Daily Reading #2A2

These people only need be themselves to reveal themselves, and the meta-data is forever. Amazingly oblivious, this is brilliant in revealing their very simple world-views.

We are all imprisoned in an information cocoon of our own spinning.

These people are high-level FBI? Such simple fools? :

This is brilliant theatre. No kidding, there is more education in these than most history classes :

Very slow progress in uncovering Spygate, the corruption of our government. Flynn’s prosecution was likely another way of slowing the congressional investigation :



George Webb’s investigations continue. Genuinely historic times we live in. I think that after this little tiff we are having with our ruling class, this country will be much more reluctant to get involved outside of our borders :

Review of Seymour Hersh’s book and a chapter :



Doubts being cast on the child smuggling story in Tuscon. Good, I am pleased by that, fewer children being criminally mistreated.

I agree with Roy Potter about Jeff Sessions, Sessions is not one of the good guys, he is Deep Black Swamp. So, if Sessions is not removed, and also Rosenstein, we will never get the investigations underway. No investigations, no votes for Republicans. D’s will impeach Trump and the shooting starts shortly thereafter. OK by me, the Republicans are failing to lead the needed reform. Inadequate or bent, same effect. Time to simplify the battle, take them off the board :

When you look at the motives of the 4 big Western religions, sexual modesty and restraint is a large part of each. One could wildly imagine a social-religious-conservative coalition that combines their political power in abolishing abortion, serious penalties for a wide variety of sex-related crimes. Religions have considerable political power at different times in history, all religions have reason to hate the state. A multi-religion theocracy wouldn’t be stable without outside forces opposing it, but could hold long enough to defeat the other contenders.

This next is interesting, a discussion of the definitions of nation, state, government, tribe-ethnic group in the modern world. The Economist is good propaganda, 99% true, 1% frame and focus lies :


There must be some law of society that states that all great fortunes are eventually frittered away in idealism, which is another name for ideology :


There are many lucid explainers of math on Youtube :

This is clearly a project evolving sheep with longer necks. Wonder why? :

Quite enlightened farm calf for beef management, it seems to me :

This guy is a great explainer wrt space topics :

The case for equal rights for all, same as Melinda Gates made. Well she did it in negative, but same problem, same answer. I would not do business with businesses that discriminate in any way. It is a matter of civic morality, our government must consider everyone equal, and we must also do that if we are to personally adhere to our constitution and make it possible for the government to do so. Anything else is not measuring up to the requirements of your part of the civilization.

So while I think it should not be illegal to discriminate for any reason you want, I would not consider you a good citizen, perhaps not a good person. Social control, not legal control :



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