Daily Reading #306

I just finished re-reading Spider Robinson’s “Very Hard Choices”. 2008. Quite brilliant, very insightful about the overall political situation, trends and historical context. He goes to the edge of what was acceptable in that year in discussing 9/11 and its effects on the US nd the world. Robinson is a fine writer, great characters, clever and intricate plots, long sentences, complex thoughts. A very modern science fiction. Excellent ethics in the face of adversity by all concerned.  Inspiring. Really wow!

I have been elevated to “Deplorable Dreg Of Society”, will get the t-shirt. Hard to believe they think they are working against Republicans with such stupidity, but it was the same with all the news people last election, the MSNBC people made their disdain so plain they may as well been working for Trump. He couldn’t pay for such support in rallying his voters :


Accusing Cavanaugh of rape 35 years ago with such a transparently stupid story will have the same effect.  If these people aren’t stupid, what the hell are they thinking? Can they possibly believe anyone will believe this? Even their own most solid feminist supporters? Can they really do such a good job of keeping the facts about the woman’s background, the foreclosure, the lack of personal support by Feinstein, et al, out of the legacy media? The Russiagate story was easier, nobody in particular to investigate, and thus the wildest stories could fly for a while. People are much better at evaluating stories and people telling them. This won’t fly, the levels of trust decline daily.

Could that be their intent? Kill all social solidarity? If so, doesn’t seem to me it is working :


Thank Trump that the US is not involved in this attack on Syria. 14 Russian airman lost in the (probably) French-Israeli attack :


More reasons that wars are so much easier to start than stop :


The best news in a long time. Perfect timing for the election. How long have I been saying Trump knows how to do scripts? No prosecutions yet, but the gradual release of everything is controlling the news cycle. Obviously Democrats are desperate, Obama, Hillary, Biden are big guns :


This is the discussion of the investigations happening wrt some of the corruption in DC :

Glen Beck’s family is prominent, so this attack gets publicized. We were equally paranoid, although the kid had computers from 18 months, so maybe not paranoid enough :

This is interesting, another take on Q by a new set of analysts with a Youtube channel. I hope all this is true. Whatever the case with Q, these show the legacy media to be quite obsolete :


George Webb continues his research and reporting :

Remember all the school shootings that have been reported?  2/3rds weren’t real, by their own admissions :


“Fourth Turning”. Prediction is hard, especially with respect to the future. That before you are trying to make a best seller book out of your predictions, so you need a good story, a narrative to fit the facts into. Nevertheless, this is a plausible version, most of the arguments are solid, it seems to me :


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