Daily Reading #28C

Yes, the Deep Black Swamp is THE THREAT to our country’s continued existence. We are fast losing rule of law with fair elections, this must be reversed. But it is not being reversed, it is continuing. We hoped Trump would save us, but that seems less and less likely with every passing month.
Where are the prosecutions? The Clintons have committed many crimes in the paperwork of their Clinton Foundation that a junior prosecutor could have taken to trial with a week of paperwork, and Uranium One goes far deeper than that into the entire Federal Bureaucracy. The VA is shipping 1/2 and 1/4 weight opioids, large profits to the Awans’ drug repackaging and surreptitious delivery system. The Navy, FBI and various Energy and Defense related groups selling US technology around the world, including weapons to everyone through Pakistan ISI. The Navy and Air Force are major smuggling operations for the criminal world. Oh, yes, it looks like Obama’s agreement with Iran and the rest of the world included large bribes to world leaders,so we know this kind of corruption is endemic to the world’s government systems.

No kidding, the more attention is put on all of these players, the deeper we find the connections. The connection George Webb is talking about now go back 50 years, 2 generations of CIA leaders in several families. Can you say ‘inbred’? It is time for a thorough reformation of our bureaucracies, with vastly more transparency. We, the public, should view these people with extreme skepticism, and the more they supply their own measures of success, the more we should distrust them. Extreme secrecy by these secret organizations means we need to be very extremely skeptical of every claim. The oversight needs go much deeper, and extreme care needs to be taken of whistleblowers. This bureaucracy has treated whistleblowers, acting for the people but against the bureaucracies, very harshly. And it is still hard to get their cases taken seriously by the bureaucracy, George Webb has reported on this.


I watched Susan Lindauer again. Wow! The whole intelligence community bureaucracy was in on 9/11, just part of the stage play, frantically searching everywhere for the evil men who were going to fly planes into the WTC towers. Her hypothesis that the demolition bit was planned AFTER they had decided the hijackers could not fly the planes is nonsense. Be serious, a) damn few pilots could have done that and b) those planes would not have brought down those buildings The whole idea was to destroy the buildings so as to avoid the cost of demolition of a structure with so much aesbestos. And no competent individual believed the planes had brought down the buildings, of course.

But her boss got a $13M tax-free bonus for his part in the charade, and we now understand that he was Senior Executive Service. Lindauer played the message to the Iraqis and into the Justice Department and Congress, so the big scare was building for at least 6 weeks before 9/11/01. Listen to her description of the control the CIA has of foreign countries like Iraq, this at the worst time before 9/11 for US-Iraqi relations. And then they tried to destroy her mind and keep her incarcerated for the rest of her life without any hearings. No kidding.

Nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubt. 9/11 was an attack by the Zionist-Neocons on America with the intent of extending American hegemony, and worst case, balkanizes the ME, beneficial for Israel. Israel is strategically stupid, there is no way it continues to rule with occupation and gradual theft. Israel is hurting the image of Jews world-wide. People ask why the Mullahs don’t denounce the Jihadis. (They do, but the DBS doesn’t want you to notice, so the media don’t cover that. Got to have big, bad enemies.) The case is much stronger for asking why the world’s Jews don’t support the many Israeli Jews who agree with me : Israel is bad for Jews. Occupations change the character of a nation, the quality of its soldiers, the humanity of its scholars and politicians.

Intelligence analysts are vital, and good analysts work for their own internal satisfaction and gain the respect of their peers. That is a completely different standard than the manager’s have. There is a similar problem with technological track vs managerial track in corporations. Managers should be enablers, but always, in self-protection in the internal political games, are controllers and directors. Government bureaucracies are less controlled by reality than corporations. All else follows, inevitably by cultural norms and normal ranges of human capability and morality. Why do we keep being surprised by all this? And being surprised by being surprised?

These systems work so poorly we, the society, in doing our best to build a better future for all, should be experimenting vigorously and boldly at the smallest scale and all the way up the levels of leviathan. Instead of repealing laws by the multiple decades as would be optimal and of experimenting with minimum sets of laws with justice being the priority goal, not due process, we patch the existing formal framework and ensure things get worse. Layers and layers of reform, 4 levels in older cities and national government, are how we got here, the most corrupt government in US history, by far.

There are a bunch of people going to hang. That fact is driving our history, because the people are going to hang are all part of that Deep Black Swamp.

And, in case you had not noticed, if you were to assign blame for 9/11 to a religion, that religion would be Jewish. Mossad and CIA did 9/11, but the Mossad conceived of it and placed the explosive that brought the towers down. The US engineered the rest of the plot, the amplified GPS (probably means a known local reference for 10X resolution at high speeds), air defenses being down, mass confusion because of so many drills, … the many levels of coverup :


I hadn’t listened to Steven Levitt, the Freakonomics guy, before this. He gives an excellent talk on the economics of drug dealing world :

Building a dinosaur is an interesting project :


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