Daily Reading #2C8

Executive decision here today, and one I have made before and not done a good job of executing. As exciting as the world is just now, today’s news is so amazing, I have to get back to programming and being amaneunsis for The Generalissimo and Scheherazade. Those are far more important than my continued digging into the news to develop deep understanding. I am becoming a specialist, captive of my sources and so subject to confirmation bias, losing the wide context of events, all fatal to judgement.

So, I was re-reading my comments on various fora last night, looking for a link I couldn’t duckduckgo. I do good comments, they are a big part of developing my understandings. Henceforth, I will copy more of them directly here, along with the link. That will reduce the range of links, a necessary tradeoff if I am to get the programs written and my fellow minds’ stories from the future transcribed.  Also, completing the 50 or so essays I have started and dropped for lack of time.

This decision won’t have much effect on the world, my Daily Reading posts have very few readers. Wasn’t intended to, it is my personal diary of the development of my thinking and a way of being sure I was getting a wide enough view, considered enough sources to have the necessary context.  Whereas my programs might and The Generalissimo’s and Scheherazade’s stories may well have a big effect in guiding us into a new social, political and economic order, one much more conducive to developing the next higher level of civilization, perhaps even stably keeping it improving for another 1000 years or so.

Thanks to my few readers and commentators, hope you like the new approach and more essays. I like it already, major progress today on a test program for the new tools I am developing.


Now we know why our Deep Black Swamp was so anxious to prevent a Trump-Putin meeting. This story goes further beyond !!Wow!! every week. Mind boggling. Trump is winning so biggly, we may well avoid the shooting revolution I thought would be necessary. In any case, within the last few weeks, the revelations have entirely removed the possibility that Trump can be impeached.

Wow, Wow, WOW. This changes everything, interesting to hear NPR this evening, must go listen  :



I just listened to NPR. So slanted, so many lies (Russian seizure of Crimea, beyond belief the propaganda). They did NOT mention the $400M going to Clinton’s campaign, of course. NPR is a shitstain on the once noble profession of journalism. Anyone who can listen to All Things Considered without being struck by the propaganda they dispense has lost all contact with reality, all objectivity.

But NPR is far from alone.  This AM, a full 24 hours after the Trump-Putin press conference, news.google.com has one link to the search query “Putin $400M to Hillary’s campaign”, that the Daily Dot. Nothing from the legacy media.

If you want evidence of the Deep Black Swamp’s control of the media, confirmation of every CIA director’s brags before Congress that they own everyone of significance, it would be difficult to find better.

Pretty clear to me that if Brennan, Clapper, et al. are on your side, you are on the wrong side.

Again, I say, while my biases are strongly against Clinton and her criminal Cabal and allies in the Deep Black Swamp, which could be interpreted as partisanship although I see it as objective analysis of the evidence in as full a context as my mind can manage, and saw Trump as the only possible alternative in the 2016 Presidential election, those does not make me  a Trump partisan. He is not a perfect man, not a perfect President.

But if Trump can vanquish the DBS and put this government back inside the Constitution and re-establish rule of law for all, he is greater than George Washington in my estimate. And it looks very much like he is doing that, so he has my strong support so long as that process continues. Certainly he has the right enemies, the people and groups I identify as enemies of those goals also.

A comment from today  on :


And further, there is now no possibility of impeaching Trump.

But the Deep Black Swamp cannot stop the coup, they will hang.

Thus, the Deep Black Swamp’s choices are :

  • assassinating Trump, producing instant civil war
  • a sudden very major war, unlikely while Trump is alive to stop it
  • a very major false flag to distract everyone, but those are losing their effect as the public grows skeptical
  • a serious bombing campaign by the next Weather Underground to distract the public. Tie it to Antifa, with a major media hate Antifa campaign, maybe, but skeptical public and alt-media, so I wouldn’t be hopeful.
  • Going full-kinetic, using their 28 fusion centers’ arms caches and the ISIS-recruited shock troops they have imported to run their ratlines. Not enough, compared to armed citizens, even with the armour and drones. Not enough logistics support to make that last very long, and how to you occupy the USA heartland? Not nearly enough troops.
  • A very, very major false flag, e.g. nuclear weapon in DC that takes out the President, VP, cabinet Supreme Court and Congressional leaders. Hard to get all of those into DC at once, so maybe next State of the Union address. That would trigger the provisions of the Continuity of Government law, instant military dictatorship. So the event would need to take out enough of Trump’s people in Joint Chiefs of Staff, their own people, David Patraeus, etc. out of town.

The last is the best bet, seems to me. I wouldn’t hang around DC until after the next State of the Union. Is there some ceremony swearing in the new Congress that would bring all the required victims into DC?

I still think the DBS, even with all their allies inside the country and internationally, with the support of the Free Shit Army (probably more impediment than help, though there are many veterans among them, no doubt some not on drugs), would ultimate lose, way too many people inside the military and various police forces would side with the Patriots. Hard to win with your ranks infiltrated so completely, but it would be a very ugly war. Major cities looking like Aleppo, for example.

The DBS cannot stop, they hang if their control of the political system is lost, and it is being lost. Any roll of the dice is better than hanging for them. It has to get ugly before this ends.

Previous comments, I cannot link those to an article, a URL for he article. No doubt there is a way short of a duckduckgo, but I haven’t grasped the concept yet. Only Google’s search engine knows for these recent posts.

Google doesn’t know where this comment came from.

This was a reply to someone who blamed Brennan’s serious dishonesty, treasonous in many people’s opinions, on his being a Muslim :


Nothing to do Brennan with being a Muslim, everything to do with having assisted in the 9/11 False Flag operation.

That was the big roll of the dice. Either they win, or they hang. The CIA is the most experienced organization in the world at taking over governments. Do you think they did not anticipate the day when it had to go hard, kinetic?

They are not done by a long way. They have had 16 years after 9/11 to continue infiltrating the government, compromising everyone of importance. The DNC is wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deep Black Swamp, and most Republicans in Congress obviously either part of it or compromised to the point it doesn’t matter.

They own many, many of the nation’s police agencies and sheriffs. 28 fusion centers with arms depots and lots of ex-ISIS etc mercenaries imported to run the ratlines and serve as shock troops when needed.

Now the bombings start, blamed on Antifa become Weather Underground, Red Army Faction, … they will invent something, but it will be FBI-CIA control, training and support.

Somewhere in the sequence will be enough violence, or killings of high-level government, people, to justify a military or other takeover. Triggering Continuity of Government would make it sort-of legit.

Has to happen, or perhaps a very major war, or else they hang. It isn’t just a few guys in the CIA, the people who worked to allow 9/11 are spread through the government and the rest of the society. Combine with the Israeli-Neocons, the NWO components and the many profiting from the huge illegal trades in arms, drugs, children, women, organs, uranium, …, and the Free Shit Army here in the US, the coup will have wide-spread support.

Has to happen. Get ready.


A reply to someone wondering about Session’s role in all this, why the passivity? :


He (Sessions) was on the Senate committees that approved Uranium One. He is likely, therefore, a recipient of the flows of cash produced by all of the illegal operations, drugs for weapons, drugs and $ for uranium centrifuged for nuclear reactors $32M/pound, of the sex trafficking necessary for the CIA’s compromise operations, the organ harvesting of prisoners of war, of the many frauds on the government, the $Ts that have been siphoned out of the Pentagon, HUD, …

Why do you think people pay $Ms for high office? And the leadership positions go to the people who can deliver the most $ to campaign treasuries of their fellows in the same party?

The winners in the D vs R contests determine the 60/40 splits, that is the rivalry. Ideology is the method for free votes, the kabuki, the kayfabe.

Bigger picture, I always wondered about what would drive Sessions to be the only major political figure in Congress to join Trump’s campaign, at a time when it seemed completely hopeless. Sessions has not been an advocate of anything that would have moved him to Trump’s side, nor against any of the other candidates to the point animus would have done so. Born in Selma, Alabama, Sessions has been a social conservative, US Attorney, and strong supporter of more state power, e.g. against the legalization of cannabis, for civil seizures to fund law enforcement, from Alabama, so far as I know.  Certainly not anything that could be associated with populism, and he has not acted that way when in office.

Trump was running on a platform that was the opposite of much of that.

After Trump’s win, Sessions was given the choice of Cabinet positions. He chose Justice. OK, maybe he had no interest in international affairs, although he quickly recused himself based on contacts with the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak. Kisylak is one of the participants in the illegal trades, according to George Webb’s investigations.

The DBS covering all its bets is a good bet, seems to me. Remember, the DBS backs both sides whenever it can, as a strategy. An optimal strategy for those who have no goals beyond gaining more power. If you play negative-sum games, it is a strategy that avoids the possibility of loss. It just requires the resources to back both sides.

Session’s behavior after being in office strongly supports the idea that he is at least very compromised, the DOJ is as obstructionist as it was in Obama’s administration wrt Congressional oversight.


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