Daily Reading #308

I would not have expected any prison system to produce such a positive-sum rehabilitation program :


On the demonization of Russia and the push to war :


Holes in Mueller’s stories :


Exciting times. Pure propaganda on the part of the DNC, far from reality :


The great awakening, the understanding that our government is corrupt, that this model of running a society does not work, is underway. Definitely, if Trump was guilty of anything, it would have been leaked by now. We know he must be the cleanest President in a long time :


RussiaGate is entirely propaganda :


O’Keefe and crew do serious journalism :

I have been saying for years that a collapse of colleges is coming, that many smaller private liberal arts colleges will close. This says it is beginning, that state schools are already affected. Wonder of wonders, they are dropping large parts of the ‘useless’ curriculum :


Clinton can’t do anything straight. Podesta solicits funds from the Saudis, giving them the right to fund ISIS, which Hillary and Podesta make $ from supplying :

Lionel Nation also believes that the DNC doesn’t grasp the optics of their various propaganda themes :

I didn’t hear how to prove this, but it is mind-blowing to see one of the algorithms working. Sudoko changed the world :

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