Daily Reading #289

The possibility that Donald J Trump is this generations’ Tallyrand mated with Sun Tzu with Andre Reiu’s sense of staging and pace of the unfolding narrative is still much alive. One thing you have to say about Trump is, when he shakes things up, they come down in really new configurations.

With this one event, the mere mention that these bribes exist, Trump has the whip to hand against the Deep Black Swamp and the entire NWO centralizing order. This is an entirely amazing sequence in history, nobody could imagine a world-side scandal. It is the kind of thing you read in science fiction trilogies.

We must learn about the rate of government organizations going bad from this episode so we know what to protect ourselves against next time, and how. We citizen’s should not let this good crisis go to waste, it is time to clean this system out and start it over again. We cannot allow a smidgeon of rot to remain to infect our next attempt.

This country, this society, this Constitution, this set of laws, has absolutely failed to maintain itself, the first and most important requirement of a country-the-system :


And, on the other hand, the genius hired Bolton knowing Bolton loves war in the ME :



Israel is Jews worst enemy, I believe. You cannot run a militarist society, occupying other countries and trending to genocide of Palestinians, and maintain your people’s soul or status in the world’s regards. Fools :


Mueller is clearly NOT a straight investigation as claimed, he is a Deep Black Swamp operative trying to find excuses to evict Trump from office. We are learning a lot from all this :


The search engine is the most powerful mind-control device ever invented, producing the largest social science effect ever seen :


George Webb’s series is still awesome :

Yes, 9/11 needs to be re-investigated, the first investigation was really a coverup. The Bobby McIlvaine Act needs to be passed ASAP :

More Malcolm Gladwell discussing advantages children born furthest from cutoff dates. If your kid is born in the last month before cutoff for preschool, they are the youngest in the class and 10% less likely to go to college. We kept our kid in preschool an extra year just because I wanted to avoid that :

I have not kept up with Newsbud, another of the excellent new groups providing the far superior modern media :

Pablo Escobar worked for the CIA. Our CIA is the drug import authority for the entire world :

Good news about resources, and it is 6000 meters deep ocean mud so no environment to destroy :

Japan has found a ‘semi-infinite’ deposit of rare earth minerals, enough to supply the world for centuries to come

National governments do not give a shit about their poorest, the people most outside of the society. Can you think of an exception? :


More tricks to be folded into the malware of the near future, the chatbots that can handle human scams :


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