Daily Reading #298

When you combine the arrest of Tommy Robins, great evidence of authorities trying to minimize information flow into citizen’s minds wrt the amount of pedophilia in British life, with the massive coverup I linked to yesterday, you see Britain’s entire political system being subordinated to the wants of pedophiles, those who pimp them and the money that produces. PC is the excuse for repressing people like Tommy Robinson, they use different excuses for police, etc.

I need to get back to reading studies of pimping children in the US. Meanwhile, there is an outpouring of support for Tommy and critiques of the UK government :

The revelations about the 5-Eyes agreements and unity of the world’s intelligence services continue. From my first thoughts on the subject, I have thought that many countries’ intelligence services had more loyalty to the CIA than to their own governments. Turns out, ours also :


Amazing acrobatic dance moves :

Professor Peterson is too trusting of social science research it seems to me. It seems to me that the problem here is measuring ‘the work’. OK, the top few percent of police make most of the arrests, but they couldn’t do that without all the record-keepers, patrollers, etc. :

Just to remind everyone about Obama’s legacy :

There are many new voices, red pills happening everywhere. I love the internet. The repressive forces in our society are losing, big-time :

Another measure of the political realignment that is happening is how the left and the right cite the same problems as examples of national decline. Everyone I have talked to lately about politics turns out to be surprisingly favorable to concealed carry as a solution to the crime problem. for example. The rational ‘modern-liberals’ might not like Trump, but they also don’t like the repression of Free Speech and shutdown of debate on university campuses. And they all hate the nation’s decline, the right cites national power, the left cites domestic well-being :


Another example of the left doing good diagnosis, but increasing power to central institutions is certainly not the way to improve things. That is how we got here :



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