Daily Reading #2F3

More opposition arises all the time. Insiders begin to speak, this one propelled by the attempts to silence him :


Peter Turchen shows that America is immiserated :


And that we are unlikely to avoid a civil war as a direct result of the conditions leading to the immiseration :


Interesting ‘quantitative history’. Certainly quantitative inputs to history, the output doesn’t seem to this engineer to rise to that level :




Thierry Meyssan agrees with me that the Continuity of Government mechanism is a danger  to Constitutional Government under Rule of Law, but states that they are the beneficiary of the 9/11 false flag attack, that they are a major Deep Black Swamp player.

They have another secret communication system, and no doubt access to all of the intelligence. I read that Cheney et all coordinated 9/11 via that secret communication system.

Whatever the reason, the Deep Black Swamp is dismantling all of the normal mechanism allowing peaceful resolution of issues, undermining the entire UN :


I read all of this article, difficult because it is quite horrifying. It is easy to conclude from so many examples of so many intended-to-be-benevolent institutions that actually fostered the reverse, that people who have no effective oversight do evil at high frequency, and that they can always depend on their organization to cover up their acts.

IMHO, it gives strong support to the connections of pedogate/pizzagate, the open source investigations are finding, e.g. voat.co/v/pedogate and voat.co/v/pizzagate.


‘Financial warfare’ is such overstatement.  It is one world economy. All the players would be poorer without the others, every one of the others.  It is intrinsically a positive-sum game, we all live on the same earth, and any of us can FUBAR it. Killing people in large numbers has bad effects on the civilization, even short-term afterwards, only the insane could consider such things.

MIC and the other Deep State actors frame everything as warfare, to-the-death competition whether there is active shooting or not. Projecting their view of the rest of us, they are :


Google, FB, Twitter and most of the other major on-line information sources are strongly allied with the globalists. Ditto finance companies, thus I can’t use a credit card to buy things the government disapproves of, e.g. foreign drugs and guns :


Of course Clinton’s server was hacked by every country in the world. One would think that the CIA and FBI would have been anxious to stop that :


Varieties of Danegeld :


Use of illegal drugs is much more wide-spread than previously estimated :


Science deals with complex problems, often needing statistics. The statistical analysis, thinking and tools, can vary widely. This shows that 29 different teams of 61 scientists working from the same data set can find entirely different answers, even with the best of intentions. So the low reproducibility of peer-reviewed science papers, 50% according to Ioannidis, is less a flaw of scientists and more the nature of the problem.

Nevertheless, open data must now be part of the process of science :


Student loans are a national burden, default rates keep rising :

Lousy science writing. It is unlikely that  the researchers measured the metabolic rate of extinct species, so they must have a proxy for that. The entire paper hinges on the accuracy of that proxy, which is never mentioned :


Nano-materials will produce major new technologies, integrated circuits were only the first stages of that :


This is certainly not the first time corals have been exposed to higher ocean temperatures, climate fluctuations are not new. Corals have survived previous episodes. Why no discussion of that? :



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