Daily Reading #286

I have been absorbed in test code for the last few days. Test code is also challenging, but somehow there is not the sense of accomplishment making it work there was in the original code. In some ways, test code is a good bit harder than the original. You have both the original code and the test code and concepts in mind, testing  requires a different kind of cleverness.

Jake Morphonios has bad news in the last segment.  Donald Trump is compromised, as George Webb has long said. So, Sessions is SES, Trump is compromised. NWO is on the way, Clintons will never be prosecuted except as a sacrifice, after which the investigations will end and the Deep Black Swamp will continue owning the government.

Shooting revolution is now inevitable, as Trump was the last chance. The first assassinations of that revolution will take place this year, I predict.

Given that we know Sessions is dirty and Trump has filled his admin with NWO people, Israeli Neocon division, we must assume that Q has been a sophisticated psyop, as many have thought for some time.  Strange, just as George Webb begins believing the info stream is genuine, this.  It also means, very likely, that the ‘11,000 sealed indictments’ are most likely bogus. Trump is unlikely to do anything against the Lucifarians and Podestas wrt child trafficking.

The capture of the ISIS leaders by Turkey, Iraq and Syria was interesting.  Clearly they did that without US knowledge, as the US was protecting them in areas of Syria that the Kurds were allowed to control, and in which US special forces have bases.

That event means that NSA does not see all traffic nor read it. It means that Russia is a better coordinator of ISIS-affected countries than the US is for its goal of seizing the oil. And it means the Kurds are dropping out of the US coalition. Good for them.

In any case, all that presages more and more rapid change in the ME.  Syria and Iraq will come out of this episode in their history much stronger and more unified than they otherwise would have been. Israel will be diminished and ultimately made civilized.

George Webb is on fire today, dealing with child trafficking through so many US embassies, e.g. our NY UN staff, with the children performing on-camera sexual services on anyone the who fell into the trap. Blackmail. It was a money-making operation of the Clinton’s.

The alt-news research community is amazing.  They took Olya’s name and are tracing it back to her crib, with every person she ever met with, there will soon be entire FB pages for pictures of ‘friends of Olya’, and every association will be tracked.  This is turning out to be a close run thing, the world’s citizens against full-black Deep Black Swamp mafia. The DBS mafias will definitively lose this engagement, given any honest police and intelligence people.

The intelligence services of the world have recruited from the underworld forever. What did we expect? Once you have a service with a secrecy stamp and an OK stamp, you are guaranteed to have a problem like this. That shit metastasizes.

Here we begin seeing a fall-guy selected. He and she are old people, past their prime usefulness, and have been running solo operations of late, so nobody will miss them.  Now a quiet assassination looking like a tragic accident, a slip, a fall. Then they can heap all the blame on Bill and Hillary, perhaps include Soros, and allow the weeping families to go in peace. In their positions, I would be extremely careful with making sure plenty of evidence survived me and that everyone knew it would, simple good sense. The troves of evidence they need against each other will be their undoing.

But,  I don’t see how the Democratic Party as an ideal, much less the DP structure, survives this scandal.  It goes very deep into both parties and all of the bureaucracies, but the Hillary Wing of the mafias owned the Democratic Party and still has very major control. A large fraction of the Democratic voters were loyal to Hillary Clinton personally, a very amazing phenomena, as she is the least likable person in public life. That is the power of ideology, the same power that causes women to excuse sexual predators important in major political and religious institutions :

I have no idea what the election will look like because both parties are such hopeless failures, so obviously deeply corrupt.

Charles Ortel and John Sullivan on Jason Goodman.  The news is that the FBI is starting to do its job and dig into Uranium 1, the Clinton Global Initiative, etc. There is hope Justice will be served at least for the Clinton Crime Cabal :

Jake Morphonios makes connections between Donald J Trump and the Rothschilds banking empire. CIA-Rothschilds have huge influence on Soros and the Trumps. This is sad, our hopes are dashed. I haven’t been cynical enough :

I can’t tell if India is being sensible wrt seed patents or not. Time will :



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