Daily Reading #28D

I just accidentally noticed that this was not published when I wrote it in May.

Large organizations do not work as do smaller groups. Once such organizations become ‘political’, they are very hard to change. Wells Fargo has long been criminal wrt customers, fines have not helped. Their executives all escape via golden parachute. I thought that the post-Enron laws were meant to change that? I thought there were teeth in that, penalties for executives? Rule of law is gone for certain classes of people. Those people are supposedly in control of their company, making sure their companies information flows are honest and complete is only the beginning of their job, if they don’t get those right, nothing can go right.

And things didn’t to right in Well’s core business, for the customers. But the big guys, the ones who most profited from the schemes, they floated away on their golden parachutes and absolutely no guilt has been attached to any of them. Wells made money on the venture, as the fines were much less than the profits, and is one of the 5 banks making up an increasing share of the US Banking sector of our economy. That equals political power. So Wells’ executives see no need to change, their incentive systems have not changed. Wells’ owners see no need for the Board of Directors to change anything about Wells’ incentive systems. So Wells isn’t changing, the criminal behavior will continue.

This shit can’t end but one way. Folks up there on the pinnacle better be brushing up on their history, e.g. Marie Antoinette’s “Court Etiquette in a Time of Beheadings”, because we all have to live here in one world, and you guys have fubared the system yet again. Ruling classes never seem to understand when they are going too far, it seems to be a surprise every time. This is so repeatable that I assume the organization of our societies has guaranteed the progression to attempting total state control. Power has a strong positive feedback on itself, humans can’t resist being more powerful. What is the longest a society has persisted without the need for a revolution?

Way past time for humanity to start thinking differently. Really, reach a new level of consciousness, at least consciousness of the possibilities. Rereading The Generalissimo gives me hope :


Immediately after writing that about Wells, I find the deeper reason. Bankers are immune, by law, to most of US banking law. This is very good at explaining how recently the Bank of International Settlements extended their sovereign immunity to bank employees, so the crimes of member’s executives cannot be prosecuted. Absolutely amazing! How did this happen? So the CIA runs banks, is the obvious implication, and all the world’s intelligence services have banking operations as excellent cover.

Even more astounding, it all happened, and nobody appears to have noticed anything. Other than the rate of banks defrauding customers went through the roof, of course :

This author claims that Trump’s threats were in fact counter-productive wrt NK’s moves to peace. Maybe. Also, maybe, there were a lot of moving pieces, and nobody will ever be able to untangle it all. But Trump will get the credit. And since we peons have no way of evaluating the risk/reward ration for real, we have to take some things on face value. Best to assume they are all lying about everything, and minimize the possible impact they can have on your life. Push for minimum government and new thinking about how to run the world, this one isn’t working :


George Webb is amazing at putting together the pieces. He must have some great researchers feeding him insights :

Either the relative amount of skulduggery behind nearly every event surrounding the President has escalated in recent administrations, or the behind-the-scenes puppet-masters are losing their skill, because the scenery changes are bleeding into the action :


I think this is proof they can transfer RNA and have brain effects, so somewhat the same as transferring prior mental states into a new brain :


This is amazing progress in understanding


So wildlife preservation areas are somehow consistent with commercial farming of soybeans and corn? And the presticide and herbicide use is OK? Government sells everything to the highest bidder :


The US has managed to subvert another international organization so nobody can trust it. Brilliant strategy :


It is easy to travel vicariously in the modern world, one reason for the changing consciousness and impatience with politics as usual :


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