Daily Reading #2C7

A comment I made today :

I work hard at understanding reality. I am not in any cult, even tho I think there is a good chance that Trump will go down in history as the greatest President since Washington, by far. All he has to do to earn that is defeat the Deep Black Swamp, clean out this society and restore the Constitution and rule of law. A much bigger job than Washington had defeating the Red Coats on home territory, losing almost all his set-piece battles as he did so.

Trump is not perfect. I don’t like many things about him. But it is clear he is a much deeper strategist and much more knowledgable with much better advice than anyone wants to give him credit for, and that the disdain from everywhere is a combination of fear he will remove DBS, MIC, protected industries, subsidized parts of the society, etc. sources of wealth and a class issue.

Trump has been made the underdog, the winning underdog. I like underdogs. I like bomb throwers, exactly what this sclerotic aging kleptocracy needed.

 I am not part of a cult, and your characterization of us as such is far too simple, your thinking broken.

It seems to me that Luongo’s interpretation of Trumps understanding of the Russian gas pipeline issue is wrong. He used the issue to point out the total hypocrisy of all the NATO countries and its leadership. His goal is to destroy NATO, a huge waste of American tax dollars whose only function is to control Europe. He doesn’t want to control Europe any longer, a vestige of the US Empire, geopolitical thinking. NATO, otoh, is important to careers and geopolitical interests, another source of the deep opposition to Trump and his policies.

To the extent that Russian gas is an issue, Trump would rather sell US gas, LNG. He has stated that Russia is a competitor, not an enemy,

I also disagree with his characterization of Trump as an authoritarian. An authoritarian would love the power the US’s control of NATO gives him. Trump is trying to end that.  Ditto the many rules and regulations and previous Presidential orders Trump and his administration are actively eliminating, producing more of the opposition to Trump and his policies. Ditto the NWO and US control of the entities that drive those policies and the fact that major US groups benefit so much from them.

As for Trump’s support of US arms sales, I see that as choosing the optimal order of his targets. Israel and the US MIC is too tough to tackle until his administration is much firmer, more experienced, so he gives Israel Jerusalem, gives he Saudis their war machines for killing Yemenese, while he goes after easier targets, immigration, taxes, regulations. IFF he wins on those, keeps his approval levels up, if the economy continues to improve, he goes after harder targets, here NATO, previously NKorea, etc.

No, Trump is far less authoritarian than any of the CIA-controlled presidents, all from LBJ onward :


Wayne Madsen is a solid reporter, has evidence that the Zetas are supported by US and Israel. Yes, has long been the rumour, and has always seemed so to me, these guys don’t get caught on either side of the border very often, not many failed operations. Thus, they have had professional arms and training, training in solid security from signals intelligence and infiltration, and not much assistance from the US on either side of the border. Further, very few defectors, which doesn’t seem normal as the worst gangs usually have a few, explicable if they expect the fate of US whistleblowers rather than protection from Zetas. There have been defectors from cartels in competition with the Zetas. (I have not tried to back up those impressions with links, so don’t take my word for this if it might make a difference in some decision. People in the cartels could likely tell us with much greater precision and detail.)

The oil smuggling is new to me. Revelations continue wrt the astonishing levels of corruption in our federal operations. This is from 2011!

Fellow Cassandras, everywhere I look these days. I fear it will take an armed takeover of DC to end all this, many of our leaders dangling from ropes :


Lies, lies, lies frou our Israeli-Neocon Deep Black Swamp wrt Syria and the origins of the ‘revolt’ :


Lies, lies, lies from our Israeli-Neocon Deep Black Swamp wrt NKorea’s nuclear program and intent :


And more lies, lies, lies about the threat of Russia to justify NATO and $1T/year to the Military Intelligence-Industrial complex of the world :


And the dangers of a breakout of peace between American and competitors, China and Russia. Very excellent comments to this article, including the 2 links following :




Yes, the US Intelligence Community thinks its major job is to lie to you to protect its black budget and illegal deals in drugs, arms and uranium. Again, links from the comments :


Donald Trump is obviously a strategic thinker of aggressive nature. The meeting with Putin will be interesting. Trump will be judged our greatest President if he vanquishes the Deep Black Swamp and restores our Constitutional government and normal rule of law :


Paul Craig Roberts is right, they did not collude with Trump. But they were working for the Deep Black Swamp, and doing it on American soil. Rosenstein’s charges are a plagarism of George Webb’s law suit, links yesterday :



CHSmith is solid as usual, here on another aspect of our very corrupt system :


I think that international trade is far too complex a system to be handled with Trump’s approach. The issue is not our low tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the US, the issue is high Chinese tariffs on American goods going into China.

We don’t have a level playing field, hurting American manufacturing and, long-term, the worth of the US dollar.

There is an easy, straight-forward solution. We should charge the highest tariff on all Chinese goods coming here that China charges on any of our goods going there. That would fix the problem from inside China, we would have instant allies throughout the Chinese economy in cutting all tariffs to a low value, instead of a few concentrated industries profiting from their political control.

Obvious to the casual observer, and never, ever discussed, because we also have those concentrated industries, e.g. GE, big pharma, … profiting from their political control here in the US. Ditto every other country on the planet :


More ways the country’s militarism destroys our economy and society. Excellent comments expanding on the article. We have to go back to the militia. A modern militia would be a very different thing than in 1770 :


True, e.g Obama’s science advisor was of this persuasion. True, we are not nearly kind enough to the environment, but that has little to do with over-population and everything to do with political priorities :


I don’t understand the psychology here, but it is standard among people of extreme ideology. Smash the opposition, they are evil. It is a bit unusual to have them inhabiting colleges, but tolerating so many ultra-left professors is the problem to be fixed. I agree somewhat with a commenter who thinks it is not a long-term problem, our current leftists are not serious. But, they are cover for another round of the CIA’s Operation Gladio, brought home to the US. The Weather Underground bombings all over again, with CIA support and training :


Illargi — The hypocrisy exhibited by the Baby Blimp is blinding and deafening :


Goldman thinks we have 4% growth in the economy and a genuine labor shortage, despite wages not rising and most jobs being bartenders and waitresses. Very sophisticated metrics showing that the risk of recession is not serious until 2020. I say BullShit!! Anyone who is in this stock market is insane. Accept a false premise, you can prove anything :


I hope Putin sends some of those GRU spies back to the US, if they really exist, to challenge Mueller as this guy has done. Go for discovery, Mueller will have to fold. Before this is done, Mueller will lose his ass, his law license, be removed from office, prosecuted, then be sued as a private citizen. Ditto all of his allies in the media :


The closing of the acadeimc mind continues :


The control of citizens by state continues to tighten :


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