Daily Reading #2FF

I have gotten impatient with labels, “Communist”, etc. Acts matter, not labels. Acts by people.  Of course activists know each other, of course they have a social history and intellectual link reaching back to some central character that gives the group the name, but often not, really. People arrive at their beliefs by many routes, we all have organized our understandings out of the same information flow but each extracted many localized and specific views, based on minds molded by the previous idiosyncratic choices. Keeping us enough the same is ??

So too much imprecision and we end up arguing labels, not correctly labeling reality. If you don’t label reality correctly, you can’t do the right thing in your own self interest, and the wider the context of interest, the more difficult. As a 2 sentence argument for why complex systems with any kinks in the information flows are doomed to crash, that would be difficult to beat. Your system must have honest components, or it will function poorly.

So how to get honest components? Clearly, the answer is absolute forgiveness of all sins in advance. If you are a member of our organization, if you got past the probation period and we hired you, you are one of us. You are forgiven all sins in advance, except the sin of shading any truth in any way. Come in mad at your wife some AM and fuck up some expensive machinery with your fork truck, you are forgiven, at the price of telling us all about the situation and your mental state, so we can design some training to prevent such classes of accidents. Really enlightened management as a service to the cooperative kind of thinking.

Short of that, people will lie to protect their positions, economic and self- and public images.

George Webb is a phenomenal researcher.  This ends the Mueller investigation, among other side-effects :

A military view of the political system within the US of A :


Yes, the Stasis Quo Establishment is losing :


Ray Dalio is interesting chiefly as an example of “this is how these people think” in action. He thinks monetary policy can be made that produces positive economic results, a classic misunderstanding in economic circles. No, end the fiat, abolish all the central banks and let private interests handle the problem of coins and credit. This is a connected world, we have many ways of connecting loaners of coins with borrowers of coins, no bankers need apply, central or otherwise. This is likely the most liquid market on the planet, if the government gets out of the way.

No kidding, Google is biased :


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