Daily Reading #2E4

Working my way through my newly-designed, first-time executing code, bug after bug, I always ask myself if I should have done a more careful design, laid out more data structures, done more classes, better structure to the code.

Always, I decide No! and always because, even this late in the ‘design-implement-debug’ cycle, I am understanding new points and so changing code and comments globally.

“But that just means you didn’t work at understanding the problem well enough, you didn’t do the up-front work required!”

But you can never understand the problem and the mapping to computer-solution-space ahead of time for any significant problem.  There are always trade-offs to be made, significant problems, open-ended problems, it is not possible to anticipate them. Open-ended problems produce programs that change. Software engineers will never be out of work because the world is open-ended problems, at least from a Computer Science pov.

True, always True. But, projects are open-ended because, however hard you try to tie things down, there are free-variables in your business, technical, … environments, and they all affect the software. The least-risk from outside issues are single-engineer ‘do it for love’ open source projects, which is why there are so very many of them. Cumulatively, they are an enormous set of pigments in a tech designer’s palette waiting to be combined into new colors.

So it seems to me that the trends have been to give individuals and teams tools and practices that allow the maximum rates of exploration of complex problems. Python is one of the languages that empowers individuals and small teams. Python is a tool for thinking

I have to say, Trump has far exceeded my expectations of him as a bomb thrower bull in the china shop. Certainly outstanding performance, and for no other reason need I support him, that should be enough to ensure my loyalty.

If only he didn’t do so many things that actively work against any loyalty based on common values, e.g. Constitutional government under Rule of Law and Freedom! :


Today, George Webb ties the web of corruption very tightly. Direct connections between oligarchs, the Awans and the people in Congressional leadership. The research time behind George is awesome :

More evidence of wide-spread corruption :




There are so many things we could do to improve the situation in the US. Yes, but the US Stasis Quo is deep in the end-game, changes only come from infighting.


Yes, Trump is playing the victim rather than rampaging through the bureaucracy destroying the Deep Black Swamp’s infiltrations and operations. Controlled or on the wrong side, it doesn’t matter which, the DBS continues to win, the need for a citizen’s march on DC continues to increase :


Many of us came to the same conclusion wrt Trump at approximately the same time. That makes me suspicious :


The Saker discussing the foreign policy establishment’s reaction to Trump meeting Putin. I think everyone has come to the same conclusion, the Deep Black Swamp is winning, Trump is not making the moves needed. This was an excellent statement of the reality of the AngloZionist Empire vs all states who resist vassaldom genuine war. And the fact that the IsraeliNeocons who dominate foreign policy in the US are intensely antiTrump, and also willing to sacrifice the US itself in their quest for world domination.

A sprawling essay, but also mind-expanding, there are a lot of good povs in this :


Drip, drip, drip all the way through the elections and the 2020 elections. But this is low-level stuff, and NO PROSECUTIONS are resulting :


I should start noting all of the preparations for serious conflict I see. I wonder what the total ammunition production in the world is and where it goes? Seems like the kind of thing intelligence agencies would track, at least roughly, right? Within the US, everything manufactured here is reported via some agency, all the guns via the ATF and all imports via Homeland Security.

So, assume that Deep Black Swamp planners grasp guerilla warfare, sabotage, control of supply and communication links, the necessity to supply the cities, AND how many rounds of every rifle and pistol caliber were sold through what outlets. There are at least 10M AR-15 rifles in civilian hands, and likely even more equivalent weapons from older wars. An M-1 is not so inferior to an AR-15, depending on range and cover and ammo supply.

Don’t get me started on deer rifles or elk rifles. Every one with the finest optics and an owner who imagines himself a sniper. Some of whose owners were snipers, of course.

I keep coming to the conclusion that the DBS is desperate to keep the peasants from rising. So much BS, come on, no Supreme Court is going to OK a blatant attack on the first amendment, and nobody can believe that any serious attempt to take guns from Americans will produce anything but immediate and widespread rebellion. So all of these things are distractions, psyops, things to keep the media occupied, things allowing us to think we are winning.

They have to prop up the facade, to keep the Stasis Quo as stable as possible while they play out the end-game of a completely corrupted society in its final, feeding-on-itself phase.


Under the watchful eye of big brother, our society has been divided and conquered :


This is interesting.  I have listened to this woman before, she works facts and implications. It is as likely leading to destruction of evidence as preservation :


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