Daily Reading #291

Our Deep Black Swamp is really lousy at coverups of their really lousy domestic operations, info and false flag both. 9/11 will yet arrive on the political stage, Trump will keep that to the last act of his amazing political script. We will see people hang from all this :


MI6 is lousy at producing false flag operations. May’s government can’t be any happier with them than the US government is with the CIA :


MI6 and the CIA and the FBI are the enforcement and major operation arms of the Deep Black Swamp. They are all in a world of meta-data hurt, getting worse daily, as every revelation cascades through the researchers and their hypotheses.

When this is all done, people are going to have preserved their searches and tweets and emails exchanged with fellow researchers. Every time I go to
https://voat.co/v/pizzagate, I am astonished all over again by the connections being made. Every new thread is followed, real research, good comments, well-moderated and they discuss all that, also. Respectfully. That is an awesome public effort.

It is one of many. We citizens are taking back our country, I am very hopeful about how this is going. There is a lot more outrage in this country among ordinary people than last year, and getting more outraged with every new revelation. The more it is forced into the NYTimes and WaPo, which it now is because the DBS is pushing out their phony stories first, getting ahead of the coming revelations, and those phony stories have to have some facts. Some of their facts are correct, and lead researchers to the truth. Some of the facts are found to be false, and merely direct researchers away from the false narrative, back toward the light.

So, the badly cracked and weakened dam is now overflowing, erosion of the Stasis Quo accelerates. We can’t allow this investigation to stop until we have rooted the Deep Black State entirely out of our system. That is not possible with the current people in power. Vote against incumbents, vote against anyone connected with any important institution or position, vote for the guy down the street. They won’t have so much practice lying and profiting from their lying :




Yes, fubared, unrecoverable. We have to plan for a transition, you do that by building local community as the system degrades :




Take your kids out of school, especially boys. All this is obvious to the casual observer, I have been saying versions of ‘this society is bad for everyone, even the top 1%” forever :


The Nilotes of Africa :

Fasting, imposed on people by the variable environment in the old days, has benefits to health and treatment of disease :



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