Daily Reading #292

I think you can more easily understand Brennan, Clapper, et al by realizing they were the people who did the operations and coverup of 9/11, false flag committed by the CIA and Mossad, with the able assistance of some high-level AF and FBI people, overseen by the VP of the US of A, Dick Cheney. Having lead the operations of the ballsiest high tech false flag operation in modern history, synchronized hijackings, slight of hand with transponders in real time, drone aircraft hitting buildings synchronized with Hollywood special effects and disintegrating buildings, including the miraculous building 7, they ascended to leadership. That series of false flags was dumb. That was a final spin of the wheel, you win or lose on that one, and if you lose, you hang. Who is dumb enough to play that game? You would have to be a retarded adrenaline junky to decide that was a good bet.

That series of false flags and faux events is the underlying driver of all this. Those guys were going for power, and that has not stopped. Clearly, from the resistance from inside the DOJ, and also I suspect from many others, the Deep Black Swamp has a great deal of power. This is much larger than just a mafia unfortunately arisen in the leadership of our military and investigative organizations. It took a large cash flow to drive all this, and a larger one to make it worthwhile. $trillions, we will find, are missing from the public purse and FED’s balance sheets, siphoned into Deep Black Swamp accounts in a myriad of ways.

I just saw the following headline on Youtube “Sit Down Or Get Out Sarah Sanders berates smug Jim Acosta in fight over Stormy Daniels. It made me think how I would run that operation. I decided to make the ‘reporters’ show what is really important to them by doing a random drawing for the questions, in order. Make it interesting, so 3 question jackpots, etc. Not just a random drawing, that just gets them the right to either ask the questions or sell the right to someone else in the room, a public measure of what is really important to them, individually and as ‘news’ organizations. Guess which part of the press conference would be the hit with viewers? That is such a good idea :

I listened to NPR’s coverage of the unfolding Deep Black Swampgate, the confirmation that yes, indeed, the FBI had people inside the Trump campaign, of course, that was their job to protect the country, and the Trump campaign, from foreign meddling. Soft peddling every single adverse fact. I only hear a bit of NPR when driving around, but it is very amusing to hear them taking exactly the same excuse-making mis-directing off-the-point stance on every story coming out of the corruption. Very fine PR, it is easy to see who appreciates NPR’s coverage from their advertisers, I mean, contributors. NPR is best described as partly a PR organ for oligarchs, partly a protection racket. MSM in general, I think.

Compare NPR to George Webb’s reporting, very fine in exposing the corruption. Increasingly obviously, Hillary Clinton has been a Deep Black Swamp operative since her youth, her marriage to Bill was a match made in spookdom. Makes you wonder about the Rockefeller who was governor of ARkansas when the Clintons moved there. Does all this go back that far?

More and more obvious, a very large part of our government spending is spook-directed by means of their infiltration and corruption of other institutions, and I am not sure that the Senior Executive Service is even the only one of the seriously-corrupted institutions. Want to know why nothing works? One real good reason is that corruption eating through our society. Pedophiles left, right and center. Oligarchs with pleasure islands populated by very young boys and girls are close personal friends with the entire top eschelon of DC and NYC society. The CIA runs compromise operations with children as sex slaves. All necessary to control the facade covering the amazing crime going on before our eyes. The Crips vs Bloods rivalry, and all that blood that spilled is a CIA operation, designed to take public attention off their cocaine and heroin distributions. MI6 is another. The entire Sunni vs Shia rivalry is largely a result of an elaborate international COINTELPRO operation by the CIA and CIA information arms. The deaths, poverty and slavery our shitheads in ‘intelligence’ have caused the world, the same world we have to live in, our human ecosystem, will burden our futures forever. Should burden our consciences, also. Mine will be lightened when very many of them hang, and the rest hung up as shameful examples for generations to come. Our entire establishment, Left right and center have a lot to answer for. They have been, at best, willfully ignorant of these obvious facts. Nobody can have legitimate doubts about 9/11, any doubts beyond the details of individual’s guilt merely mean you haven’t bothered to look at the evidence.

Everything is driven by corruption, e.g. Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, was helping people get investments buying Trump Tower units and making $ from the investment -> citizenship opportunity that went to that investor, including visas for relatives. Trump might not have known of specifics of cases, but that kind of thing has been a major driver of real estate for a long time, so it was in the numbers of his business plans.

Before this is done, we will see that $Ts have been drained from the public purses and even more from private accounts by the incredible frauds. And also realize that voices in the wilderness have been saying all this forever, with lots of evidence, but nada because it didn’t get through the MSM wall. But bunches of us became deeply distrustful of our governments and institutions over the years. A relative who spent 2 tours in Vietnam said everyone knew that President Johnson’s wife Ladybird owned the construction company that got all the contracts for bases there. Another vet I met knew about the PX system being looted for private gain, selling to Vietnamese bars and clubs. People stopped voting, it didn’t make any difference. The Church Committee exposed CIA’s malfeasance, apparently nothing changed.

You have to give ‘the system’ a lot of credit. Had not MSM done such a great job of pretending to deliver the information stream that allows a civilization to govern itself, big changes would have happened long ago. Propaganda works. For a while, and then things fall apart, both the facade and the reality. That is what is happening. Such an exciting time to be alive! :

In that context, it is interesting to compare my various news sources. I started watching Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Fox people. Interesting group, no wonder they keep getting their wings clipped. They must be making a boatload of money, the WSJ is going to town on the government’s side of the corruption. There was a time I had some admiration for the MSNBC commentator ?, the ex Navy Intel woman, so very well spoken. That was in the days when she was one of maybe only half a dozen voices from the rational modern liberal-progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She and Glen Greenwald criticized Obama for his violations of civil liberties, constitutional limitations, and said all this will come home when a crazy rightist is in the White House and control Congress. Greenwald stayed rational, in my view, whereas Rachel Maddow went insane as voice of the Deep State’s psyops, a modern Tokyo Rose.

I still listen to Maddow once in a while, just to know what people are hearing. Mostly, I am appalled that professional standards are so low. Never take politicians from show business, and the news business has become show business. But even so, I listen to hear if there are any arguments.

BTW, Tucker Carlson is pretty close to rational, but I haven’t watched enough to be sure. Hannity has the neocon bias against Russia, still covers up 9/11, goes along with Sandy Hook being a genuine massacre. Likely deviation in either one would take them off the air. All of nobody’s ideas are lousy, you pick out the good parts and forget the labels, there is no other rational way forward, so you listen to everyone, at least a little bit. Can’t allow confirmation bias.

The Zionists are part of the international mafia causing all of the corruption, terrorism and mafia goes far back in Zionist history :


The rule is, if you can’t keep your secrets safe, and you can’t, don’t collect secrets. Centralized systems all commit suicide by their normal operations. In the case of government, their security is so bad it almost doesn’t matter, centralized merely makes the hacking more convenient. In addition to which, many of the the ‘hacks’ were probably our different gov agencies selling the data, stealing it from each other.

Snowden is used as the example that shows how hard it is to protect against insiders. No, No. The example is the CIA-FBI-State Department running an international mafia operation, uranium and technology exchanged for drugs and organs and children. Iran-Contra was no isolated incident, it was the source of wealth and power, the stairway to ultimate control of the planet. And they damn near made it, would have if not for the internet. It is still a close run thing. Are you sure the could control a cabal of officers who seized the capital? How bad would the false flag have to be? How much of the government do they have to take out before Continuity of Government provisions kick in, and the US is under martial law until they decide otherwise? They been planning a long time. 9/11 and Sandy Hook say they get away with it, at least avoid obvious political fallout. Everybody forgets about those Continuity of Government provisions, put in under our most corrupt presidents, as we now understand.

They have to keep going. Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates, … those are just the people out in front, they had staff, all of them. Hillary had half a dozen people in the know, all the top people in the Foundations, of which there are several, each more dishonest than the last. And the generals who knew and planned 9/11 and the followon ME operations-for-private-mafia-gain, probably then Colonels assigned to work with the CIA, ex special ops, or some such. There are a bunch of people who are in jeopardy of long prison terms, at least. Some of those people have risen to high positions in the military, obviously have in the intelligence services. There are a ton of oligarchs whose fortunes will be taken from them when their roles in the many scams are revealed. And heads of states who will be revealed as having taken large bribes from the Banking-Intelligence-Military-Political-Mafia brokering the Iran nuclear deal. Europe is upset with Trump upsetting so many applecarts, he might succeed in ending the wars that have brought all of them so much wealth.

So coup makers will have many people cheerleading, the entire political and media class covering for them. Few enough officers in any unit will adhere to their oaths to uphold the Constitution, they can be identified and immobilized by reasonable-sized operations using military police, troops do what they are told.

Delay just produces more proof, their stories are tissue-thin. Clinton’s political stature declines, Trump’s climbs.

Now is as good a time as it is going to get.

They have to go kinetic, is my amateur’s intelligence analysis. I think this gets a lot more exciting before it returns to anything we can consider normal :


Torture doesn’t work. No kidding, but Gina Haspel used it anyway. It was good for what she used it for, eliciting false confessions from innocents. The CIA desperately needed distractions from their own guilt. The CIA must be proud that Gina Haspel is running it now, sworn in yesterday, I believe. Right, the federal agencies are full of honest people who would never condone anything illegal :


More math explaining. Brilliant stuff, but the kind of thing that evaporates from any mind not using it :


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