Medicine is based on corruption, this is the case of vaccines. Don’t take vaccines, they have no clue about what the long-term effects are :

When Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, I said he had not done the Israelis any favors, that he had caused them problems by putting the spotlight back on Israel as the reason for the problems in the ME. Seems like I was right. This is just the beginning of the fallout :


The coolest thing about all this is that the Israeli-Neocons are in charge of the foreign policy as these disasters (only from their pov) happen. They add to the long, long list of Israeli-Neocon failures, all of which have been good for Israel, of course :



The fallout from the Khashoggi murder continues to cascade through the world’s politics :


Foreign rule ends badly. A combination of factors means the US is mis-ruled by foreign ideals, not US ideals :


George Webb has been predicting a violent phase in our coup is the next stage. Yes, the CIA very much controls the government. Yes, DC is incredibly corrupt. Yes, I have thought all this for some months. Thew new information is big picture, they ‘why’ of events in Saudi Arabia. Brennan wants to eliminate MBS, because MBS took away a lot of Brennan’s illegal arms income when Trump moved the trade into legal channels. Smart Trump! I said going after their income is the best strategy.

I watch all of his videos, tho usually just link to the first of the day :

Living with rising interest rates is VERY different :


Working class politics is coming back. we have excellent examples :



I think this censorship will lead to major changes in the large social media companies. They can’t both be common carriers, and thus not legally responsible for content, with the responsibility of making their services available to the public at reasonable rates, and discriminate against sets of users based on any criteria whatsoever. Many law suits will follow, I think including anti-trust to break up the integrated monopolies they have :



Although common carrier status doesn’t mean what it used to mean, sadly :


More non-linear relations at the heart of the financial system. ‘Non-linear’ in analyzing large-scale, natural, complex systems means ‘not predictable’,. That also means that the FED has no clue about what to do to achieve any particular result, they are flying blind.

Also the rest of us, of course. The only prediction that is possible is ‘it will crash, because it was not designed and tested to be fail-safe’. That is a safe and accurate prediction. No other prediction can be, in the nature of nature and chaotic systems :


Cannabis market ‘may face shortages for years’. Unbelievable BS. $4.10 / joint is at least 400X higher than an outdoor grower’s costs, which I calculate at less than $2 / pack, the same as the cost of importing tobacco for ‘no brand’ cigarettes. Tobacco is more difficult to grow than cannabis, even considering how both outdoor tobacco farmers and indoor cannabis growers were driven for maximum yields / area of growing and used extreme measures to produce the highest yield of quality products :

How much weed was sold on Canada’s legalization day, province-by-province


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