Daily Reading #2A6

My country does evil things :


The Saker has solid views, considers Trump to be largely under the Israeli-Neocon control :



Mind-blowing corruption in the FBI, NSA and DOJ, all federal prosecutors, all state prosecutors, etc :

And the British constabulary :

Tommy Robinson continues to get attention :

And illustrates the Streisand effect very well :

“Rape crisis”. If one compared the sexual assault rates of American soldiers around the world with the European Muslim immigrants, what would we learn from that context? :


I believe the religious/racial/ethnic numbers are correct, having read reviews of this history. I assume the ‘hate Russia’ campaign is a combination of MIC needing an enemy and the Israeli-Neocon-Oligarchs who would be happy to profit from dis-assembling Russia :


Antidepressants are very bad for you, a very last resort, not a first. Exercise is the answer :


George Webb’s continuing investigation produces amazing revelations, every day :

I have not taken “The Illuminati” and other secret societies seriously as driving large-scale history. It seems to me they are elements of the bigger social currents, and can magnify them. Also haven’t taken the John Birch Society seriously, I guess I bought into ‘conspiracy theorists’. Well, I think that is right, based on this example. His history is likely 100% true, and nevertheless, it is a conspiracy theory, selecting one thread of the fabric of social-political history and finding that everything connects to it, so it is the most important thread. But all warp threads connect to all woof threads.

All of these bits of history show that secret societies can influence society and thus government and history. They can show how the secret society members were instrumental in a moment in history. They can say what ideas were powerful by what was followed, resulted in social movements.

I believe individuals make a difference in the world, increasing human satisfaction, or the reverse, so I have to believe it is possible that so much change to the civilization could be a result of one person. Science works the same way, individuals studying with individuals and afterwards forming a cabal. But in reality, people elevated to leadership are there by the assent of the next level down, Stalin didn’t get the leadership by happenstance, he had allies, at least at the beginning.

Networks of dynamic systems with many inter-connections, possibly hidden, is the mental image for this :



Margolis is solid :


People still own stocks. Amazing, this is a time in history where great fortunes are lost, not made :


Turns out we lost a lot of mathematics when the old civilizations went down. Philosophy, religion, literature, … also. We moderns are so sure we are superior to people in history, but measurable ways suggest not :

I have seen many doubts about the accuracy of CRISPR gene editing, seems like some of them are correct :


More math explaining. The web will result in a large rise in mathematical literacy, just as soon as we end public schools :

America received more than a few migrations, more solid information wrt Europeans in the US 7000 years ago :


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