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From WRSA today :


And this. Wow, the melding of understandings via peer-to-peer is happening. This contest with our elites is now one of old-fashioned mass-propaganda and CIA political control tactics from the post-WWII era when those worked well vs current internet-age information flow networks, peer-to-peer, standard network structures that evolve rapidly to optimally move ideas from distributed producers to the rest of us.

The CIA’s tools began failing badly here in the US, even as long ago as the Church Committee, got very much worse with 9/11, which happened just as world-wide-web was taking off. Overseas they worked more or less worked up through Libya, due to the poor info flows from those 3rd world countries. In retrospect, that was because we didn’t trust the information we were getting from their on-the-ground bloggers and video bloggers, but even that changed in the case of Libya. We are beating the shit out of them in reality, whatever the polls they control say.

That assessment is not wild optimism, honest reality, so far as I can discern. And this level of understanding percolates through any interested mind, and makes us very resistant to the CIA’s chief tool, building images in minds :


More detail on the US CIA’s tactics and strategy in the attempt to take down Syria. The series of articles hasn’t gotten to the part where the CIA shipped Libya’s US manufactured chemical weapons, sarin, to ‘the rebels’, and the 54 documented attacks with those that allowed the Islamic Caliphate to be established, with a CIA-supported CIA-selected Iranian ‘rebel’ as its head, supported with Israeli Colonel advisors, nor the cease fire in the end-game of the battle retaking East Aleppo, necessary to get the CIA-NATO command center’s personnel out of the falling city.

Sorry, that was a bit of a plot spoiler. Can’t help myself, I remember details, build the big picture from them long before I see it anywhere else. I have been saying the CIA was behind the obviously increasing craziness here in our political system for many years, soon after I saw that 9/11 was an all-or-nothing throw of the dice, thus their operations couldn’t end there.

Makes me look like a crazy, mostly, a genuine tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. We need more of us. You can’t be too informed, too secure, too prepped or too paranoid, tho you should damn well try :



I ended yesterday’s chapter in my own grasp of The State of Our System with the question “So, in our own situation, USofA 1918, what are the Deep Black Swamp’s resources and how are they used in takeover operations, what can we expect next?”

The Deep Black Swamp’s major resources are :

  • Their propaganda organs, total and absolute control of legacy media propaganda.

Here in their endgame, the coordination is beyond obvious. I can hear the same words and phrases in an NPR broadcast, a Pacifica radio broadcast, ABC, MSNBC,  the NYTimes, etc … and see the same images wherever those are available.

  • Legacy media’s COINTELPRO operations in the midst of our society and the social discord those produce.

This is far beyond the black-white, the immigrant-native, Muslim-Christian and ‘good liberal’ vs deplorable, all firmly embedded in the minds of the average SJW liberal arts major. In February, I recounted the story of a white, very upscale 40ish-yo woman in a very upscale, super-blue community at a very upscale super-blue medical facility refusing to allow an Armenian-descended cardiology echo tech whose name sounded suspiciously Russian to perform the procedure.

I am certain that that same woman and all of her community would have been outraged had they heard of anyone doing that on the basis of skin color or religion.

Our propaganda machine has induced mass insanity.

  • Legacy media in new-media wrappings, adopted by a large segment of younger citizens.

Kids don’t read newspapers or magazines, don’t listen to news on TV, … You have to give the propaganda machine credit, they have created new internet publications which appeal to SJW, same frames and stories as before. Some even make $.

  • The legacy ‘education’ systems largely controlled by ‘progressives’.

These are serious authoritarians wrapped in a new sacrifice-for-the-greater-good ideology, now into the 4th full generation of indoctrination of citizens from every country on the planet.

You can trace the ideological descent back to the Puritans, the Communists, the Fascists, all versions of ideologies, sets of beliefs, that give individuals moral and ethical superiority and membership in an elite in exchange for suspending critical thinking, thereby endowing a few people with great power, political and social.

This is a weakness in human beings that is easily exploited, and requires careful upbringing to avoid, moral training (not the same as religious training, tho the religious always wish to conflate them), experience with hard reality and critical thinking skills. Insulated elites consistently fail at producing the quality of people needed to keep their societies functional.

All public schooling, most private schools and nearly all higher education institutions have been destroyed as measured by any of those criteria. We are in the 4th generation of that serious cascading failure, and the entire society’s institutions are increasingly dis-functional. Even science, engineering and medicine, which are most reality-based, are having problems as their institutions degrade, their ranks filled with people selected for other-than-objective reasons.

It is easy to side with the many studies that show we were never a perfect meritocracy, much harder to discern that the solutions have made the problems much worse.

  • The flows of cash from the many illegal smuggling and fraud operations and the social disruption those produce.

I have seen figures that revenues from illegal drugs are multiples of $100B, and claims that sex trafficking revenues are of the same order of magnitude. I have not seen estimates of the revenues from trafficking in organs, children, natural resources, or immigrants, but all seem to be increasing.

Serious people say that fraud inside the US government siphons many $Bs from government budgets into either black budgets or private hands, the black budgets are still black, the last to be exposed, tho we see many hints, e.g. special forces soldiers killing one of their own to hide financial improprieties.

Many serious investigators and academics have looked into all of these areas and associate them with intelligence organizations working with criminal mafias. I can list 50 serious books over the last 30 years that have done so. At best, they provoke bursts of outrage, but don’t have lasting effect on the political system, are swamped by the frame, the narrative of everything else they see and hear.

  • The personnel and organizations running the ratlines.

I think these are a serious danger. They are very reality based, trained in running secure operations, disciplined by killing members with hints of disloyality, many with military experience in the ME or South American internal wars.

The CIA-mafia’s operation here in the US are run by MI-6 gangs and ethnic groups selected for strong ties and military experience. They are trained by US organizations in secure communications, maintaining properly low profiles, secure operations. Many of these operations have key members working under color of law, e.g. DEA licenses or licenses from other agencies.

  • The compromised people in every major institution.

Compromise operations are a staple of intelligence and police organizations. Politically-protected houses of prostitution catering to a wide variety of preferences have existed in every major city in the world, whatever the administration, usually running blackmail for additional cash flow. The operators of these are major sources of information, the quid pro quo for their existence, along with the payments to police and politician.

Field intelligence agents are trained in how to use these, how to set them up, how to combine them with drugs. And now that mere drugs and sex are no longer sufficient for total control, how to use children.

A well-trained field agent is said to be able to be enter any city with $10,000 and own all of the crime and all of the major political and social institutions within 20. Superior security in criminal operations is their edge, training in how to run assassinations, etc.

Every reporter in touch with their city knows all this, exposing the operations and operators is a major cause of death among investigative reporters. There are strong statistical anomalies surrounding major assassinations, e.g. the very abnormal number of early and/or suspicious deaths of people who were witnesses to aspects of JFK’s death, the abnormal number of Clinton associates and witnesses who ditto.

Also, how else to explain the case of Dennis Hastert, Republican House Majority leader, a known pedophile who nevertheless continued in his position for 2 years following the Vanity Faire article that exposed him? He was the CIA’s man, the CIA provided the little boys and suitcases of cash that 4 different agencies knew about via their wiretaps and surveillance. Nobody did nothing, and he was eventually slapped on the wrist for the crime of ‘structuring’ cash payments to hide them.

Everyone knows, nothing changes.

  • The institutional structures that control nearly all major institutions in our government and allied institutions, including the military/intelligence/security suppliers.

The sources of dysfunction of major institutions such as the FDA or CDC or Internal Revenue or DEA or FBI or FCC, or … any of the alphabet agencies you care to chose, and there are multiple books covering each, can be debated, but not the fact that they have been corrupted at an institutional level, and now implement the goals of an elite few.

The latest understanding in this, I haven’t seen any investigative reporter’s book on the subject yet, is that the Senior Executive Service is the mechanism. The SES is the GS15-17 layer of the bureaucracy, but not operating by civil service rules, they have their own. The subject has been discussed by a dozen of the active investigators and reporters in alt-media, George Webb and Field McConnell, but I have nothing to add to their work.

  • A home-field advantage.

The CIA and its many affiliates throughout the government been operating here in the US since the OSS predecessor days, first seriously, although very partially-, by the Church Commission 40 years ago.

From all of the above, we must assume that it is therefore the most heavily infiltrated and control society on earth.

All are depreciating assets, some rapidly depreciating.

Legacy media and their polling, are failing fast. Legacy media are the sole information sources only for older people, fewer and fewer of them. The NYTimes brags that it has gained subscribers “because of its principled stands”. Maybe, but Carlos Slim is brother to the head of Mexico’s DHS-equivalent, a very corrupt individual who frames industrialists and transfers ownership of their properties to Carlos. Mexican mafia Deep Black Swamp affiliates, so who trusts the NYTime’s claims about anything?  In any case, if so, it is the only nationally-distributed legacy newspaper or news magazine in the US to have done so.

But more than that, the obvious collusions of Deep Black Swamp representatives with the legacy media are  exposing their conspiracies, rapidly red-pilling the electorate. Sentient and knowledgeable, i.e. other-than ideological,  people no longer trust the legacy media as information sources, and KNOW that intelligence and most police are enemies of Freedom. Furthermore, the development of many non-government-, and non-business-mediated ways of cooperating, from Freecycle through PatientsLikeMe are all real progress in raising our civilization’s consciousness, imho.

The slow-to-change political understandings produced by the legacy media’s propaganda, the social divisions resulting from those are longer lasting. At the extreme, all of the Social Justice Warriors

As for the pollsters, after their debacle in ‘predicting’ the last Presidential election, I think more and more people are like me, when a pollster calls and begins asking questions, I ask “Why should I give you information? You work for people who will just turn around and use it against me!” If I am being generous with my time, I add “If I had time, I would lie to you, but I don’t.” Information Resistance, I called those and other measures in earlier essays.

It is a measure of how lousy their control systems are that so many keep calling me. My information resistance measures could be working, tho simple incompetence is more likely, as ‘public service’ and politics no longer attract the best and the brightest. Even worse for them, their capabilities are degrading much faster than reality-oriented organizations, as the many social studies curricula mainly train for SJW attitudes and those organizations select for college grads with SJW attitudes. Not just believing your own propaganda, now being trained to believe in the belief system as a reality, a new cult. It cannot prosper. However magnified legacy media enlarges their effects, the backlash is already beginning to diminish that.

Warning, all of the above is immediate from my brain to this blog. Small details may be wrong, tho I don’t think so, when I remember something I generally get it right, and check myself often. More likely, I have left out some contrary evidence that may absolve the CIA of some small elements of responsibility and guilt.

I need to get some work done, will probably edit this later in the day, but small additions and changes in wording are all that that usually requires.

Also, my programming project took a very surprising turn yesterday, I need to attend to that, so it could be a few more days before I get another installment in this cliffhanger written. Sorry for all of those millions of avid readers of this blog who I leave on the edge of their seat 8).


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