Donald Trump Is A Baron Establishing A Dynasty

Another of the site’s usual unusual warnings.**

I don’t rant very often, but I have to say, Donald Trump has some ‘splainin’ to do. Lately, I have to work at believing the fight is what I originally thought it was.  In my original frame of “Deep Black Swamp vs Constitutional Government under Rule of Law”, I can’t be sure whose side Donald Trump is on.

Taking all of the evidence in play of Deep Black Swamp infesting every aspect of our nation and Trump’s seeming wins in some of them, I nevertheless keep having to ask about the evidence.  I have read more than a few having good lists, let me go find  few. Here.

The fact that I can’t remember whether we came out long-term ahead on anything important could be my failing mind. Otherwise, except for taking a hatchet to the bureaucracy , Trump has a mixed record. Trump has not been exceptionally bold in any policy, it seems to me. Not bold at all, on most. In fact, that list has more downsides for Freedom, my measure of Trump’s progress, than upsides.

That list of successes, even filtered through the lenses of a ‘conservative’ site, doesn’t have much to brag about. Conservative of what? I ask. Certainly not a constitutionally-limited government under rule of law. Increased revenues for cops via changes to the rules wrt civil seizures, Sessions liked those. The flow of military weapons into the local police forces continue, also the training which subverts local control of the police.

Trump’s success is hard to interpret because of all the legacy media noise and Trump’s own control of the media via his tweeting and impromptu discussions with the press corps surrounding him. So much noise, who know can know what his real failures have been?

And all this in the context that Trump seemingly has a winning hand, draining the swamp and using successes there to achieve his other major policy goals should be much easier than it appears to be. I have made all the excuses, I have worked through the difficulties so far as I can understand them and given Trump the benefit of all doubts.

But Donald Trump has the whip hand because he can declassify anything he wants to declassify. He has known about the OIG’s investigation since before the election, he was likely recruited by some White Hats in the FBI and ‘intelligence’ ‘community’. He knows where the bodies are buried, he has the power of total knowledge via the NSA’s databases. And, very likely, all of the Clinton Crime Cabal’s emails, on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Trump surely knew enough people inside the NYC police dept, his sources of information are very good.

OK, some things NSA doesn’t know, e.g. they couldn’t decode the Blackberries that the Clinton Crime Cabal was using, but many of those are known to NSA, one way or another.

If , in this many-dimensioned arena of contest, in as full a context as I can muster, if I am to interpret Trump’s team, in the most positive way, it would be an enlightened out-for-myselfism. Enlightened interpreted theatrically , reality TV savvy.

Back to basics. Trump would love to leave a dynasty. There must be a handbook for that, all prominent families do it in variants of the same process. First, invest your young with the mantels of power at a young age, surrounded by a good team of counselors.

Council them in the ways of power, a good team of advisors, good training in teamwork, and their career is assured. The world sorts it out, whatever the weight of your thumb on the scales, whatever ones you guess to be best.

Not to say that your kids are not going to have awesome capabilities compared to their peers. If your kid can take direction better than George Bush, one of whose advisors during a presidential campaign compared their achievement to having taught a Donkey to sing Grand Opera, they have a shot at the Presidency in their day. Do better than that, you also have a juicy set of business propositions dangled in front of you. Chinese wives, daughters of famous and powerful Chinese men, like McConnel has.

So your kid is bought up just right, enough discipline to reach the goals, compliant enough to take direction, avarishness to want to take it. Come on people, this is not the first Dynasty to reach the top levels of a society, it is well known how you handle your opportunity.

Basic marketing, you put some effort into the PR, but you can make most situations at least neutral, with a few wins and fewer losses. Lots of exposure on talk radio, the freshest political insider opinions, lots of rah-rah-rahing. Soon enough, given a decent mind and good handlers, you can be heading foundations, with the money and the contacts to allow becoming senator of a large state.  All great men want their name to live forever, a political-social-economic dynasty is the way to make that happen most reliably.

Not a fantasy at all. Seems pretty conservative to me, people have done that since their economies were big enough to support a ruling group. All of those rulers tried to transfer  power to their young, human nature at work. Down through the Kennedy, Clinton and Bush families, every man in DC and New York is dreaming of making it big, establishing a dynasty.

I can most-easily interpret Donald Trump as a modern-day Baron, and his fight with the existing Deep Black Swamp as the fight of a new gang for its share of the turf, its share of the spoils. He has made his family advisers, cabinet members were at least acquaintances from the NY financial world. He wants personal loyalty, not mere institutional loyalty.

His short-term power comes from his ability to break individuals and institutions via exposing their crimes, but his long-term power and wealth will come from not releasing it, cutting the best deal, controlling others for his goals.

And this, I think, explains the strange powerlessness of President Donald Trump, the most powerful man in he world, seemingly an ideal personality for the most powerful position in the world, the man to reform our society.

He is just another Baron.

*Warning : A meme has been injected into your mind.

You really can’t be too careful about the sites you visit.  It isn’t only the hardware that picks up bugs.  Sorry about this, but the ideas in my head really want to take over the world. I am but a mere PR slave to their wish to infect minds everywhere.

Hang in there.  Intellectual fevers usually burn themselves out in a few weeks,tho some persist for years. The meta-meme being transmitted here, is, btw, that Freedom is an enduring meme, it out-evolves all. Guess which kind it is?


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