Daily Reading #2A5

More and more people are speaking openly about the Deep Black Swamp’s coup :


Every violation of civil rights sets in motion the forces that will ultimately counter it. This is a result of social media and alt-media, growing power :


Gallup polls you won’t hear about :


George Webb’s investigation :

Synopsis of British news and Tommy Robinson :

Jake Morphonios about why American Christian attitudes about Israel are changing :

A socialist dairy system :


Articles such as this select a few ’causes’ of system effects and conclude that their prescriptions will fix the problems in the complex, evolving, open system. Correct facts, a waste of time to read :


When DynCorps trains police, there is always a parallel recruitment/entrapment going on, so the CIA owns and fosters them afterwards, all sorts of uses. Wonder if Mossad ever does anything like that? :


Gun control is a necessary condition for genocide :


I probably agree 99+% with this writer, but his terminology is very non-standard, it seems to me, makes it hard to know :


A few years ago, I got tired of debunking every gov report on employment and the economy. ShadowStats is the source for debunkers, far more congruent to reality than gov stats :


BND == NSA, their powers to spy on everyone 24×7 have not been rolled back in the slightest :


Withholding food stamps from drug addicts increases criminal behavior :


Good explanations of naval architecture, this catamarans, cost of steel, hull speed and stability :

Making tungsten carbide inserts :

Incredible BS, the continuing non-reality story of Russia’s influence over Trump. The Deep State coup against American’s citizens control of their government is not finished, there are many acts to go. At this point, we only know about the public figures, but know there are people behind them and people under them who are involved :


The tipping point for social change is 25% according to this model and empirical studies :


Every time I read Phys.org, I see entirely new technologies at different stages of development. The combinations of ideas are infinite. That is what these all are, and the new combinations will be combined. That is where the growth of the economy happens in the future, small-scale specialty manufacturing and world-wide distribution becoming larger segments of the economy :


Another example of trying to impose your will causing the opposition to your will :


This refutes the conspiracy theories, maybe. The patterns of the fire are still suspect, however. Houses burned but not the pine trees around the house, and the fire was supposedly caused by the forest burning? Really hot fires that made steel sag and melted auto window glass? :


550,000 miles of cable in the world’s internet :



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