Daily Reading #297

The Tommy Robinson story is going to be a huge political event, I predict. The Brits are going to take back their countries, this will result in the Scots leaving, I think :


The story behind the Tommy Robinson story is massive child prostitution controlling the police and political systems :

I just saw an ad selling the idea that many American environmentalist organizations, tho they hedged a bit saying “most extreme” at one point, the others were normal stop-the-pipeline movements. Whyever would anyone care? Pipelines are put underground, temporary disruption to the ecology. So that makes those particular ones suspect. But the broader claim was that Putin’s money goes in 4 specific steps to those, and that it is confirmed by many intelligence sources and one specific CIA agent, now joined to their organization. And they wanted to include the anti-fracking groups in the extremists. So, it was largely propaganda, bought and paid for, longer and more specific in some details, but far from proving the general case as they claimed.

Maybe, could be. Could also be just a new level of ad technology, developed right here at home, based on all that meta-data collected on every single human. In 20 years, the ability to generate convincing video in real time of humans moving and speaking plus the chatbots of the time, I won’t even be able to assume anyone else in the world saw the news that I saw. At least I thought it was the news. We have to work at pulling the underlying reality out of our media, it won’t get any easier in the future.

Oh, what a lovely image for the greens! This will be described as Mother Earth healing a hurt. Certainly it should be a learning experience, but not stop large-scale experimenting. I am assuming the geologist’s information is accurate enough to judge whether it is a 100-year flow? :

This is a lovely expression of the state of the civilization in the year 1000. That was a large-scale self-organization, and must have required a large flow of goods and gold to flow through the networks. Rome never got to this level, Constantinople had a lot to do with this one.

Ship tech comes along, the whole inland trading civilization dries up to isolated backwaters, unless they can connect to shipping routes. All that history connected in a map, just add the dates and estimated sizes of the cities, you will know the number of camels needed on each route :


I think I have linked to this Daily Caller article before, but want to claim prescience in my many statements that the government had reached peak secrecy. I understood that in one of the early Lebowski Enlighenments. Probably should also have known that the pressure inside was building by the reports of the very serious penalties associated with Non-Disclosure Agreements agents are forced to sign again for each new sensitive case, but didn’t realize that until just now. The exact system dynamics needed for cataclysms in political systems :


George Webb continues leading his awesome group mind. The inside story on why Flynn was unpopular with the rest of the Intelligence Community is interesting. His entire understanding about Flynn and the followups going deep into the facade vs reality was less than 2 weeks. The legacy media is still a year behind the bleeding edge of web researchers. No kidding, the most important new phenomena in our world. Even with government propagandists and private PR, the reality bleeds through very fast once someone starts asking about it. Any entity with a mandate to be transparent would be under citizen control, no problem :


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