Daily Reading #28A

Good progress in the programming project, so not so much reading.

Russia beat Hitler, the other allies did not count for much :


George Webb is prolific today, 12 videos. These discuss the case that General Flynn has been compromised and is cooperating with McCabe. George has called many of the twists in the plots, so is worth listening to, a hell of a detective. The entire open-source investigation that researchers and alt-media are leading is an entirely new thing in the world, and very positive for civilization, imho :

The solid statistical argument for prepping, obvious to the casual observer :

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It hurts my mind to read this kind of stuff. I hated big companies because of the stupid politics, and they were small-scale compared to the White House. US policy wrt cybersecurity can’t be straightened up until a) NSA and CIA stop hoarding zero-day bugs to use in their cyber attacks and b) Windows is abolished on security-conscious systems. They don’t disclose the ones they find and buy, and thus the entire world’s ultra-buggy and thus easily penetrated Windows systems go unpatched :


Banking has accumulated legal cruft for centuries, so the laws are now the major obstacle to doing the obviously intelligent and useful thing. Great for lawyers and bureaucrats. It will be interesting what effects digital currencies have on them, but we can hope they become much less important in our economy :


More ways in which Freedom is restricted :


I find it hard to get into the mindset of people who would get out of a car in the middle of the cheetah area in a wild animal park to take pictures, with their baby in arms. Just Wow! How can someone be so completely out of clues? :


It is important to remain 100 lightyears from supernovas lest you lose all advanced multicellular life on your planet :



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