Daily Reading #28F

Here we go again, wonder if we will be better at handling it when it gets to the US :


Israelis are far more racist than our media presents. It is deeply built into the entire society and is increasing. Israel is on its way to committing genocide :

And American Jews cover for them :

I love to see the leaders of our ‘intelligence community’ sweat as their ops are exposed, metadata bit by metadata bit :



The Saker has an excellent analysis of the reality of Netanyahu’s wish for war with Iran. Israel would be destroyed in the aftermath, because the war would have to go nuclear for the US to prevail, which would turn the world against both the US and Israel. Israel cannot stand alone, the US will turn inward after such a defeat :


I have been saying that the Deep Black Swamp will have to try more aggressive actions because they MUST WIN, lest they hang. So 30K sealed indictments might be for arrest of all of us ‘colluders with Russia’? That fits with Sessions and Rosenstein both being Deep Black Swamp. OTOH, I think that rounding up enough people to prevent a bloody response from local patriots is far larger than 30K people, so that few would be nothing but a definite trigger, a breaking point. OTOH, they must be very worried. Where will Obama, Clinton, Brennan and Clapper go to escape Justice? :

More exposure of Deep State information operations, Snopes is CIA :


Bolton is an Israeli-Neocon, Trump will now see that Bolton will make peace with NK impossible, depriving Trump of a win :


If George Webb were not of such very and oft-repeated accurate leads of very hot stories, I would think he made all this up. As it is, George is playing interesting games with the Deep Black Swamp, he pushes them again and again with his insider knowledge and pounces on every bit of disconfirming information on both sides. George should have been a detective, must have been a hell of a salesman :

‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ isn’t, as I have been preaching forever. This is an excellent summary of the medical corruption that underlies our high-cost, low-effectiveness medical care in the US :

View story at Medium.com

CHSmith discusses what is needed for citizens to deal with the corruption :


Another example of attempting to impose producing the disorder that undoes the attempter. Cryptocurrencies will win :


Ray Kurzweill doesn’t understand thinking, and believes AI is close to thinking. BS. I think that search engines and digital assistants will continue to improve, but not to the point of ‘understanding’ anything :

IQ test results are not meaningful, this discusses the smallest part of the problem. I need to finish an essay on this topic :



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