Daily Reading #282

This is very excellent at showing how a candidates’ promises have little to do with actual behavior :


The Saker’s analysis of Russian choices in Syria is excellent :


More thinking about the consequences of our political order :


It seems to me that John McCain has a very low social credit score, judging from the attitudes toward his impending death. Many excellent comments accompany this article :


Another measure of how lousy our society works :


The cost of security will fall rapidly, given cheap cameras, drones and automated scans for unusual activity :


WRSA continues to provide many interesting links. This is evidence that the oligarchies of the world have been very clever at bending every social current to support their rule and reduce the power of local community and self-rule :


Of course business is more complex than betting on horses, a simple statistical model can bet on horses :


Finally, neural networks are critiqued as ‘science advancing’. Good, they have no theory at all. And, you can’t have a theory without experimental evidence, current NN work is providing that evidence :


Using modern armaments is bad for you :


Blue light is bad for you :


There is a lot of talk about reformation of society, beginning with your local community. The Generalissimo’s thinking is far advance in this :


Geoffrey West’s laws of scaling are a fundamental aspect of nature :


Mueller’s evidence needs to make made public, if any. If not, fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller, then get on with the cleanup of the DOJ so we can drain the Deep Black Swamp :


Actual evidence of social goods in human evolution. Here the concept of ‘ownership’ as an incentive to pro-social behaviors of individual chimps :


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