Daily Reading #28E

Just thinking about the entire Deep Black Swamp’s political responses to their problems with more-imminent hanging, I have to think their situation is another example of generals fighting the last war. Assumptions get built in deep, and they assumed they could keep things secret, because they always had. The world changed, everything is computerized and recorded, meta-data happened. And our Deep Black Swamp’s best people, the ones that rose to the top of their ranking, the most clever and able to manipulate other’s opinions, are shown to be bozos, clowns, complete incompetents whose secrets are spilling out everywhere. Dangers as hell, with far more power than they know how to control. We are going to get to see these guys sweat for the next few months, but they MUST be indicted and arrested before 5 November, 2018, or the Republicans will lose the midterms and Trump will be impeached.

Meanwhile, WTF? A year of ever-increasing amounts of information about the galaxy of corrupt players spread through DC, Jeff Sessions having been part of approving Uranium One, a spy ring in Congress that is at least 12 years old, DC police of uncertain honesty, and Congress and the bureaucracy stonewalling everything to this day, nobody accountable for any of it. Damn little real progress in Justice, despite the avalanche of information pointing very specific guilt at very specific people.

The major media, under the firm control of the oligarchy controlling, mostly, the Deep Black State, are burning their credibility, their prestige in society, and can only think they are winning the game via believing their polls, which they know to be seriously biased. This is very amazing to watch, history playing out on a computer screen near you.

Just thinking about the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis, I asked myself if it was unusual for a new science to be translated into stupid social policy thinking. Evolution –> scientific racism and eugenics, anthropology doing the same, game theory –> MAD military doctrine and dog-eat-dog economic policy, ecology and Club of Rome anti-growth policies, and and I believe a few minutes thought would find other examples, all of which make the question ‘when has it not?’. No AGW is an item in a long list of motivated reasoning, science used to support ideology. Communism used history and science the same way.

Oh, yes. The idea that human minds can be measured meaningfully has destroyed education. That huge failure has destroyed the country’s future until it is ended, along with all the other dysfunctiona too-centralized institutions. Big is bad because Big can’t evolve quickly, the age of the Internet demands faster evolution of institutions and businesses, small and fast evolving must always win :


George Webb has been simply amazing lately. The connections between Uranium One and all of the Deep Black Swamp conspirators are many and tight. Those now include Flynn, Manafort as well as Mueller, Yates, … Simply amazing the skulduggery. Permanent implacements of illegitimate man-in-the-middle cell phone towers around the capital in order for NSA to sweep all communications, and we are expected to think they missed WiFi signals doing the same for Blackberry updates? But even more amazing is the fact that the top people in our secret agencies thought they could hide the connections or that their connections wouldn’t ever be noticed.

George Webb, Jake Morphonios and the many other alt-news investigative reporters and summarizers are the most significant new thing in this very modern world, emergent from monetized youtube and blogging. However much we diss twitter, it is integral to the group minds working on these problems. Your media stock is worth the bandwidth they can continue to control for radiolinks delivering internet, and that is a political power relationship that will change as the stock prices go south :

Robert Gore’s is like all of the rational discussions of Trumps withdrawal from the JP, it assumes the original agreement was ‘straight’ and in US interest. But, the agreement was made by Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, 2 more dishonest people you will have a hard time finding, both deeply emeshed in the Deep Black Swamp. Parts of the agreement are secret, no doubt the parts having to do with selling off US nuclear research and materials produced by national laboratories and nuclear production facilities. Apparently large bribes were paid to world leaders to get their consent, along with distributing contracts among the participants. It could not have been agreement in the US interest. So I am waiting to hear more about what the agreement actually was :


Good for the UN, they so rarely do the right thing. Shooting unarmed demonstrators is not a legitimate act of a legitimate government. American Jews are doing Israel no favors by withholding criticism of these policies. The first 3 prime ministers of Israel were all terrorists and Israeli’s major political parties are an immediate descendants of those terrorist groups :



The world-wide greater depression continues to build :


Excellent example of changing consciousness produced by modern communications. Romania is spreading its people around the world, one of our neighbors is Romanian. A good person, they are becoming friends of the family. Big changes coming in Romania, it is a land of opportunity, on the surface. A smart Amish farmer would move there? Will need to ask my neighbor :

Immediately after I write that, I choose to watch this “Landgrab in the Carpathians”. A combo of corruption and locals building wealth the easiest way, seizing the country in the aftermath of the Communists. The Romanians apparently gave the land back to the small farmers who originally owned it, but the EU has wiped out the family farm with subsidies for industrial agriculture. A big problem with centralization is that it rushes social and economic transitions. Those farmers would have learned, the Internet would have taught everyone about farming and modern business practice, prices would have risen, everyone would have had time to adjust. But instead, megaBillionaires, centralization of power spreading around the earth, come into the scene and own everything, local evolution is stopped. Not all bad, but so un-necessary. The EU is a bad force in civilization because it is centralizing. Whatever good effects these large bureaucracies can point to must be outweighed by the bad effects and the opportunity costs. Wars are one of the bad effects and the deaths in those wars a measure of the opportunity costs. We would be a much wealthier and wiser species had our leaders had more wisdom :

Numberphile is great, as usual. Both of these show the cross-fertilization of math and computers. Who would have been able to ask the question “Are some irrational numbers more irrational than others?” without a computer simulation. No kidding, this is brilliant stuff, and what a tool for engaging younger minds. There is zero reason for our educational system to be failing so horribly, abolishing public education should be reforms highest priority to make us great again. Wish I had time to listen to all the numberphiles, and even more that I had mind and memory enough to keep all of it in understanding. Mentally exhilarating and mentally humbling at the same time. I even learn from their ads.

Math is another group mind that is thinking deeper and faster because of the internet. They have been explicit about forming group minds, many different specialists working on a single problem from their different povs. Everywhere you look, our cultures are in an enormous flowering because of the Internet so good at moving ideas between minds, and our institutions are in terminal decline because of centralization. What a dichotomy :

Excellent talks on human evolution and genetics :



And humans have changed the ecology everywhere they exist :


There are many inexplicable things in anthropology and archaeological. There are specialists in the outliers, I saw a talk buy a guy at Google on all of the impossible facts in archaeology :



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