Daily Reading #2A3

Federal Aid to Education started this mess of very large schools and falling standards for everything :


Corbett is an excellent reporter and analyst :

Militarism is a negative-sum game. Play negative-sum games long enough, of course you will lose. China and Russia cleverly decided to do positive-sum, of course they are winning :


Gatestone doing anti-government stuff? Pro-Trump? Gatestone is founded and funded by Israeli-Neocons. I have actually seen several intelligent articles from Gatestone, so something is changing there :


The coming political realighment will produce partition of the nation if we don’t all understand the genius of the Constitution :


In addition to political convergence, another convergence occurring is people understanding that modern life is not fulfilling basic human requirements for being human and humane :


George Webb continues exposure of the Deep Black Swamp :

Jason Goodman does some good journalism. He is an idiot about people, imho, but some good journalism. This is the guy who had to flee to Russia because he had been inside the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department, resigned to publicize the criminality he saw, and had to flee to Russia to avoid being killed :

Social disconnection is not good for people. This society is not fulfilling of human needs, requirements that make us humane humans :


A good article about the next stages of bitcoin’s usefulness, the ultimate control on its price :


Socialism in barn owls is crushing out the motherhood instinct? Could be a general effect :

More reminder of the olden days, a mere 85 years ago :

75 years for this :


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