Daily Reading #299

Jake Morphonios has solid opinions, in my humble opinion. This is his take on Tommy Robinson and the problem of Muslim extremism. I don’t think he emphasizes the fact that these ‘extremists’ are in fact, criminals using excellent security operations training to make $ for the establishment of the UK. Jake has good prescriptions for fixing out world. Jake is the best of the Christian traditions. At the end, he mentions how Christianity is being misused, same as the Muslim religion.

Jake is rising to the level of Zola in our generation, in my humble opinion. A really serious guy, very good prescriptions for the ways forward :

Charles H Smith has solid opinions, also, good prescriptions also :


Look at the overlap of opinions, The Britisher and Jake and Charles. This is he old Liberal order ideas being expressed everywhere :

Another rational and sophisticated voice wrt the Tommy Robinson case and trends in British society. He laments the same as failure to protect children as I did below, before seeing this. I like aligning with the considered judgement of rational and fact-based people :

Peterson on the significance of 9/11 :

Senator Flake is no friend of Donald Trump. Wow, very corrupt. This man is a Deep Black Swamp denizen. In fact, the President can order and end investigations, whereupon it becomes a political issue. In that sense, this is a legitimate conversation. But, there is no substance behind the charges. We know that because the intelligence services have been deep diving on everyone surrounding Trump. If Trump hasn’t been impeached already, he is pristine pure.

Our political system, left and right, to the extent those words are even meaningful, are seriously corrupt :

George Webb’s group mind’s researches, very well synthesized and reported by Webb continues to analyze the many threads of the amazing SpyGate story now unfolding. Carter Page is a continuing element in the Deep Black Swamp, and George knits in the spy school at American University, others around the world, and how they could have provided the manpower needed for the many deep dives on ambassadors, everyone that Page spoke with in the months leading up to the Trump campaign. Most of that arranged by Flynn. DIA is 5-eyes, so Flynn is deeply compromised, at best, really dirty most likely, because George shows the timeline isn’t what would be expected if he was trying to expose all these operations.

If George were not consistently months to years ahead of the just-breaking leading alt-media, further ahead of legacy media, it would be easy to believe all this is fantasy. I haven’t looked at his reference list lately :

This is hilarious. A “fact- and data-based analysis” based on Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. There were good data points, e.g. public employment costs are 30% higher than equivalent jobs in private employment and all of the types of employment not counted, e.g CIA, NSA, self-employed. After 20 pages of comparing Obama’s job-creation performance with Trump’s, at the very bottom, he acknowledges Presidents don’t have much to do with the economy.

Taleb’s opinion of economists is very good, imho :


Power and greed rot political brains, not anything specific to global warming :


I linked to this video a couple of days ago, the ex-policeman, detective level, who worked to expose the huge amount of pedophile money flows through Britain’s child prostitutes, and apparently a very high level in the civilian control of the police has influence on very low-level cases, the detective’s career was sabotaged, ditto other detectives he has met, so the police are seen not to do their duty by citizens, as nobody pursues complaints. Indeed, complaints are not even recorded on the subject in many precincts. People running foster homes all know this, hard evidence back to particular women grooming the girls. All the cases were killed and the detective forced off the force.

Think about what this means for a society. It means that a substantial part of the society is colluding with some higher-ups to devalue, on a large scale, the lives of some British citizens. I need to be looking for comparisons of lost- and run-away children rates, etc. I certainly have often read the claim, however, that very many run-aways end up involved in prostitution, and from very young ages. The pedogate investigations on voat.co/v/pizzagate documents many child protection and adoption services that connected with child traffickers. It can’t be a fun life, being a street hooker, kind pimp or no pimp, both rare. These kids are vulnerable on the street. Of course they are exploited by pimps and johns.

Are we here in the US devaluating the lives of some of our citizens? From the evidence, damn right. Now look, folks. This ‘government handles all the problems in society’ idea has not worked out. We have to stop being lazy and depending on that, the model of governance has failed. The systems are set up to minimize caring, and they do not care. We are raising generations of exploited people, from whence normally come the wolves that next generation devour your society.

If you don’t get off your asses and start fixing things, local on up, this will keep happening until it is consuming your children also. Do you want to raise your children, middle-class leftish America, in a world of diminishing opportunities, as we know this one to be?

Well, if not, you all better start facing up to the reality, this model of society is working rather poorly. You can tell by the opioid death rates, the suicide rates and the home foreclosure rates. Bad things happen to people in our society at an increasing rate, concentrated in the lower strata of our society. Many of them, admittedly, there in the lower strata via personal failings. Others not, and it doesn’t matter, the undeserving can fubar your society fully as easily as the deserving. We are not rescuing enough of our people, instead investing it in fake everything, but especially fake armaments such as the F-35. This model of society is suffering from bad management, but the kind of management, the appearance of great control of people and spending, of great openness, has allowed the CIA to infiltrate many of the nodes of management power in the Federal and local governments.


Here we are, record low unemployment, record long non-recession, and the foreclosure rate is increasing. Although, they hasten to assure us, it is down from last year. I assume hard-money records are more accurate than other records, e.g. the BLS reports, but we can’t be sure about that. And hard to know what they mean, even were they accurate. Is the stock market really wobbly in Italy? Because of the bad loan rates of the major banks? And all banks own each other’s paper? So contagion is built into their models of banking? Another model at the base of the Stasis Quo is failing.

This society is not good for people, and increasingly the people it isn’t good for know it with more political sophistication than ever before in history. And discuss things on the Internet. Every time things seem to be slackening off a little bit, there is another set of scandals. When we peasants get into this Stasi’s files, which seems inevitable in a world that can’t keep secrets, change will happen.

Be interesting to see what a modern peasant revolt looks like, how civilized we have become in honest measure. Our elites are not listening, things are far from good in the nation, this before the beginning of the World-Wide Greater Depression :


Restoration of ecosystems is such an excellent idea, it is a good use of resources :

Female Viking war leaders is a new thing, not something that has come through their sagas, I think :


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