Daily Reading #296

Great Britain is far along the path to a totalitarian society. This is PC enacted into law, exactly what the PC contingent wishes for the US. The authorities never grasp the Streissand Effect. Also, these people were imported explicitly by the intelligence services to handle drug distribution, and are given the franchise for coerced sexual services, something not discussed :

Streissand Effect begins. By late evening, Youtube has dozens and dozens of videos on Tommy Robinson, all the major news organizations outside of Britain are covering the issue :

Malcom Gladwell is a clear thinker. I heard another discussion with him on this topic, he did not blame the problem of school shootings on guns, didn’t think any possible amount of gun control would fix things. Gladwell is not perfect, he still believes in gun control, but at least he understands it is America that has changed around the guns, not guns changing in America :

Israel is far along the same path to a totalitarian society, driven by the logic of Zionism :


George Webb’s revelations make it appear that the DNC was a front organization for the Deep Black Swamp :

The US is helping ISIS and the Kurds carve off a piece of Syria, the one with the oil :


I did not think Trump did Israel any favors when he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem :


Federal Aid to is a disaster to the people using . Education, health care, … everything the government touches raises prices dramatically :


This article confuses many different issues and concludes ‘market failure’, standard leftish economic analysis :


Washington DC area is greatly overbuilt in office space, patterns driven by rules, regulations, assumptions :


Numberphile is a marvel, this must be catching the attention of many young minds :

Jimmy Dore is excellent. This on the Time editor ‘chief propagandist’ :


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