Daily Reading #30F

A warning to the feminists and progressives of the world, among whom I have good friends who I value. It is far past time you cut your ties to the Deep Black Swamp and also to the crazies in your midst. I read a lot of stuff in a week, from a wide variety of web sites. Left and right, I have watched the rhetoric escalate for years. The crimes that are being revealed, their ties to the Deep Black Swamp and to political figures, and the fact that the Feminist Left is so firmly in Clapper and Brennan’s pockets, all so tight with the DNC, are not helping matters, as the major criminals are still acknowledged leaders of these movements, cultural ikons.

“Harden your hearts” is a frequently expressed opinion on otherwise rational web sites. If this craziness continues, you must expect killings, perhaps massacres. I hate the idea, another stain on the face of civilization. Your political ally’s acts are pushing this society in that direction fast. You are responsible, being the large majority of their allies and having associated yourself with them. The fact that people much like you will be the major victims does not excuse you, this is a very bad thing that is happening, and your side is driver.

And it is happening because you guys have chosen to be useful idiots for the Deep Black Swamp trying to take over this country, and using every possible crime to make money as it does so, Without its useful SJW idiots, the DBS would fold quickly. With you, it goes on sucking our civilization’s blood for a long time.

Have no doubt, we are taking this country back from the DBS and useful idiot allies. It will not be pretty if this political situation continues to escalate to killings. Your side is entirely responsible for the outrageous charges and the violence to this point. We so much wish that you would stop, come to your senses, escape the ideological traps you are in :


Israel has terrible and terrifying leadership. These people are directly and indirectly responsible for a huge amount of evil in the world :


Another good discussion of the end of the US Empire :

Naked Emperors Don’t Get Much Respect, by Robert Gore

Seems unlikely to be the real story, but I have no judgement in such matters :


Every time I check in on the Pizzagate research, I am more impressed. The judgment of a group of people run by voat’s rules is pretty good, seems to me. The evidence gets more specific by the month. We now see long discussions of individual cases, so many that patterns are forming. Fascinating to watch, at least when you are innocent.

Hillary was very right, they are all going to hang :


The exact reason for the Electoral College is that Trump won 3,084 of the US’s 3,141 counties against Clinton’s 57 counties. Of NY state’s 62 counties, Trump won 46 against Clinton’s 16 counties. That is a legitimate win. Thus, more evidence of a genuine Deep State :



A Chinese spy is captured. Read the comments wrt all of the Israeli spies in our society :


More cold water on the Skripal story. Our security services seem to not care that their disinfo operations are transparent :


And more cold water on the Magnitsky story as told by Browder :


George Webb’s continuing investigation, exfiltration of US secrets for private game. The Kavanaugh nomination is far from ended. George thinks him an insider-because-compromised who was one of the frat boys, sex and fun in high school and college. He expects photos to come out. My reading of Kavanaugh is very opposite George’s opinion. It will take those photos to convince me, and I would want them investigated by serious forensics people to confirm their authenticity and freedom from photoshopping.

I don’t think the story and people credible enough that Kavanaugh need worry, at least not in a rational Senate. Wonderful story, it grows more bizarre by the hour as and every element falls apart wherever touched by human minds. The people behind this pitiful plotting think themselves our superiors, obviously :





The sinking of the Lusitania was another intentional sacrifice of humans to produce public opinion necessary for WWI. Amazing story, I had not read such a detailed account before :


More WalkAways :

It appears we are not any better prepared to handle Ebola than ever, judging from how they handled the Lassa Fever case in NJ :


Peter Turchin is a solid academic. This is a review of “The Dictator’s Handbook: Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics” by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith. He thinks it wrong, based on a naive theory of human nature and rational choice :



Cooling technology is very important for electronics. This promises cooling for very large and dense chips, at least 4X current processor chips :


Join Gab.ai, leave twitter. Then we don’t need to investigate twitter at all :


SJWs are now fucking up science :


You have never been an individual. This completes the view of life I mentioned yesterday, in which the boundaries of organisms are indistinct because of mutual inter-dependencies. We have only begun to investigate these for humans and the implications for medicine :


Asian plastic is 80% of the plastic in the oceans :


Farming faces the same problems as all other small businesses in a financialized world :


Fasting is good for you :


I am willing to bet that Snopes uses all of these to reinforce false beliefs as well as debunk true facts :


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