Daily Reading #28B

Trump certainly is stirring up the ME. Complexities compound :



George Webb’s group mind continues their amazing take on the reality we inhabit. One important lesson from this last episode in history, connections all the way back to Marc Rich, is that we didn’t kill the Cabal doing all those financial crimes. The infection recurred.

It will be a good lesson in PR if Michael Flynn turns out to be compromised, working for the Deep Black Swamp against Trump. It will lead me to think that modern military leaders have excellent control of their images and excellent images as a condition of rising to high rank. Also, again I am amazed at how fast the stories behind all of the secrets are unraveling, how deeply and how far. Wow, a month ago, nobody realized about Kish island.

Now, I believe we are realizing that the world’s CIA’s and DODs have been conducing serious diplomacy (anything calling itself a Marshall Program for the Middle East and with that board of directors is serious) quite independently of State, Congress and perhaps independent of the executive, depending on what was in Obama’s executive order that is the agreement with Iran. Yes, the one that shipped airplane loads of cash to various points in Iran, it is still largely secret. I suppose that is where the Pentagon’s $Ts are lost to?

And Kish Island is the neutral zone where things are integrated and exchanged, bearer bonds, diamonds, bitcoins, uranium and centrifuges and arms. As soon as the researchers heard ‘Kish’, the information started spouting up from the searchosphere about what planes flew where, the 2 secret airfields nearby, and the cast of characters is connected to the Island and its trade by the usual accumulation of personal links of long standing.

Is the Kish Island agreement the issue that has Netanyahu upset?. How can Netanyahu not have been party to the agreement and so the question is what made it good for Israel? Contracts and payoffs, same as all the other countries, so Bibi is doing a politician’s standard short-sighted going for what he can get. Israel has not been rewarded with the Embassy in Jerusalem, the spotlight goes back on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, shooting unarmed people to death for getting too near their wall was not good PR to the world, however effective it is in controlling Palestinians. Israeli policy is eating away at the Overton Window for discussing Jewish ideology of Zionism. Zionism is bad for Jews as it is being implemented :

Hans Rieseling is a genius at finding the big picture. These both convince me that aid programs are bogus. If we researched in detail, I am convinced that most of the progress has been peer-to-peer. Organic gardening walked away from mainstream agriculture. Farm magazines didn’t start running organic- and eco-agriculture until the 1990s, while Rhodale Press was perfecting organic gardening in the 1990s and had a constant stream of stories about small farmers making livings from their land and how to get more productivity out of the land you have. That had a consistent niche, people who couldn’t expand in the conventional USDA commercial farm model, and had a generally lower standard of living than the conventional farmers without better technology :

I don’t think the future environment for farming will be so awful as this woman does, but nevertheless drought-tolerance in plants is a desirable feature. The food problem in the world has been solved for the indefinite future, it seems to me. Farming is evolving at a high rate, it seems to me. A robot that can manage temporary electric fences would revolutionize grazing practices. :

Cultural evolution, right in front of your eyes. Monoculturalism turns its back on this kind of progress :


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