Daily Reading #290

Here is another thing that has obviously been coming for many years, they fucking lied about the effects of thimerosal, the mercury compound used in vaccines. You could tell how big the lie was because of the big reaction from anyone in medicine you tried to discuss it with, to them there was no possibility it was wrong and caused harm. They smashed the careers of MDs who had this right early on. It was obvious in the first paper on the subject, and one of the CDC MD’s who wrote that paper later confessed they had to change the groups to prevent statistical significance, they removed the black kids, obviously the most strongly affected. And still, nothing changed, that was 5 years ago. True believers in the process of producing medicine, it is the source of their prestige, power and money.

No, sadly for medicine, the process has been corrupted by greed, these people have too much control of their own budgets and have gone nuts with elaborate hospitals everywhere. Yes, medicine is miraculous, but costs are clearly insanely out of control and out of proportion to the longevity and health of the nation relative to what other nations accomplish with their health spending. Politically, big pharma has become so wealthy and powerful that they are part of the corruption, the kleptocracy.

The CDC and FDA are prima fascia cases, they have had scandal after scandal in their decisions and nothing changes. The higher levels of those institutions and the many institutions that depend on their certificates are now just another part of the Deep Black Swamp. Less obviously criminal perhaps, but then I know the proportion of the bills to insurance companies that we have seen and how inflated the charges were. There was something in every one, and we know a person who works in their billing dept who thinks so also.

Every time our non-local government touches our institutions, they become part of a corrupt system. Federal Aid to makes it a monster in the budget, political power follows. How about we don’t have regulatory agencies next set of reforms? Also no Federal programs except for defense. Why do the same dumb thing that produces the same dumb result?

All of this regulatory apparatus is the result of our best and brightest brains designing and implementing the laws, the rules and regulations, the systems that produce these very anti-social, perverse results. Give that idea up, it doesn’t work, no nation has made their regulatory state work. None have made state ownership work. None have made large welfare systems work unless they had oil deposits.

Social and economic systems are not something that can be designed, you can only fubar them by trying. But you can evolve them if you work at it, inside out.

Activism is how we got here, or at least political activism of a particular kind. What we need instead is more active involvement in our communities, more clubs and club nights out, fewer bars. Instead, we sit in front of screens and hope for things to change. Is it because of vaccines?

Something changed in our children. 50 years ago we had many more guns and many fewer gun deaths, nearly none in schools. Then modern schools, modern communications, modern policing, modern medicine, modern laws, especially gun-control laws, and presto, we lose 10 kids a week to murder by their fellows and 100s every week in the ghettos of our major cities. It is time to get this civilization back on track, we have seriously lost our way, this is not working :


Kevin Shipp is another CIA insider talking about how corrupt our system has become :


Once again, it seems to me, we modern civilized peoples have fubared our system with terrible government, and this time we did it to ourselves, we can’t blame the King, Nobles, Church, etc. A fubared system is really unfortunate because this is what we got to build on, and we are the people who have to do it, beginning from today. We stopped speaking, mostly should, so many epithets. But, unless we decide we are going to kill “all of them”, always a strong possibility in times of social stress, we really better start speaking to each other.

George Webb is an amazing organizer of information :

This article is incredible bullshit. IQ tests measure IQ, not intelligence. There are many aspects to intelligence, paper and pencil tests access only a small part of a brain-mind’s function. Flynn on the Flynn Effect means you can study for an IQ test, that all of your life and experience is such study, and that simple fact means IQ is not ‘native intelligence’. In fact, there is no such thing to be inherited.

Yes, IQ is associated with individual success in the world, because IQ correlates strongly with academic performance, and academic excellence is necessary to become professional or other high-paying occupations. Un-necessarily necessary, in many cases. Yes, Genome-wide association studies show a correlation with IQ. Yes measures of brain function, e.g. reaction time, correlate with IQ (although .2 is quite low and the decline in reaction time with age is not the decline in IQ), but both GWASs and correlation studies produce correlations, not cause and effect, so all of the results may well be effects on general health, and only indirectly effects on the brain. In fact, we know the biggest solid genetic ‘causation’ of IQ have to do with brain’s response to infection and diseases people are exposed to in childhood.

It is impossible to prove a negative, but the evidence so far is that it makes no sense to discuss ‘racial intelligence’ because there are no meaningful ways of measuring ‘intelligence’. IQ is a useful measure, it just can’t be used for assessing capabililities in general, and our flawed educational and

This article is incredible bullshit, same as most discussions of IQ and most discussions of the genetics of race :


More BS, mere anti-Muslim propaganda. It is a proselytizing religion, same as Christianity, Mormonism, and others. Have not Christians worked tirelessly over 150 years to make both Africa and China Christian? Many Christian churches have missions in Muslim countries, and claim their fastest growing churches are in Islamic countries. Mormons ditto. Context, context, context is the meaning of facts in reality :



We in the civilized world have so little understanding of what life used to be like for everyone. These people’s lives are tough, cordyceps sinensis grows above 3500 meters, 10,000 feet. If the article or videos had time-line of the price, we could know whether another species is being wiped out by human over-harvesting :

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (40% Polysacharides)

This is the way you teach history! Makes you doubt history, things like Lindberg only being the 92nd person to fly across the Atlantic, he was the first to be photographed landing. Hell of a story of the first flight, everything went wrong :


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