Daily Reading #2B7

Robert Gore, a link from WRSA, is excellent today. Yes, welfare states are failing. I keep hoping something will right the world, but reality is that recipients of government $ now have more power than all of the rest of us. It is barely conceivable that we could get our Deep Black Swamp under control even were it not a welfare state. The fact that DBS and welfare recipients are now allied, not a chance of the US recovering. I hate that conclusion, but, beginning from different premises, say our public educational, military or healthcare systems, I walk down chains of logic that bring me to the same place. Beginning from this system state, paths that lead peace and prosperity are very few. Historically, I don’t know of examples of staying on them, that turn out well.

I suppose that could be a sampling issue. For example, if you survey all of the countries in the world that went through the Great Depression, were there countries that improved their median standard of living and literacy?

If this country gets saved in some form or other, the Internet will be the key. The vast flows of information are a huge advantage, if and only if the people make good use of them. So far, it seems to me that they are doing pretty well, the political sophistication of people who talk to me is certainly higher than it was in my parents’ generation :

Outsourcing Morality, by Robert Gore

The trend to the left in the DNC. They did this to themselves with identity politics. Has any society recovered from that ideology without blood? :


George Webb is amazing every day. Day 623 of his investigation series on Youtube, Day 2 of his “SpyRingInCongess” Youtube channel and web site. George is a master explainer. What a mind to keep so much in memory and be able to produce such long structured talks and be so coherent as he does so. This is amazing history in the making :

Michael Moore understood the election better than anyone in the parties. I didn’t see this before the election, but saw Moore say things like this. I told my leftish friends that if they nominated Hillary, they elect Trump. A very fine rant, good grasp of humans :

Anti-Muslim hysteria :


Some migrants are more prone to crime than others :


They make an excellent argument for having no central bank at all. Without a central bank, nobody can inflate their money supply. Also an argument for gold as the balancing mechanism between economies, just like the old days :


Vietnam is afraid of Chinese domination :


The Skripal case makes people skeptical, there is no new information from the ‘investigators’ :

You can be critical of the US’s preparedness for a flu epidemic, but you have to say we did a good job in Africa at keeping potential pandemics small and local. Also, preparing flu vaccines is getting faster, and people have been working on more-universal vaccines for 30 years, so we will get there some day. Amazing progress, really, but of course never enough :


The job numbers are faked, AND the costs of everything are climbing far faster than wages. No, it is not a great economy :



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