Daily Reading #2A8

This is an interesting harbinger of government control by citizens in this internet age :


I have been pleased by Youtube’s suggestions of late, but there isn’t enough variation, things I don’t know about. That is true even with the fact that 3 of us are sharing the network, it seems that FB can’t reliably tell us apart.

Of course the CIA is going to stage another chemical attack on Syria. The Russian military was exactly correct about this at least twice before :

The DNC’s superdelegates have a marked resemblance to Senior Executive Service in my mind, as both are the Deep Black Swamp’s means of control. The US government is not yet a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CIA, but the DNC is :


Extrapolating from what we know about how the CIA runs its ratlines everywhere but Mexico — It seems to me that the CIA’s drug ratlines always have intelligence operative training. I expect that all of the deaths in Mexico will turn out to be the by-product of CIA’s operations trying to control, and thus take their cut, of the drug trade into the US :


A documentary on CIA drug running which lists some of the books published on the subject :

This is the size of the cocaine Iran-Contra CIA operation, Pablo Escobar’s stats. $22B per year, $60M per day, 2000 pounds delivered on every flight :

Confirmation, of a sort. I don’t see the guy’s evidence, tho he wrote a book on Mena Airport, but it is consistent with what I speculated :

Even better, Shaun Attwood has spent time in a federal prison :

I broke out of Youtube’s mold, am seeing much more interesting videos :

The state of our political, social and economic systems is dire :


Our government lies to us about everything. Anyone who reads John William’s reports a few times a year knows all this.21.5% unemployment, 10% inflation and negative GDP growth. The fact, however temporary, of the stock market rising in the face of all these numbers says the FED is blowing more bubbles. Who could believe it has gone on for so long? Now 10 years since the last bubble unexpectedly popped and the market crash, the one that required $16T+ to bail out the world, 18 years past the previous bubble.

Anyone who thinks they can manage complex, evolving systems which are at a new state in their evolution, at all, much less Real-Time complex, evolving systems, is not connected to reality. And, in fact, all attempts to manage economies ultimately produce exactly the financial catastrophe which is ever-closer. :



What a history this is! It is a biography of Hitler, written from Hitler’s pov, so that readers can understand what was driving him at each moment.

This is a very long review of David Irving’s scholarship.  Irving is a historian who uses only primary sources and who is very critical of historians who accept myth. A very impressive piece of scholarship :

In 1948 Brüning would write to the editors of Life forbidding them to publish an August 1937 letter he had written to Winston Churchill revealing that ‘from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.’[6]



George Webb :

Newsbud is a fine publication, solid reporting and opinions :


OpenStreetMap is the open source mapping project. The article is correct that open source is the way to end dominance by the big companies :



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