Daily Reading #287

George Webb has been an amazing window on the overall investigation into our nations amazing kleptocracy. The story is moving fast, all of the leaders in the world were making money out of the Iranian nuclear deal, so they don’t want it to fall apart.  Nobody could invent a plot with such world-wide scope, it is true, and the entire DC-connected establishment is about to take a big fall.

Trump is a genius. If this is an act, then John Bolton was scenery. We will see, but I am pessimistic. OTOH, Sun Tzu was under-estimated in his early days, also :


Jimmy Dore is good :


This is fairly amazing. Un-chlorinated water delivered by Haliburton throughout the ME in these wars, extremely contaminated :


I get 4+ calls a week from the Indian-Pakistani group claiming to be from Microsoft Technical support. (Hard for me to believe nobody can track them down! They are a significant proportion of my telephone calls every week.) Today I was friendly, let the young woman know I had been lonesome, did we need to talk about the computer because talking to her was a lot more interesting than work. She hung up. That was fun, to waste their time.

WaPo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FBI-CIA-DeepBlackSwamp publicity group. Guccifer 2.0 was CIA :


Comments are worth as much as the article on a good web site. This is ZH covering the recent Israeli-Syria tit-for-tat and the implications. Our leaders are welling to play with war, to send increasingly-severe signals to each other via bombs and missiles and death. Fucking insanity. What kind of utter morons do we have running our government? None of this is sane, it is all our Deep Black Swamp driving foreign policy for oligarch’s fun and profit.
Way past time to end this government, it is a blight upon our civilization :


All of Europe is headed into political turmoil because of the US bombing everywhere. The US’s agents are making much $ from the slave markets in Lybia and women, children and organs from all of the war zones. The mafias who did this are going to hang :



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